China Fabric Factory Fabric News Sweatshirt + short boots are the most popular mix and match CP this autumn (cool, handsome and full of sassy style)

Sweatshirt + short boots are the most popular mix and match CP this autumn (cool, handsome and full of sassy style)

With the increase in popular styles in the past two years, the probability of wearing sweatshirts is actually not low, and this type of item It is becoming more and more popular an…

With the increase in popular styles in the past two years, the probability of wearing sweatshirts is actually not low, and this type of item It is becoming more and more popular and meets the styling needs of different age groups in terms of style.

The popularity of clothing is often not a test of how outstanding it is. Single items that can be widely accepted are generally far from There are two aspects to consider, one is comfort and the other is versatility, these two points directly affect the single product.

In this issue, I will share with youThis autumn’s most popular mix and match of CP “sweatshirt + short boots”, you can wear it cool and handsome Unruly and full of sass!

Sweatshirt + Martin boots

Martin boots are very popular, and their styles are different from canvas shoes. Such shoes In the autumn and winter seasons, you can show your personality in a better way. Using leather as a design material can improve the overall image characteristics. It is a very followable method for styling.

But compared to high boots, Martin boots are far larger in style. The short design has less requirements on leg shape. Even if you are a girl with a slightly thick calf, you can control Martin boots. Boots are not very difficult and can give women a sense of security when wearing them.

Short Martin boots are long and ankle-high. This style of shoe can maximize the warmth effect when worn in autumn and winter. It will look cool and warm even if it is paired with cropped pants. Intruded by the cold wind, it looks good and is very practical. No wonder it is welcomed by so many people.

Sweatshirts are used as tops. This combination can be worn alone or as an inner layer. This kind of single item can be worn in many ways and is fashionable enough. It will not be monotonous at all in autumn and winter.

Sweatshirts are divided into two styles. The hooded design and the hoodless design are two completely different styles in terms of wear. When used as an inner wear, a hooded sweatshirt can be paired with a jacket or a hoodless coat. This can enhance the layering of the look, allowing you to break through the monotony of the look and gain more fashionable flavor. It can be used even with novices.

Like this beige sweatshirt paired with a long coat, the inside and outside are well connected. The light and warm tones reduce the boringness. Paired with a pair of sports pants and a pair of Martin boots, it has a street style. Every single item is very classy. But everything is connected very well.

Sweatshirt + ankle boots

Ankle boots are undoubtedly boots that reach the ankle. These shoes are not as designed as Martin The boots are so prominent, and the length of the boots will be controlled at the ankle position without adding too much length. This person’s shoe shape is in a relatively simple position. This kind of shoe design breaks the cumbersome design and gains simplicity and casualness. It is generally used for Most of them are found on women over 30 years old.

Ankle-high boots are highly recognized by sisters who don’t have too many ideas in styling and lack image beauty. It can be used to match some skirts or nine-point trousers, and the styling can be optimized through shoes, which can make the overall look more advanced and textured.

Short ankle boots are generally designed to be more feminine. They grasp the fashion code of the trend in style. The high-heeled design makes them more outstanding and elegant in the crowd. The overall design is full of flavor and can be used to create It’s easy to feel familiar. In fact, dressing is often not as difficult as everyone imagines. You only need to grasp the fashion trend, and then the style will be perfect.

Although the short and unique ankle boots are more mature in style, they don’t look old-fashioned at all. I think this may also be the reason for it. What a fashion code that can last for so long. Paired with a skirt, it looks classy and elegant.

For trousers that reach the ankle like this, it is actually quite difficult to choose a suitable pair of shoes. It will either restrict your look, or it will not match the trousers, so it can be matched with ankle boots. , inevitably it also reduces the difficulty of styling. Paired with a sweater, it is casual and not earthy. It is still very suitable for daily outings. It has a fashionable atmosphere and is not ordinary at all.

Sweatshirt + pointed boots

The shoes with pointed toe design are inherently elegant and aesthetic in appearance. , take high heels as an example. Women’s shoe cabinets are indispensable with high heels, which are a symbol of mature women. When wearing them, you can improve your style and optimize your beauty and height to make you look less ordinary.

High-heeled boots with pointed toe design, like this, are paired with a gray short sweatshirt and a pair of high-waisted trousers. The overall combination not only shows the sense of lines, but also highlights the proportions. The bright and dark colors are even more points. Xiang, the whole outfit is full of European style, looks good without being low-key and full of charm.

Sweatshirt + Chelsea boots

Autumn and winter Chelsea boots are very beautiful in style. These shoes are not suitable for hiding. It is more suitable to choose some slimmer trousers for matching, so that the shoe style can be well presented and the overall look will become more advanced.

When shaping the image, Chelsea boots do not have high requirements for women’s style, and there are no restrictions on the occasion. This provides everyone with image convenience. You do not need to have too many skills, and they will be more convenient and practical when matching.

Either pair it with shorter trousers or skirts, or fold the trousers. Showing off the style can make Chelsea boots have more of its own style. Of course, your temperament will also be contained in it. Like this white sweatshirt paired with high-waisted black pleated trousers, the top is wide and the bottom is slimmed down and looks good.

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