China Fabric Factory Fabric News Shen Mengchen dresses up too girly (black T-shirt and A-line skirt show off her figure, and the pink bag is so sweet)

Shen Mengchen dresses up too girly (black T-shirt and A-line skirt show off her figure, and the pink bag is so sweet)

“T-shirt” can be said to be In the fashion circle, clothing that is suitable for all ages can be easily worn by babies as young as toddlers and aunties in their sixties…

“T-shirt” can be said to be In the fashion circle, clothing that is suitable for all ages can be easily worn by babies as young as toddlers and aunties in their sixties or seventies. They can easily exude a sense of fashion through reasonable matching. In particular, T-shirts come in a wide variety of styles and colors, making them easy to match. In the hot summer, you can easily wear them with just a skirt, highlighting your sense of fashion without losing elegance.

Even female celebrities who are at the forefront of fashion have a soft spot for matching T-shirts and skirts. Shen Mengchen chose to wear a T-shirt and skirt for the airport. The black and white printed T-shirt was paired with an A-line skirt. She easily showed off her body proportions and sweet girlish temperament. Then decorated with a pink satchel, it looks particularly girly, so beautiful!

How do girls with small frames choose T-shirts?

1. Slightly loose fit T-shirt – comfortable and energetic to wear

When choosing T-shirts in summer, the style is a very important factor, which is directly related to the comfort and fashionable temperament of the dress. In order to highlight the beauty of their body curves, many girls choose T-shirts with a close-fitting fit. However, wearing them can easily create a sense of restraint and make people feel very stuffy. T-shirts that are too loose will not cause a sense of restraint after wearing them, but they will look sloppy if you are not careful.

So in comparison, slightly loose-fitting T-shirts are more suitable for summer wear. The problems that I worried about before will not happen at all. When girls with small frames like Shen Mengchen wear them, they can also give people a petite and cute atmosphere. It seems that people are very energetic and neat.

2. Choose short rather than long – optimize body proportions to the greatest extent

For girls with small frames, short T-shirts are more suitable, not only looking clean but also very capable , and the short T-shirt is conducive to highlighting the figure and making the legs look longer. Shen Mengchen, who was walking to the airport, took advantage of this. Wearing a short T-shirt that just reached the waist gave people a petite and cute look. It also highlighted a pair of thin and straight long legs, making her look particularly energetic. god.

3. Printed T-shirts – can have the effect of showing vitality

Many people like simple and elegant solid color T-shirts. In fact, adding some simple line patterns to the T-shirt can make the look more attractive. It looks more fashionable. Especially the most common neutral black T-shirt, adding a simple white picture can better enrich the color of clothing and weaken the sense of depression caused by black clothing. Even if the short skirt matched with the lower body is very dark, it will not produce a too dull visual effect, but will give people a very refined feeling.

4. Pair it with an A-line skirt—showing girlishness and vitality

If you want to ask how to wear a T-shirt in summer to be cool and feminine, then wearing a short skirt is undoubtedly the wisest The choice makes you look younger and full of vitality. Especially A-line short skirts can also lengthen a person’s figure invisibly, making them appear taller and sweeter at the same time, giving them a girlish look.

For example, Shen Mengchen chose an A-line plaid skirt, which showed off a pair of beautiful legs that made people look tall and thin. Paired with a light pink satchel, it highlighted the sweet temperament of the girl. Even if it isPaired with a pair of casual slippers, it does not feel inconsistent at all, it is casual but very fashionable.

Fashionable look with T-shirt and skirt

In fact, matching skirts and T-shirts can keep us entertained all summer , and both items are very youthful clothing, which can easily show the effect of reducing age. Next, let’s learn how to match these two pieces of clothing, so that we can become more beautiful in summer!

1. T-shirt + printed gauze skirt

What kind of skirt is the most feminine and gentle? The tulle skirt will be at the forefront. It not only highlights the elegance and gentleness of women, but also exudes the intellectual charm of a mature woman.

But if you want to show off the youthful temperament of a girl, it is best to choose a printed long gauze skirt with floral patterns, which can well show a youthful and intellectual look. The “dark at the top and light at the bottom” color scheme not only helps to modify the body proportions, but also gives people a simple and elegant sense of fashion.

2. T-shirt + double-layer long skirt

Many people think that only short skirts can show off your legs. In fact, choosing the right long skirt can also show off the charm of your legs and also show off your layers. feel.

In this look, the double-layer slit skirt chosen for the lower body is very good. It vaguely shows off a pair of beautiful legs when walking, which is both sexy and beautiful. The dark green short skirt inside makes the outfit look very layered. , and also avoids the problem of light leakage. Simply paired with a clean white T-shirt, it is simple and fashionable without looking monotonous, and also emphasizes the freshness of the girl.

3. T-shirt + asymmetrical denim skirt

Girls with greater courage and self-confidence can also pair it with a long skirt that is more personalized and exposes the legs, and the effect is obvious. Refreshing, fashionable and full of feminine charm. In particular, the asymmetrical design of the long skirt is very helpful for covering the flesh and modifying the lines of the legs. It doesn’t matter if the legs are thicker. Coupled with the ultra-short T-shirt matched with the upper body, it can also show off the figure well and look very young.

Conclusion:I will share here about the matching of T-shirts and skirts , in fact, no matter how fashionable others dress, only by finding a skirt that suits you and a T-shirt that suits your skin color can you better show your charm and make yourself more beautiful, what do you think?

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