China Fabric Factory Fabric News Sichuan Xingwen: The sericulture industry is worth “10,000 acres of land and 100 million yuan”

Sichuan Xingwen: The sericulture industry is worth “10,000 acres of land and 100 million yuan”

The sericulture industry in Xingwen County, Sichuan Province has a long history of development. The county party committee and government have always attached great importance to t…

The sericulture industry in Xingwen County, Sichuan Province has a long history of development. The county party committee and government have always attached great importance to the development of the sericulture industry, and will build a “Sichuan Province Premium Silkworm Cocoon Production Base” into the county’s “4+3” modern agricultural industry development system. .

In recent years, sericulture has become an important industry for farmers in Xingwen County to increase their income and become rich. Promoting industrial development is a key link in the “second half” of the two reforms. , focusing on the utilization of space efficiency, extension of industrial chain, and integrated development of industries in sericulture production, by creating standardized construction bases, promoting three-dimensional development and utilization, and improving the connection of interests, it has formed Jiusi Town, Zhoujia Town, Wuxing Town, Lianhua Town, etc. A 100,000-acre sericulture base with towns as the core.

By the end of 2021, the sericulture area in Xingwen County will reach 110,000 acres, and the annual comprehensive output value will reach 1 billion yuan; we strive to build a modern sericulture by 2025 There are 2 parks, with an annual comprehensive output value of 2 billion yuan, and a premium silkworm cocoon production base in Sichuan Province.

1. Service guarantee continues to promote the quality and efficiency improvement of the sericulture industry

(1 ) Strengthen organizational leadership. Xingwen County has established a leading group for the three-year action plan to accelerate the development of the sericulture industry, with the county magistrate as the leader, the deputy secretary of the county party committee and the deputy county magistrate in charge of the county government as the deputy leader, and the heads of relevant county-level departments as members, to provide guidance. , coordinate and supervise the development of the sericulture industry in the county. The leading group insists on regularly arranging and deploying sericulture development work at each stage, regularly studies and formulates measures to promote the development of the sericulture industry, and promptly solves difficulties and problems existing in the development of the industry, effectively ensuring the rapid development of the county’s sericulture industry.

(2) Pay attention to scientific planning. Adhering to the actual conditions of Xingwen County, we are formulating and improving the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Sericulture Industry in Xingwen County (2021-2025)”, clarifying the basic ideas and phased work goals for the development of the sericulture industry in the county, and formulating detailed The sericulture development and mulberry orchard comprehensive development progress plan from 2021 to 2025 ensures the orderly and efficient development of the sericulture industry. Adhere to local conditions, rationally plan and layout industrial belts in relatively concentrated and contiguous areas, and accelerate the construction of key towns and villages, forming a model focusing on the northern mountainous area, with Wuxing, Lotus, Jiusi, Zhoujia and other key towns as the center, radiating to the Yisang area of ​​the county industrial development pattern.

(3) Strengthen policy support. Establish an assessment and reward system for sericulture development to assess and provide spiritual and material rewards to relevant county-level departments, towns, sericulture base villages and large sericulture households on an annual basis. Strengthen attention to cocoon prices and industrial policy publicity, focus on the mobilizing and guiding role of professional cooperatives and sericulture associations, and invest 2 million yuan in county-level special financial funds to support the development of the sericulture industry. Convene an on-site sericulture production meeting for more than 50 people to report and commend groups and individuals with outstanding achievements in sericulture production. Effectively provide guarantees and services to effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of all sectors of society to participate in and support the development of the modern sericulture industry.

2. The main body drives and improves the connection of interests to continue to help farmers increase their income

(1) Establish an industrialized business model. Relying on the leading municipal agricultural industrialization enterprise Xingwen County Shihai Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd., an industrialized business model of “leading enterprises + professional cooperatives + co-cultivators + farmers” has been formed, innovating the sericulture industry management system, and actively guiding new business entities Improve the technical level and take the path of large-scale production, intensive management, chain extension and comprehensive development.

(2) Improve the interest linkage mechanism. The party committee and government are responsible for formulating plans and developing sericulture bases; the company is responsible for production and operation, construction of technical systems and product acquisitions, and signs interest linkage agreements with sericulture farmers, namely, mulberry planting and cocoon protection price agreements, co-breeding room construction agreements, silkworm shed construction agreements, and 4 development co-construction agreements including the second rebate agreement.

