China Fabric Factory Fabric News What is silk fabric (what are the types of silk fabric)

What is silk fabric (what are the types of silk fabric)

Silk fabric is comfortable, breathable, has good gloss, and the upper body has a built-in nobility. But what types of silk fabrics are there? In fact, many newcomers don’t know muc…

Silk fabric is comfortable, breathable, has good gloss, and the upper body has a built-in nobility. But what types of silk fabrics are there? In fact, many newcomers don’t know much about it. Some people think that all silk fabrics are the same, and some friends use the softness and smoothness of the fabric to judge whether it is silk fabric. These are incorrect. Next, I will briefly introduce to you the types of silk fabrics.

In fact, there are not many classifications of silk fabrics. They are just “Silk, Luo, Silk, Satin” plus “Yarling, Silk, Crepe, Spun”. It’s almost done

Ling: It’s just useful for mounting pictures. In the early days, when China didn’t have cotton, silk was used. Nowadays, there are very few silk damasks, and they are basically a thing of the past. The surface of the fabric damask has obvious twill texture, or the four fabrics with patterns such as mountain shape, stripe shape and ladder shape composed of different diagonals are called damask.

The characteristics of damask: it adopts twill or various variations of twill as the basic structure, with obvious twill texture on the surface, or mountain shapes and strips composed of different oblique directions. Plaid, as well as floral and plain fabrics with stepped patterns.

Specifications and types of damask: There are many varieties of damask, including plain damask and jacquard damask. Common varieties include twill silk, plain silk silk, Huaguang silk, Caizhi silk, beautiful silk, cotton silk and feather yarn.

Luo: Hangluo is the representative, but it is rarely used now. Hangluo, Su Satin, and Jiangsu Yunjin are both called China’s ” “Three Treasures of the Southeast” and “Hangluo” were approved by UNESCO to be included in the “World-Class Intangible Cultural Heritage” list on September 30, 2009. The silk of flowerluo fabric is the ingredient in flowerluo fabric, but it is called Hermès in the silk world. What is Silk Luo? Luo is a pure mulberry silk fabric that originated in the Warring States Period and was made using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Now, after our repeated repairs, the silk flowerluo fabric has finally been transformed into our national quintessence silk flowerluo fabricShow us your best. The most luxurious fabrics are in China, in our five thousand years of Chinese traditional culture.

 100% mulberry silk is used as raw material, and the ancient silk weaving process gives the quality scarf an excellent soft feel. The breeze blows on the neck, the scarf flutters, and the warm and silky touch brings the enjoyment of quality life. The freehand flowers with bright colors are poetic and elegant. The rhythmic flower patterns are casual and spontaneous, and there seems to be a subtle fragrance blowing in the wind.

Due to the complicated production process of silk fabrics, there are few manufacturers and the prices are expensive. They are generally high-end. Mainly scarves. We wear silk flowerluo fabric in summer, which not only has a beautiful color but also has good breathability. Before that, it was used as summer clothing, shawls and decorations. Nowadays, silk fabricluo fabric has become a high-end product in the fashion industry.

Silk: Double palace silk is the representative one. It is generally made of double palace silk. Now it is mostly used for home textiles. Of course, if foreigners have money, they also I like to choose this kind of fabric for curtains, and it is of higher quality. Real silk is satin, which is processed from silk and is a natural fabric. The characteristics of real silk are soft luster, fleshy feel, lightness, hand mask silk surface will have a pulling feel, and there will be a “silk sound” when it is torn.

The word “real” in real silk is “real” mulberry silk, which is different from artificial silk products such as rayon and synthetic fiber. The drape of real silk is better than that of chemical fiber silk, and it is not as stiff as chemical fiber; it feels soft, smooth, rich, warm in winter and cool in summer; while synthetic silk feels dry, dry, dry, cold in winter, hot in summer, and lacks softness. Experienced people in the industry can judge authenticity with their eyes. Silk is cool and soft, making it perfect for summer wear.

