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How to print T-shirts (what are the printing techniques)

Do you still remember the T-grab battle that took place in a certain clothing store in 2019? On June 3 of that year, a joint series between a certain clothing store and New York fa…

Do you still remember the T-grab battle that took place in a certain clothing store in 2019? On June 3 of that year, a joint series between a certain clothing store and New York fashion artist KAWS was launched. As soon as this joint T-shirt went online, it was snapped up by everyone. It was sold out both online and offline. What’s more? The reporter directly took off the T-shirt from the model.

In fact, what is the use of this T-shirt? The only thing that can be visually distinguished may be the co-branded doll pattern printed on the T-shirt. If there is no such doll If it is blessed with printed patterns, it will not be so imaginable that everyone will rush to buy it.

So when we usually buy T-shirts, in addition to the overall color of the T-shirt, the printed pattern on the T-shirt will also become one of the factors we choose. So many people don’t know much about T-shirt printing and think that these patterns are just pasted on. In fact, T-shirt printing is also a very deep knowledge.

Two methods are generally used to achieve printing and dyeing on T-shirts: screen printing and heat transfer printing. If you want to get a high-quality piece, you can To achieve strong, non-shedding, long-lasting and brighter effects, the requirements for the printing and dyeing process will be higher. So how are these two printing and dyeing methods achieved?

1. Silk screen printing

Screen printing is to use the silk screen as the printing base. Through the method of photosensitive plate making, a screen printing plate with graphics and text can be made. The printing base is ready. After that, you need to put the T-shirt under the screen for paint printing. It is worth noting that each color in the screen printing needs to be made in a separate version.

In fact, as early as the Qin and Han Dynasties, the clip-on printing method appeared in our country. The development history of screen printing in our country has been more than 2,000 years. Its advantage lies in the attached With strong focus and clear patterns, the prints produced in this way can be more refined, so screen printing is more suitable for large-volume group T-shirt customization.

2. Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer It is also called heat transfer printing process. The principle of heat transfer printing is to print the printing pattern on paper first, and then use high temperature and high pressure to print the printing pattern on the T-shirt. The steps of heat transfer printing are relatively simple. , can be completed in one go.

The advantages of heat transfer are good adhesion, clear graphics and text, not easy to fade, and resistant to washing. However, the air permeability is relatively poor. If you need to produce printed T-shirts in large quantities, the cost will be higher than screen printing.

3. Digital direct injection

With the computer With the continuous development of technology, digital printing was born. Just editing on the computer can shorten the production time. From selecting the printing and fabric to completing the finished product, it only takes 1-2 hours, which is relatively resource-intensive. Less loss and more environmentally friendly.

4. Embroidery

The embroidery here is not traditional hand embroidery, but machine embroidery. Machine embroidery technology is more practical, with many varieties of designs and colors, changeable stitching methods, novel patterns, rich colors, and machine embroidery technology can Make the pattern on the T-shirt more three-dimensional and tactile. Of course, summer clothes are not suitable for large-area embroidery, which will damage the wearing experience.

After reading some common printing techniques above, do you also want to have your own printed T-shirt immediately? Now that you have chosen your favorite printing pattern, Naturally, it must be realized on a T-shirt that makes people excited. Hemp T-shirts have hemp fiber’s antibacterial, antibacterial, moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking properties. Wearing a hemp T-shirt with your favorite pattern printed on it in the summer will not only make you look stylish, but also make you look more stylish. Moreover, the upper body is also cool and comfortable, it is versatile, not easy to clash with other clothes, and full of personality!

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