China Fabric Factory Fabric News If you wear it well inside, your look will be more refined and fashionable (you must prepare these two items)

If you wear it well inside, your look will be more refined and fashionable (you must prepare these two items)

The Spring Festival is coming, how can you be willing to be outdone in your outfit? When choosing a jacket to dress yourself up, don’t forget to match it with a suitable inne…

The Spring Festival is coming, how can you be willing to be outdone in your outfit? When choosing a jacket to dress yourself up, don’t forget to match it with a suitable inner outfit to make your look more fashionable and easily enhance your fashion value.

Many times, when people choose winter matching, they often ignore the role of inner wear. In fact, choosing the right inner wear can help you create a fashionable look with “double the result with half the effort”. If you want to look eye-catching during the Spring Festival, you should prepare turtleneck sweaters and hoodies. These two items are warm and trendy, making them the best choice for inner wear.

Hoodies are often accompanied by a loose feeling and casual style. It can add a bit of chicness to your look. If you choose a hoodie as an inner wear during the Spring Festival, you can easily create a high-quality look that is versatile and fashionable.

The styles of turtlenecks and hoodies are slightly different , it is more suitable for creating a calm look, so if you want to make your Spring Festival look more stable, this is a high-quality inner wear that cannot be missed. Of course, turtleneck sweaters are not the only style. You can also wear them in a chic and handsome style by wearing them appropriately.

Single item one: hoodie – a versatile inner wear that you can wear every time

Speaking of hoodies, Presumably men will not be unfamiliar with it. This popular item that is suitable for all ages and can be worn every time is indeed not uncommon. Despite its high popularity, the fashion effect it presents is not mediocre. Use it as an inner wear and you can easily Create a trendy and standout look.

① Combine with a loose jacket to create a casual look

Hoodies are often designed in a loose-fitting style, which makes your personal temperament casual and chic. Therefore, a hoodie is the perfect choice as an inner layer for a loose jacket. On the one hand, the looseness of the jacket can perfectly accommodate the shape of the hoodie, and on the other hand, the two are similar in style and can easily create an overall look.

Of course, when choosing a loose jacket, you can also do make different decisions. A silhouette jacket will make the whole person more trendy, while a straight and loose jacket will add a bit of coolness and make the look more upright. Although they are all casual styles, they can still clearly show off the look. difference.

②Slender The windbreaker presents an atmospheric look

In addition to being paired with a loose-fitting jacket, the hoodie can also be worn with a casual feel , you can also try to combine it with a slender windbreaker to show a majestic look without appearing rigid.

Mid-length coats with smooth fabrics and smooth lines tend to It makes the figure look straight and slender, but due to the stiffness of the material, it inevitably brings a bit of old-fashioned atmosphere. Fortunately, the addition of a hoodie can just right balance this shortcoming of the slender coat. Under a straight coat, paired with a casual hoodie, it easily adds a bit of casual style and casual sexiness, making the look more flexible and the fashion value also increases a lot.

③Yes Low-key but eye-catching, use hoodies to brighten up your look

In addition to being used as an “auxiliary” for inner wear, the jacket becomes To be more eye-catching and fashionable, in fact, hoodies can also stand alone and become the highlight of the look. You can choose to wear it in a low-key and conventional way, and you can also use color matching quietly to make your look exquisite and outstanding. Combining a dark black jacket with a light-colored hoodie can make the outfit fresher and instantly reduce your age.

Or be more bold and choose a bright red hoodie. Brighten the overall look, and combine it with other accessories that can complement it, such as sweaters, backpacks, etc., to create a high-quality look that has a sense of collision without losing the sense of integrity. These dressing methods may seem ordinary, but they can actually make your style stand out and become refined and fashionable.

Item 2: turtleneck sweater – exquisite and stylish high-end inner wear

Except for hoodies , a turtleneck sweater is also a must-have inner item that you can’t miss. Different from the casual and chic style shown by hoodies, turtleneck sweaters are more suitable for creating a sophisticated and stylish high-end look. If you want to make the match more textured, you can learn from the following wearing methods.

①Pair it with a lapel jacket to highlight a formal look

V-shaped fold-over collar has always represented formality and business style. Combined with a suit or windbreaker, it can make the whole person look serious and elegant. solemnly. At this time, you can choose a slim turtleneck sweater as an inner outfit instead of a regular shirt and tie, making the look more soft and textured.

Especially when choosing a blazer, you don’t want to appear If the matching effect is too solemn and formal, but at the same time you don’t want to dress too mediocre, then choose a turtleneck sweater of the same color or dark color as the inner wear. A sweater that fits the body curve will not make the look look bloated and bulky, but at the same time can highlight the grandeur and straight lines of the suit to the greatest extent, easily presenting a high-end look with structure.

②Combination Thick outerwear highlights elegant and gentle temperament

Of course, turtleneck sweaters are not exclusive to business-style wear. You can also use it to create an elegant and gentlemanly look. When choosing a thick woolen jacket, you might as well pair it with a light-colored turtleneck sweater as an inner layer, showing an artistic yet gentle elegance, which greatly adds to the look.

Or use the “knitting + knitting” layering method, Go for a casual, gentlemanly look. Pair it with a turtleneck sweater inside a thick knitted cardigan to create a warm and soft high-end look. Although the proportion of knitted elements in the overall matching is not small, it is not bulky, but rather stylish.

③Collocation The casual jacket is cool

Don’t think that turtleneck sweaters are only suitable for mature men to create formal or elegant looks. , in fact, young boys can also choose turtleneck sweaters to create a cool outfit. A turtleneck sweater with a loose feel and a casual jacket with the same loose lines will make the combination look more casual and chic.

The loose version will make the whole person look casual. It is natural and can be layered to add a sense of fashion and trend. Therefore, you might as well add a seemingly inconspicuous turtleneck sweater to the layered look, which not only presents a strong sense of layering, but also creates a retro trend that is difficult to replicate.

Have you mastered the hoodies and turtlenecks? The way you wear inner items that you can’t miss will determine whether you can look eye-catching during the Spring Festival. The simple way to wear it can create different styles, showing a sophisticated yet trendy look. It is indeed worth mastering!

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