How to identify silk: The simplest method is to pull out some silk threads from the silk sample, light it and blow it out, and smell the green smoke, which smells like burnt hair. It is real silk, because silk is protein fiber and has the same smell as hair and wool when burned. Chemical fiber is a petrochemical product, and its smell varies widely depending on the type (polyester, brocade, nitrile, chlorine, acrylic…).

Satin: Silk crepe satin has good gloss and smooth fabric. It is generally used as accessories, mostly scarves and cheongsam clothing. Very noble, it is the most widely used silk fabric in the fashion field! Personally, I prefer this product because it is more gorgeous than ordinary silk fabrics, and at the same time has moderate hardness and is suitable for styling. This kind of fabric is also our main silk product, plain crepe satin silk scarf, which is a good choice to wear yourself or give as a gift.

Gauze: transparent, “as thin as a cicada’s wings” is what I call this product Yes. Silk georgette and Dongfeng yarn are a kind of yarn. Yarn and silk are just loose classifications of silk varieties. Generally speaking, yarn refers to silk that is relatively thin, twisted in two directions, and has good permeability.

Silk: Silk is representative of silk. Many people say it is “organ yarn” or “organza”. It is raw silk and is used for dresses. Or fashion is more tangible and has a stretching effect.

Silk raw material

Many people in the market say Silk organza, also known as plain yarn, is a yarn with mulberry silk as the warp and weft. The warp and weft yarns are added with a certain twist and are woven with a plain weave. The warp and weft densities are relatively sparse, and the fabric is light and thin. The woven base is half warp After scouring (only part of the sericin is removed), it is dyed into variegated colors or printed. There are also yarn-dyed ones. It is a transparent or translucent gauze with much higher hardness than chiffon, which helps to create a distinct silhouette. .The “hardness” of organza caters to the designer’s pursuit of silhouette, and at the same time presents a distinct texture and presence.

The meaning of “绡” It is raw silk. Silk that has not been degummed is raw silk. Therefore, “real silk silk” is actually a raw silk fabric. In order to highlight the silk surface that is as thin as cicada wings, fine and transparent, with clear texture, flat silk surface and smooth hand feel. style, the mulberry silk silk gum cannot be removed when weaving the blank. The silk silk surface is crepey and transparent, the hand feels flat and slightly hard, and the fabric has clear holes. It is one of the specialties of Hangzhou. In terms of traditional handicrafts, the silk silk silk is famous at home and abroad. The round fan is made of stretched fans, and can also be used to make traditional screens

In order to make up for the shortcomings of a single variety and no change in silk yarn varieties, in recent years Developed silk satin, many people also call it satin, its hardness is much higher than plain crepe satin, is based on a transparent or translucent silk silk surface changed into a satin texture, both With its see-through effect and sufficient silhouette support, it is very popular in both domestic and international markets. Silk gauze products have been relatively popular in the market in recent years. On the one hand, it is suitable for today’s increasingly pursuit of elegant style and silhouette, and can be used as evening gowns, wedding gowns, etc.; on the other hand, see-through and semi-see-through designs are also popular and have been widely used in fashion in recent years. For example, some high-end shirt dresses and windbreakers are made of silk or satin silk for segmented splicing, which is gorgeous and full of heroism

Silk silk products It is a raw silk fabric, and its friction strength, buckling strength, elongation fatigue and other properties are worse than other fabrics. Raw silk is mainly composed of sericin and sericin. The presence of sericin affects the feel and luster of silk. Sericin contains a small amount of fat wax, inorganic substances and pigments.

Crepe: Crepe de Chine is used for tops. A regular running product. Crepe de chine silk scarf is something we make every day. It is matte and has a salsa touch. It is not as bright, shiny and smooth as plain crepe satin. But it has less skipping than plain crepe satin.

Spinning: Electric spinning is mainly used to keep light out and is not transparent. It is generally used as the lining of clothing.

In addition to the above silk fabrics, there is also silk twill silk scarf fabric. This fabric is relatively denser and harder. In foreign countries, Especially popular.

Although different silk fabrics are all made of mulberry silk, the fabric properties are different. Everyone needs to make a choice based on their own preferences and uses.

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