China Fabric Factory Fabric News Don’t always wear a coat with a tacky bottoming shirt (coats + sweatshirts are popular this year to reduce age and look classy)

Don’t always wear a coat with a tacky bottoming shirt (coats + sweatshirts are popular this year to reduce age and look classy)

Winter can be said to be a “coat” ’s special show, but if you are still looking for convenience this year and match it with a bottoming shirt and a coat, then you are o…

Winter can be said to be a “coat” ’s special show, but if you are still looking for convenience this year and match it with a bottoming shirt and a coat, then you are out! Not only is it easy to match clothes, but it is also very tacky. This winter, it is better to try layering a coat and a sweatshirt. Use a sweatshirt to weaken the seriousness of a coat. The matching style not only reduces your age but also makes you look classy. Don’t miss it, readers!

Which sweatshirt is worth buying?

Single product Selection is the most basic step. If we want to find a way to wear something that suits our temperament, we must first choose a style that suits us. Common popular winter sweatshirts are generally loose. If you don’t like too bloated looks, you might as well try a loose and moderate round-neck sweatshirt.

The round-neck sweatshirt is very versatile. It can be worn as an inner layer with a heavy jacket, or as an outer layer and worn alone. Pairing it with a loose-fitting coat can not only avoid the feeling of swelling, but also look younger.

But if you want to wear a more age-reducing look, you can try a hooded sweatshirt. Use the hooded design to reduce the super aura of the coat and inject vitality into the look. It will make you look younger at 30 years old. + women can also control it easily.

However, it should be noted that if you want to make the style look neater, it is best to avoid oversize styles that are too loose. You can try more slim-fitting “short hooded sweatshirts”, such as “waist-length styles and styles above the hips.”

A more advanced way of wearing it is to choose a sweatshirt with a coat, and use “jacket + jacket” to create a layered effect. It can make your style more layered. It not only retains the liveliness and age reduction of sweaters, but also enhances the sense of leisure and temperament. Daily wear is guaranteed to give you a high rate of return!

Sisters who pursue individuality, we also recommend pike a sweater style with a strong sense of design. The “hollow style” sweater like the one in the picture below is very feminine. Use the hollow design to increase the exposed skin area, and pairing it with a coat is not only full of personality, but also creates a breathable and feminine style, which will attract people’s attention!

How to wear a sweatshirt with a coat to be more fashionable?

  • Create “tightness” The contrast

Many women are reluctant to match coats and sweatshirts. A large part of the reason is because it is easy to look fat. In fact, we only need to pay attention to the details of the matching, which can help you show off your figure. The advantages. If you have an apple-shaped figure with a thick waist and wide hips, you can try the “top and bottom tight” dressing method. While matching a coat with a sweater, add a pair of slim leggings or tights, which not only covers the shortcomings of the upper body, but also The slender legs are highlighted again!

But if you are slightly chubby, you can also add a pair of trousers with loose legs to the combination of a sweater and a coat, such as the sports pants in the picture below, or straight-leg pants.

However, in order to avoid the style being too bloated, it is necessary to tighten the trouser legs. As shown in the picture below with snow boots, the wearing method of tucking the trouser legs into the boots is worth learning. Of course, if you prefer the “sweet and cool” look, you can also pair it with Martin boots, which will look more handsome!

  • Explicitly indicate the “waistline” position

In addition, sweatshirts and coats are inherently loose, and when paired together, they can match a 50-50-50 figure. For sisters, it will aggravate the body defects. Therefore, it is recommended that you try the “short on the top and long on the bottom” style when matching, use a waist-length short top with bottoms. Or tuck in the hem of a sweatshirt The trouser waist (skirt waist) can also help you improve the shortcomings of your figure and make you look sharper at the same time.

  • Use the “layering” method

In order to dress warmly in winter , fashionistas can do whatever they want, and the most common way to wear it is to “layer it”. However, sweatshirts and coats are originally “layered” combinations, with a richer sense of layering. If they are layered, An inner outfit that is too loose makes you look bloated and very fat.

So, if you use a layered combination of coats and sweatshirts, you need to keep in mind the principle of “tight inside and loose outside”. For example, layer a slim-fitting turtleneck with a sweatshirt, and wear a coat on top to enhance warmth while not making you look fat.

“Sweatshirt + coat” can learn from the color matching

①White + earth tone

Color Matching has the strongest visual impact, so we have to work hard on the color matching of coats and sweatshirts. If your dressing style is relatively conservative, but you want to turn heads with your outfit, you might as well try pairing a white sweatshirt with a black coat. Use white to enhance the brightness, and earth tones stabilize the overall tone. It is simple but not simple, and is very eye-catching.

②Red + earth tones

If you want to look more eye-catching, you can also try matching a sweatshirt with high saturation color and an earth-colored coat. The way of wearing the red sweatshirt + camel coat in the picture below is very eye-catching. The red color is full of enthusiasm, and the combination with the sweatshirt makes it more energetic. It greatly reduces the maturity of the camel coat, reducing age and temperament.

③White + Morandi color system

For many women over the age of 30, the most important thing about dressing is to show their unique temperament and charm. At this time, you can try Let’s pair a white sweatshirt with a Morandi-colored coat. Morandi’s coat combines colors and gray tones. It has a sense of color without being too out of the ordinary, and has a full sense of luxury. It is paired with a classic white brightening shape. It is intellectual, gentle, and has a great temperament!

After seeing this, are you also attracted by the “coat + sweatshirt” wearing method? Action is worse than excitement, get it now!

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