China Fabric Factory Fabric News Wearing a T-shirt and taking a photo with my best friend sitting on the floor (it’s quite fashionable to cut a big slit in the trouser legs)

Wearing a T-shirt and taking a photo with my best friend sitting on the floor (it’s quite fashionable to cut a big slit in the trouser legs)

The pursuit of fashion by beauty-loving women And the requirements are very high. Nowadays, various popular elements emerge in endlessly to meet the aesthetic needs of different wo…

The pursuit of fashion by beauty-loving women And the requirements are very high. Nowadays, various popular elements emerge in endlessly to meet the aesthetic needs of different women. We will find that it is difficult to wear a basic item with a distinctive feeling , but some small design elements on a single product can instantly make you different. This can be well reflected in the Queen Faye Wong, wearing a T-shirt and her best friends In the group photo, the details of the pants are eye-catching.

Faye Wong herself has a relatively casual and free-spirited personality, and she also wears a casual and elegant style. In the photo taken with my girlfriends, I was wearing a pair of white T + coffee trousers. The overall color matching is simple and high-end, but the details are still very fashionable. The white T chooses the deep V + wide shoulder design that is very popular offline, which is sexy and very slim. age. The biggest highlight of the pants is the slit design on the trouser legs, this design appears on pants In fact, it is not common. It usually appears on skirts. It has a unique beauty when paired with skin-friendly trousers.

The slit reaches the calf, and the looming calf lines give people a hazy aesthetic feeling when walking. However, paired with the wide fit of the trousers and the casual high-top Converse shoes, the whole thing shows a free and sassy air. . A small detail makes common trousers very stylish. This kind of Single items can play a very good role in improving the overall temperament, and are also Faye Wong’s common dressing tips, let us learn the dressing secrets of the queen~

Some people say that if you get to know Faye Wong, it is difficult not to be attracted to her. In her world, she has a lonely and advanced soul and an extremely cold temperament. Leng Meiren is the perfect word to describe her. Her aesthetics have always been at the forefront of trends. Whether it is her outfits from many years ago or her street shots in recent years, they can always cause a wave of craze.

Her overall style looks relatively simple, but in fact each item has small design points that make people love it~The following summarizes three collocation designs commonly used by Faye Wong, let’s take a look~

Faye Wong’s fashion style tips:

①Add heavy industry elements

Although Faye Wong’s outfit is minimalist, it is not difficult to see that many of the combinations include It can reflect the existence of heavy industry elements. Our common heavy industrial elements such as sequins, diamonds, gold and silver threads are more exaggerated Gorgeous pattern designs are added to the clothing to reflect a bolder and more enthusiastic fashion sense . But for ordinary people, if there are large-area heavy industrial elements, it is easy to feel “unable to hold up”, which makes it look a bit tacky.

But we can be like Faye Wong, The overall large area is a relatively simple style, Adding some heavy industrial elements suddenly makes the look full of European and American style tension, but it does not make people look rustic. For example, she often adds heavy-duty belts to the waist, such as gold belts and hollow design belts, which not only bring a sense of fashion but also have a good effect on shaping the body proportions. And then there are us You can choose jewelry with a more industrial feel, such as necklaces and bracelets, which are small but make people feel fashionable.

②Irregular tailoring

The next step is to work hard on the tailoring of clothes. Use small-area tailoring designs to enhance the fashion of the entire look. There are many popular elements nowadays, such as the more common tassel designs, hollow designs, and slit designs that you can try.This design itself has a strong style. When paired with other items, try to choose a basic model so that the two can be balanced. , the visual effect will have a very free and easy feeling.

Add irregular tailoring designs to clothing,It will make people look very stylish, and irregular cuts usually expose skin to make the outfit look more breathable and not dull. Like this look, the top I chose is an all-inclusive sweater with a high collar. The lengthened version can easily make people feel “breathless”, but the irregular hem of the skirt makes the whole look light and casual, and the overall look is solemn and free. Cool.

③Perspective sense

Perspective elements are more hazy than hollows, and appearing on clothing will give people an unspeakable sex appeal. If we choose a simpler style, we can add a see-through shirt to take your outfit to a new level. When we wear this kind of see-through style, we usually choose relatively basic styles for our inner wear,And it is a relatively small item that exposes a certain amount of skin, such as a suspender skirt and a sleeveless shirt, which will have a better effect.

The combination of suspenders + purple sweater in Faye Wong’s look has a certain degree of see-through. You can vaguely see the outline of your figure, making it even more slender and charming. This kind of matching is also very friendly to women with “bye bye flesh”. The outer shirt can It plays the role of modifying the figure. Choose dark-colored inner wear to look very slim visually. Paired with a basic bottom, it looks very simple, but full of fashion.


Faye Wong’s fashion sense is really amazing, and she has a fatal attraction that is unique to her. Although she has appeared on the screen less often this year, she has actually been active in major fashion magazines, and she is a well-deserved darling of the fashion industry. So try Faye Wong’s style to make yourself fashionable~

That’s it for today’s sharing. See you next time.

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