(3) Continue to help farmers increase their income. For sericulture farmers, the company will raise 4 silkworms per mu per year and sell 160 kilograms of cocoons, giving them a secondary rebate of 200 yuan/mu; for farmers who do not have the conditions to raise sericulture, the professional cooperative will provide sericulture farmers with 300-500 yuan per year. The land will be transferred centrally at prices ranging from yuan/mu. After the mulberry gardens are built, they will be transferred to large sericulture households. The large sericulture households will recruit unconditional sericulture farmers to work for them, with wages ranging from 80 yuan/day to 100 yuan/day.

3. Technology support connects the “last mile” of technology promotion

( 1) Establish a technical service system. Xingwen County has established and improved the “four-in-one” organizational structure system of government, departments, towns and villages, and the “four-in-one” technical service system of leading enterprises, professional cooperatives, grassroots cocoon stations, and co-education households, and has achieved Policies to benefit farmers are introduced to households, scientific and technological personnel are recruited, improved seeds and methods are introduced to gardens, and technical essentials are provided to people.

(2) Technical training is delivered to villages and households. By selecting scientific and technological personnel to go to the villages, establishing a scientific and technological service system, etc., and sending technical personnel to patrol and contact co-breeding households and major sericulture households in the county, a full service system before, during and after production was formed to provide comprehensive services to sericulture farmers. Regularly organize and carry out technical training at various stages such as mulberry garden management, co-breeding of small silkworms, and rearing of large silkworms. Regularly organize grassroots cadres, large sericulture households and other personnel to go out for inspections, strive to improve the technical level of the majority of sericulture farmers in planting mulberry and raising sericulture, and innovate and explore the rapid development of mulberry trees. The technology of high-yield cultivation is “one stem, four piles and eight strips”.

(3) Grasp the key to co-breeding of small silkworms. In the process of sericulture production, we should grasp the connection link of co-cultivation of young silkworms and highlight the co-cultivation of young silkworms.��’s core position in sericulture production allows co-breeding households to become a convenient point for technology implementation and sericulture materials, link the income of co-breeding households to the quality and efficiency of silkworm cocoons of sericulture farmers, and connect the “last mile” of science and technology promotion. Promote the continuous improvement of the quality of silkworm cocoons.

Four. Industrial integration to realize the green and circular development of silkworm ecology and focus on controlling rocky desertification of cultivated land. Planting mulberry on rocky desertified farmland can not only utilize rocky desertified land, delay the development of rocky desertification, but also promote rural economic development.

(1) Focus on promoting the “mulberry + N” development model. Make full use of the space of the mulberry garden, vigorously develop intercropping, intercropping and native chicken breeding, promote green sustainable development and improve the comprehensive benefits of the mulberry garden, create a demonstration film of comprehensive utilization of mulberry garden land, and strive to achieve “10,000 acres of land, 100 million yuan” . The three-dimensional layout promotes the “mulberry + mushroom” model, develops mulberry branch edible fungi, and uses mulberry branch powder to ferment and cultivate bamboo fungus mycelium. The mulberry branches pruned every year are fully utilized and at the same time, the fertility of the mulberry garden land is improved. , kill multiple birds with one stone; staggered-season production improves land utilization, and planting cloud mushrooms during the winter management season of the mulberry garden keeps the mulberry garden open during the off-season, which not only reduces the cost of the mulberry garden, but also increases profits. Typical comprehensive development and utilization mulberry gardens of 60,000 acres have been formed such as “mulberry + mushroom” and “mulberry + chicken” in Zhoujia Town and “mulberry + shrimp” in Wuxing Town.

(2) Efforts should be made to promote the integration of agriculture and tourism. By planting mulberry trees, constructing infrastructure such as power grids, road networks, and water networks, developing rural tourism by utilizing the various limestone rocks and caves with karst landforms, and organizing the “Sichuan·Xingwen Sericulture Culture Tourism Festival” to expand the influence of sericulture , increase visibility, promote further integration of sericulture industry development and rural tourism, and achieve a successful “transformation” of the regional economy from “black” to “green” and from “underground” to “above ground”.


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