China Fabric Factory Fabric News What is a sweatshirt jacket (winter sweatshirt jacket to reduce age)

What is a sweatshirt jacket (winter sweatshirt jacket to reduce age)

As we enter autumn and winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. Many girls are choosing what clothes to wear to keep warm and not bulky? If you want to wear it to reduce a…

As we enter autumn and winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. Many girls are choosing what clothes to wear to keep warm and not bulky?

If you want to wear it to reduce age and keep warm, sweatshirts are the best choice in autumn and winter.

One, windbreaker + sweatshirt

The windbreaker is classic and elegant, while the sweatshirt is casual and age-reducing. The combination of these two items can satisfy all your fashionable imagination. This year’s way of wearing it is called “long windbreaker layered over a sweatshirt”, which is both warm and fashionable.

A gray sweatshirt with a khaki windbreaker, black leggings + high heels, this outfit is both It’s really feminine, and the sweatshirt can make you look younger and more handsome.

Second, the advantages of long coat + sweatshirt

Any dressing pattern has its reasons for becoming popular. Take long coat + sweatshirt as an example. This style is popular in autumn and winter. The seasonal momentum is also due to the fact that it is versatile and fashionable, and it can be easily styled when going out on the street, breaking the rigidity of conventional styles.

In the picture, the bean paste-colored sweatshirt is paired with a small plaid coat, which is sunny and cute.

Third, mix and match to create a semi-formal style

With the development of fashion, the public is becoming more and more The less I like the rigid and tough way of dressing, I prefer to mix and match styles to create a casual and casual semi-formal style. Long coats and sweatshirts are such a pairing.

In the picture, a white sweatshirt is paired with a gray coat, and maroon pants are paired with gray nude boots. This mix and match style is fashionable and warm!

Sweatshirts are not as bright as sweaters or bottoming shirts. Putting them inside can divert attention. , and can optimize the body proportions by comparing it with the length of the coat. Small people can wear it to show their figure, and tall people can wear it to reduce their age.

Four, practical and versatile

Long coats and sweatshirts There are no restrictions on the wearer’s age or body shape. What’s more important is that whether you like the gentle and pleasant Korean style or the bold and majestic European and American style, these two items can meet your requirements.

If you like the former, you might as well combine a camel coat with a white sweatshirt, wide-leg pants, and white shoes. Full of youthfulness.

A camel coat paired with wide-leg pants can look elegant, and white shoes and a baseball cap can Wearing sunshine and lively handsomeness,

Sweatshirt selection

Sweatshirts and coats are both very classic items. Everyone has them in their wardrobe, but when combined with coats It doesn’t mean that you can just pick one at random, but you have to be particular about it.

Classic color sweatshirt

Common classic color sweatshirts include black, gray and camel. These sweatshirts are casual and practical. You can’t go wrong with them no matter how you match them. But if they are not tall enough, If you are tall, then try to avoid oversize styles. They are fashionable and uninhibited but have certain requirements for height.

Generally speaking, a gray hoodie with appropriate elasticity is enough, and it is casual and casual when going out on the street. Stylish.

2. Colorful sweatshirt

If you want to use the sweatshirt as the finishing touch in the look, then the color should not be too low-key, bright red , fluorescent yellow or green sweatshirts are more recognizable.

If it is a fluorescent color that is not easy to control, then the coat must be black or dark gray .

Five, sweatshirt + down jacket

In European and American street photography, sweatshirts are used to connect short skirts The most popular way of wearing it is the slim-fitting short skirt + black leggings, the leggings are highly elastic, and the combination sweatshirt is casual and sexy.

A black sweater paired with a red down jacket is romantic It’s classic and can be worn in winter, keeping warm, fashionable and reducing your age.

Summary; knowing how to match is the key to wearing a coat with good temperament , instead of wearing a sweater or a bottoming shirt, middle-aged women are actually more suitable to wear a long coat + sweatshirt, which makes you look younger and more fashionable. If you like it, you might as well learn from it!

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