China Fabric Factory Fabric News Yuan Quan doesn’t look like a 40+ woman at all (she dresses like a college student in a sweatshirt and leggings)

Yuan Quan doesn’t look like a 40+ woman at all (she dresses like a college student in a sweatshirt and leggings)

Clothing is crucial to our personal image The change is quite big. Whether a person’s temperament is good or bad depends not only on her figure and appearance, but also on he…

Clothing is crucial to our personal image The change is quite big. Whether a person’s temperament is good or bad depends not only on her figure and appearance, but also on her matching. Only by wearing fashionable and good-looking clothes can you reflect your charm. Although Yuan Quan is already in his forties, But she has good matching skills. She wears a sweatshirt with leggings and pants. She looks very casual and looks like a college student!

Sweatshirt paired with jeans, casual and age-reducing

When matching daily, the style of a piece of clothing will also affect our personal style Style, if you want to be young and fashionable, you can use casual style clothing. For example, Yuan Quan pairs herself with a white sweater, which can highlight her casual street temperament, and the white sweater combined with printed decorations brightens her outfit. Look It looks very fashionable.

The length of the sweatshirt must be moderate. Sweaters that are too long and too short will affect our temperament. Under normal circumstances, everyone will match themselves with this kind of mid-length sweatshirt. It is easiest to modify the figure when paired with high-waisted pants. The combination of waist pants and a sweatshirt is also very simple and will not be difficult to manage.

Yuan Quan paired a white sweatshirt with jeans. The jeans are slim-fitting and have a high-waisted design. This is too friendly for short people. It can modify your figure effortlessly and can also be combined with a t-shirt. The matching and modified corners further reflect the long legs.

Yuan Quan’s lower body is combined with white shoes. When paired with jeans, the style is more unified. Because white shoes are a more casual item, they are very suitable for matching with this kind of casual jeans, reflecting the simple style, and the matching skills of exposing the ankles can also be reflected. If you have long legs, you can definitely wear this if you are short.

Autumn sweater matching

Autumn has arrived. If you want to say what is the most popular item right now, sweaters are definitely not the answer. Ignored, a fashionable sweater will look gentle and intellectual when worn on the body, and there are many styles of sweaters. Just like this time Yuan Quan chose a high-end printed sweater for himself, which is combined with this retro texture modification to show his It has a sense of fashion and is so beautiful.

There are many styles of sweaters. The popular sweaters nowadays are relatively loose, so you can also choose this loose solid color sweater when buying. It is very gentle to wear. This time Yuan Quan paired it with a light blue sweater, which is also It shows a full of gentle temperament, and paired with a pleated skirt on the lower body, it will also feel very layered.

White color matching

This autumn, don’t dress too boringly, and learn more about elegance and romance. Light-colored outfits, like Yuan Quan, use this simple white color combination to show personal charm, and it is also very fresh. This kind of white single product makes the whole person very gentle, and white is also a color that can easily show whiteness. , even if it is yellow and black leather, you will not find it difficult to wear it.

Pairing with overalls

The overalls are quite handsome, and this time Yuan Quan is paired with a fashionable one-piece Overalls, this casual and neutral style shows her strongIt’s grand and looks too fashionable. Using these loose overalls and wide-leg pants can also accommodate your body shape, and can be worn by chubby girls.

Leather jacket matching

In addition to suits, leather jackets cannot be ignored this autumn. Many fashionable people like to try this fashion. Leather jacket, black leather jacket will look cool when worn on the body, and this time Yuan Quan used this black leather jacket to layer it, showing a sense of hierarchy.

The upper body is paired with a black leather jacket, the lower body is paired with black short boots, and then combined with blue denim straight pants, which modifies her legs. The effect of increasing her height and slimming is very good. Use this fashionable Martin boots to improve your figure. Question, gain height and lose weight in minutes.

Dress matching

Elegant women are definitely inseparable from all kinds of romantic dresses to reflect their personal charm. , wear more skirts. This time Yuan Quan put on a fashionable and romantic sequined dress. The pink sequins made her look quite girly, and the sequins were of moderate size, so they didn’t feel exaggerated.

Black dresses are suitable for fat girls. If you want to look slimmer, you can usually use this black dress to create a concave shape. It is still easy to modify your figure. Yuan Quan has a very tall figure, so choose one for yourself The black dress can better highlight her personal taste and show her good temperament.

Becoming a temperamental woman requires learning how to dress. Yuan Quan’s appearance and figure They are all outstanding and have great dressing skills. They are worth learning from.

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