China Fabric Factory Fabric News Sweatshirt + skirt is the best CP in spring (it looks slimming, fashionable and beautiful in this way)

Sweatshirt + skirt is the best CP in spring (it looks slimming, fashionable and beautiful in this way)

Every spring there is a different trend As for the outfit template, one of the most popular styles this year is the “sweatshirt + skirt” combination, which not only tak…

Every spring there is a different trend As for the outfit template, one of the most popular styles this year is the “sweatshirt + skirt” combination, which not only takes into account both warmth and comfort, but also doesn’t have to be flattering on your figure. The versatile style is also suitable for most people’s dressing habits, making us incredibly beautiful this spring.

The temperature difference in early spring is relatively large, so a slightly thicker coat such as a sweatshirt is needed to achieve a lock. Warming effect. The sweatshirt is relatively loose in size, and is usually worn with pants for small feet to make it look wider at the top and tight at the bottom. And small-leg pants have higher requirements on leg shape, so girls who love beauty have also learned to wear loose and flesh-covering skirts with sweatshirts. Unexpectedly, the effect is very good.

Tips for matching sweatshirts and skirts

1. Tall girls choose straight skirts and sweatshirts

Sweatshirts and skirts are both good Matching items, but if you want to match them well, you still need certain skills. For example, for tall girls, it is recommended to choose a well-fitting sweatshirt and a straight skirt.

Because I am too tall, wearing a loose skirt will make my lower body look too elegant and hollow. Choosing this kind of slightly slim-fitting skirt not only shows off your tall figure, but also creates a clear proportion between the upper and lower body.

2. Small girls choose short styles to show their long legs

Compared with tall people who need to dress proportionally, small girls must pay attention to the items they wear so they don’t weigh down their height. Therefore, when wearing a skirt with a sweatshirt, try to choose a short pleated skirt to create a fresh and energetic style. The short skirt also makes the legs longer.

3. Girls with thick thighs choose A-line skirts and sweatshirts

As for women with thick thighs and thick waists and hips, how to choose a skirt and a sweatshirt. It is recommended to choose a style with a slightly tougher fabric so that it can cover the waist line and make the skirt more three-dimensional. However, since I chose an A-line skirt for my lower body, I had to choose a short sweatshirt for my upper body. Otherwise, the corners of the sweater would be too long and completely cover up the three-dimensional sense of the skirt. On the contrary, it would not have a decorative effect and would look dragging.

4. Women with thin waists can tuck the corners of their sweatshirts into their skirts


Tie the sweatshirt up to the waist. In fact, I don’t really recommend this way of wearing it. Because he has too high requirements for the waistline, and even if you have a thin waist, the heavy sweatshirt fabric will make our waist look bulging, which is not very good-looking.

If you tie the corners of a sweatshirt into the waist of the skirt, it is recommended to tie it halfway or tuck it in the middle. The hem of this kind of sweatshirt will not only look shorter, but also more irregular. When paired with this kind of half-length skirt, it will also look taller and not weigh down your body.

It is not recommended to wear sweatshirts and skirts like this

It is not recommended to wear elegant pleated skirts

Many fashion bloggers admire Riza’s style Yes, how to wear a sweatshirt with a pleated skirt. This style is actually a popular outfit, because the sweatshirt itself is loose and long. When paired with this style, there is an elegant pleated skirt and two loose and long items. In reality, whether it is a tall girl or a short girl, The girls don’t look good in driving, and they look very rustic.

Wear a pleated and wide skirt

This skirt has the same effect as the above, it’s just a matter of the size of the pleats. The wide pleated skirt is very accommodating, the three-dimensionality is also good. However, in reality, this kind of skirt not only looks loose, but also looks very old due to the wrinkles in the fabric. It is not as good-looking as the pleated skirt or floral skirt above.

Short sweatshirt with short skirt

Although wearing a sweater with a skirt is a common matching technique, the traditional sweater is relatively long, so matching it with a skirt will create a tolerant beauty, or a sense of obvious contrast. This kind of ultra-short sweatshirt looks ridiculous when paired with a short skirt. The sweatshirt is short in style but the sleeves are very long, which makes the whole look awkward. Secondly, the hem of a short sweatshirt is basically not hemmed or folded, so it can be worn directly. The skirt is not fashionable enough and looks rustic. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a short sweatshirt with a long skirt.

Sweatshirt with colorful skirt

Although there are many styles of skirts, when used as a bottom layer, try to choose basic colors and other colors that match well, while the top sweatshirt should choose a more fashionable color. Because the top color is good-looking, it will have a lighting effect, making our face look better, and the low-key bottom layer will also make the overall outfit look more decent and good-looking.

If you are looking for a fashionable and warm outfit this early spring, I suggest you choose a sweater and a skirt. Not only do they look slim and fashionable when worn, but the various matching methods also make our styles more versatile. However, sweatshirts and skirts also have certain matching minefields, so remember not to step on them.

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