China Fabric Factory Fabric News The “cloud” transformation of Zibo’s long-established clothing professional village

The “cloud” transformation of Zibo’s long-established clothing professional village

There are more than 800 e-commerce practitioners with an average daily shipment volume of over 10,000 items The midsummer sun is full of enthusiasm, at a door on Shangyi Road, Erli…

There are more than 800 e-commerce practitioners with an average daily shipment volume of over 10,000 items

The midsummer sun is full of enthusiasm, at a door on Shangyi Road, Erli Community, Jiangjun Road Street, Zichuan District In the room, two workers were busy sorting men’s leather and cotton clothes, preparing to pack and ship them.

The garment industry has always been the main source of income for the Erli people. In the early days of reform and opening up, the hard-working and honest Erli people gained the “first pot of gold” by processing clothing, and the first business in Zichuan District was born. A household worth 10,000 yuan also contributed to the construction and rise of Zichuan Garment City, the first clothing wholesale market in Jiangbei.

With the development of the Internet economy, the size of the real economy has gradually shrunk, and the clothing industry that Erli people are proud of has quietly changed. From Taobao and Pinduoduo to Douyin and Kuaishou, the younger generation in the community has gradually established a firm foothold in the rapidly emerging e-commerce industry.

Transformation: converting physical stalls into online stores

At 10:30 a.m. on July 25, on the second floor of a front room on Shangyi Road, in a live broadcast room of less than 30 square meters, two people The beautiful female anchor is in front of the camera, introducing every “treasure” in the store to “Taobao customers” across the country. “Thousands of pieces are sold a day in the peak season, and a few hundred pieces are sold in the off-season. In the afternoon, the courier will come to pick up the items.” Aunt Li, 52, skillfully folded the cotton-padded clothes and put them into the express packaging bag, just waiting to affix the delivery note. Shipped. This store called Lucky Tree Men’s Wear has 1.714 million followers and mainly sells all kinds of men’s clothing. The six anchors in the store take turns selling goods online from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“There are currently 110 e-commerce companies in the community.” Han Tianyou, secretary of the Erli Community Party Branch and director of the neighborhood committee, told reporters that there are more than 800 e-commerce practitioners scattered in the community.

“The rise of e-commerce is related to the development and transformation of Zichuan Garment City.” In the early 1980s, a large number of Erli villagers went to Zhoucun District to wholesale fabrics made into pants and sold them at Xiguan Market. It has attracted merchants from Huantai, Gaoqing, Boxing and other areas to come for wholesale. By the establishment of Zichuan Garment City in the late 1980s, 80% of the villagers in Erli Village were engaged in clothing processing and trading. In 1994, the municipal government awarded Erli Village the title of “Professional Clothing Village”. Facing the advent of the Internet age, since 2010, young people in Erli Community have begun a transformation journey, developing from physical stalls to online stores on a large scale, and e-commerce trade has begun to take shape.

Attraction: E-commerce supporting facilities allow companies to gather

“Currently, we at Angshi Trading have opened 5 stores on Taobao, Pinduoduo and other platforms, mainly selling middle-aged and elderly men’s clothing.” In the second In the e-commerce industrial park temporarily designated by the local community, Dong Mengmeng, who was born in 1989, is sorting new goods on the first floor of a “Jiangjun Building”.

The temporarily designated e-commerce industrial park is a two-story “General Building” with 30 seats in 4 rows. The first floor is used for warehouses, and the second floor is used for offices and live broadcasts. Currently, more than 20 e-commerce operators are settled. “Most of the top 10 e-commerce companies in terms of sales on live streaming platforms such as Douyin rent houses in Erli Community. It can be said that Erli Community is a veritable ‘e-commerce village’.” “Two Committees” of Erli Community Member Gao Xuyan said.

Future: Planning industrial parks to benefit from the blue ocean of e-commerce

In June this year, Jiangjun Road Street took the lead in conducting a survey of 87 e-commerce companies that were beginning to take shape in the street. At the same time, we went to Linyi, Dezhou and other places to inspect e-commerce industrial parks with the Erli community, and finally decided to build the Zibo Tianhua (Erli) e-commerce industrial park with a total area of ​​450 acres.

“The first phase of the project has a total construction area of ​​128,000 square meters, covering e-commerce operations, training, warehousing and logistics, tertiary industry services, etc. It is planned to be put into use by the end of June next year.” Han Tianyou said that after the project is fully completed, it will It will accommodate more than 1,000 home appliance merchants and provide more than 5,000 job opportunities. The annual transaction volume is expected to reach 10 billion yuan.

“Currently, we are also exploring cross-border e-commerce. We believe that this vast blue ocean can make a qualitative leap for Zichuan’s e-commerce industry.” Han Tianyou is full of expectations for the future.

(Source: Zibo Daily)


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