China Fabric Factory Fabric News Cecilia Cheung looks so young (the casual look of an orange sweatshirt and rice dumpling pants doesn’t look like a middle-aged person at all)

Cecilia Cheung looks so young (the casual look of an orange sweatshirt and rice dumpling pants doesn’t look like a middle-aged person at all)

As living conditions get better and better, more and more people More and more women pay attention to their own image, and fashionable dressing has become a required course for eve…

As living conditions get better and better, more and more people More and more women pay attention to their own image, and fashionable dressing has become a required course for everyone. Especially for middle-aged women, fashionable clothing can make themselves more attractive, energetic and youthful. Cecilia Cheung is a good example. She can always use fashionable outfits to make herself more attractive and make her look very young.

Look at the look of this orange sweatshirt. The casual and casual matching style is very age-reducing. She doesn’t look like a middle-aged woman at all. So, what exactly does Cecilia Cheung use to make her outfit look younger? Next, we will analyze Cecilia Cheung’s outfit through her sweater style, so that we can find ways to become fashionable and have a more beautiful image!

Cecilia Cheung sweatshirt styling analysis:

① The choice of clothing color is very important

No matter what style you choose to wear , clothing color is a very important step. It is no exaggeration to say that if you choose the right color, fashion is more than half done. Because the color of clothing can stimulate people’s vision for the first time and make people feel the sense of fashion brought by clothing, so you must choose the right color of clothing.

If you want to make yourself look energetic and young, it is best to choose clothes with brighter colors, such as orange, grass green, rose red, etc., which can instantly make you appear youthful and stylish in the eyes of others. resolution.

Knowledge point: But not all brightly colored clothes are suitable for all women, so when choosing, you must combine your own skin color and temperament to find what suits you to effectively enhance your charm, otherwise it will only increase your charm. It will reduce your own charm.

Relatively speaking , the orange sweatshirt worn by Cecilia Cheung is still very friendly, it is not too difficult to wear, and the skin color is more rosy, which is a real bonus. In particular, the pure orange sweatshirt does not look too monotonous. On the contrary, it makes the whole person very eye-catching and has a sense of stealing the spotlight.

② The loose fit adds a casual feel

For middle-aged women, most of them will gain weight, so it is not suitable to choose a slim fit.

Relatively speaking, looser clothing is more suitable for middle-aged mothers, which virtually improves the comfort of the entire outfit. However, loose-fitting clothing may look sloppy, so you must pay attention to details.

The sweatshirt chosen by Cecilia Cheung is very good. Through the elastic design of the sleeves and hem, the whole look maintains a neat sense of sight and at the same time looks young and youthful.

③ Make the look more attractive by matching pants

If you wear trendy style, you will never choose to stick to the conventional matching method, which will only make the style very ordinary, no different from passers-by. . But choosing a matching method that is rarely seen is different. It can make the fashion sense of the style appear immediately, and it can also have a better age-reducing effect.

For example, Zhang Bai��I paired it with a very trendy “zongzi pants”. Although the design of the pants is very loose and fat, it does not reduce the neatness of the outfit at all. On the contrary, it has a cool hip-hop style. , handsome and more charming.

How to wear a sweatshirt fashionably:

In fact, sweatshirts are very convenient to match. After all, they are relatively versatile. A single item that can be combined with almost any casual outfit. For example, we can layer jackets, vests and other clothing on top of sweatshirts. This will not only make the outfit more three-dimensional and layered, but also add a sense of fashion to the look.

You see Cecilia Cheung took advantage of this feature and paired it with a black leather jacket, making the whole person look more fashionable. Especially with the addition of leather jackets, the difficulty of bright green clothing has been reduced a lot, making it easier to control.

If we choose a sweater with a relatively low-key color, the color of the matching clothing should not be too dull. We should try to use the color of the pants to make up for the fashion sense. For example, pairing it with high-saturation trousers like Cecilia Cheung can not only reduce the dullness of a black top, but also enhance the age-reducing effect of the style, making it look very young and energetic. Moreover, the body shape can be optimized through color contrast, and the high waistline can also show the advantages of the legs, making it very feminine.

Suitable sweater combinations:

(1) Sweater + short skirt: full of girly feel

In addition to reducing age through the color of sweaters, we can also use matching clothing to achieve this effect. Pairing it with a girly short skirt can also help reduce your age. Even if you are dressed in black, you won’t feel particularly dull or depressed, but your beautiful legs will look very feminine.

(2) Sweater + jeans: casual, commuting wear

These two pieces of clothing are very versatile and blend well together no matter what color and style you choose. However, when matching, you must choose according to your body shape and driving ability. The most correct combination is what suits you. A look like this sweatshirt paired with jeans is obviously not suitable for small girls, as it can easily cause the feeling of lowering your height. But when worn on taller ladies, it looks very fashionable and energetic, and it also feels very comfortable.

(3) Sweater + shorts: cool and showing off your figure

A bright-colored sweatshirt that reduces age, is also a good way to match it with shorts. The lazy style increases the comfort of the clothing and the effect of hiding flesh. Pairing it with a pair of shorts can completely show off the advantages of the figure. We can also add a tunic style of dressing, which can not only enhance the waistline but also lengthen the height, making a pair of long legs look more charming.

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