China Fabric Factory Fabric News What fabrics to wear in summer (what fabrics and clothes have built-in cooling effect)

What fabrics to wear in summer (what fabrics and clothes have built-in cooling effect)

Summer is coming soon. If you don’t pay attention to the choice of clothes, you will easily sweat as soon as you wear them. Then the question is, what kind of fabrics should you we…

Summer is coming soon. If you don’t pay attention to the choice of clothes, you will easily sweat as soon as you wear them. Then the question is, what kind of fabrics should you wear in summer that have a cooling effect and make you feel cooler?

In fact, the answer is linen and Xiangyun yarn.

There are many cool fabrics for the upper body, but to have a built-in cooling effect, it has to be Of course, there are also some technical fabrics at present, such as the chillcream fabric used in Laidao’s watermelon quilts, but it is difficult to count, and it is not available to everyone, so it doesn’t mean much.

The first is linen

Yes Refers to cloth purely hand-woven with ramie, generally divided into plain linen and threaded linen. The weaving procedure of threaded linen is more complicated.

Because there is a groove-like cavity in the middle of the ramie fiber and the wall is porous, it is breathable It is about 3 times higher than cotton fiber, and the hand-woven loose and porous texture makes the upper body of linen very cool. Not only that, ramie fiber also contains elements such as pyridine, pyrimidine, and purine, which have varying degrees of inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Escherichia coli, and have good antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal effects.

But earlier Xiabu was more than just that. In the Zhou Dynasty, various The different uses of thick and thin linen: 7 to 9 liters of coarse ramie cloth are worn by slaves and criminals, and can also be used as packaging cloth; 10 to 14 liters are worn by ordinary civilians and are popular clothing materials; 15 liters and above are as fine as silk, It is a noble variety and can only be enjoyed by nobles; the most exquisite ones can reach 30 liters and are used for hat making by princes and nobles.

“Jiangxi Yearbook” in the 25th year of the Republic of China also recorded: Yifeng summer cloth is fine and soft, with long and weft It is suitable for use, with flat edges, even weaving, beautiful color, no wrinkles and no deformation. “Soft and smooth, flat as water mirror, light as silk, white and even.” There are many varieties of colors, including natural color, bleached, dyed, and printed; there are fine, medium, and coarse colors, and there are high, medium, and low grades. Can adapt to various needs.

But with the development of the times, this kind of traditional fabric, which is labor-intensive, time-consuming and in low demand, is gradually becoming more and more popular. It has just faded out of the market. Most of the linens we can easily buy are relatively rough fabrics as shown in the picture above.

The second category is Xiangyun yarn. Different from linen, Xiangyun yarn has been used in recent years. It can be said that it is gradually going uphill, and everyone can easily buy all kinds of Xiangyun yarn in the market.

Xiangyun yarn, also known as Dioscorea yarn, has a history of more than 1,000 years. The only silk fabric dyed with pure vegetable dyes among the world’s textiles. It is made of white embryo yarn soaked in mulberry with the juice of Dioscorea oleifera, a unique plant in Guangdong, and then covered with river silt rich in various minerals unique to the Pearl River Delta region, and processed in the sun. Because it made a rustling sound when walking, it was originally called “Xiangyunsha”, and later generations called it “Xiangyunsha” with a homonym.

Dioscorea is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, which can be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, insect repellent and mosquito repellent. The tannic acid and river mud in it When mixed it will react black. Because it is made of silk itself, it goes without saying that it is breathable. With multiple processes, the finished Xiangyun yarn feels really cool to the touch when worn on the body.

There are also many finished products made of Xiangyun yarn on the market. For fashion, due to color limitations Many styles will be more suitable for middle-aged and older people. It is recommended that you try to buy your own fabrics and find a tailor to make Hanfu styles. It will look much better.

And if you buy the fabric yourself, the price of Xiangyun yarn is not too expensive, of course It depends on the cost of the base fabric. If the base fabric is ordinary plain silk, the price is about 100/m. If the base fabric is Huaro, the price is more expensive, about 300/m.

For cheaper fabrics that are cooler for the upper body, you can try Tencel or high-count ramie. Try to avoid chemical fiber materials. It’s not that there are no chemical fiber materials with good breathability (the upper body of chemical fiber jackets with prices comparable to Hualuo is very cool), but cheap chemical fiber materials are mostly not cool.

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