China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to match a T-shirt more appropriately (learn these tips to dress more fashionably)

How to match a T-shirt more appropriately (learn these tips to dress more fashionably)

In summer, T-shirts have become the mainstream item of clothing in this season. Almost everyone has a few of them. T-shirts are very practical and versatile clothing. They are high…

In summer, T-shirts have become the mainstream item of clothing in this season. Almost everyone has a few of them. T-shirts are very practical and versatile clothing. They are highly visible and can be seen in almost any occasion. T-shirts exist, but if you want to wear T-shirts fashionably, you still need certain methods and skills.

Since ordinary T-shirts have a relatively single style, if you want to wear them fashionably, you also need to consider the color matching and matching of bottoms. Let’s analyze the T-shirts from these two perspectives. Summer outfit ideas.


1. Style classification of T-shirts

Basic solid color T-shirts

If you want to use T-shirts to create different For style, it is recommended to choose a solid color basic T-shirt. There is no age limit for solid color T-shirts, suitable for all ages, and there is almost no difficulty in controlling them. This is why it has become a must-have for summer wear.

Its design is simple, and the simpler the shape, the easier it is to wear it with a sense of high-end. This is no problem, but the key lies in how to match it with bottoms.

Printed T-shirts

If you don’t like solid-color T-shirts with a single style, you can choose styles with printed patterns, which will instantly add an interesting and different feel. Printing patterns can create different styles for T-shirts. For example, T-shirts with cartoon patterns will look girly and lively, T-shirts with letters will be more casual, and styles with flower patterns will look slightly mature and old-fashioned.

Striped T-shirt

Stripes have always been one of the most mainstream elements in the fashion circle. No matter what kind of item it is used on, it can be very fashionable and beautiful, even if it is used The same is true for T-shirts. Striped T-shirts are more fashionable and elegant than solid-color ones. They can also create different dressing effects according to the different thicknesses of the stripes. Thin stripes are more likely to make you look slimmer, while large stripes are more elegant and casual.

2. T-shirt color matching skills

Contrast color combination

Contrast color is to use two different colors to mix and match together to form a The effect of contrasting colors, this matching method is a great test of personal aesthetics and ability. Good-looking contrasting colors can bring a strong visual impact, which not only highlights the beauty of the shape, but also enhances the temperament of the whole person, while contrasting colors do not match Yes, it can easily look fancy and messy, making the look lose focus.

For example, in this outfit, I chose an orange letter T-shirt for the top and a pair of green shorts. The combination of the two colors creates a contrasting color, which is very beautiful and beautiful. The color of the hat and pants are the same. It echoes and adds unity, so that the matching will not feel inconsistent.

Color echo method

The color echo method is to use two or more colors of items to add to the shape to echo each other, which can enhance the integration of the overall outfit. sex, avoid looking too cluttered and fancy, and maintain a harmonious visual appearance. If you want to wear colorful T-shirts in summer, it is best to use this method to match them, which will make it easier to look fashionable.

For example, in this outfit, a pink T-shirt is matched with white shorts, and the white hat on the head and the white shoes on the feet can echo each other with the pants, and the pink socks can also echo with the T-shirt. In this way, the overall clothing items can be better integrated together and the beauty can be more balanced.

Classic basic colors

What are the classic basic colors? For example, black, white, gray, khaki, etc. These common and versatile colors are basic colors. Basic color T-shirts are more suitable for lazy people and novices. They are durable and versatile, so pick one at will. T-shirts in basic colors can be matched with most bottoms. They look good and are not easy to make mistakes. However, the overall matching effect will be relatively monotonous. You can add some accessories for embellishment to create highlights and rich beauty.

3. What bottoms are fashionable to match with a T-shirt?

Look1: Overalls

For students and young girls, they prefer to wear a good-looking and age-reducing style, then overalls are the first choice, which is known as This “age-reducing artifact” item can make you look much younger instantly when you put it on. Pairing overalls with a T-shirt is also a very common way to match them in summer. It is casual, comfortable and comfortable. The loose fit of overalls can also hide your flesh. The effect of thinning.

Look2: Pair with shorts

The “lower body is missing” way of wearing is also a very common way of matching in summer. This kind of dressing can highlight the advantages of long legs and not only show It’s tall and can make your legs look longer, so it’s very friendly to little people. This matching method is also very simple. You only need to choose a long T-shirt with shorts. The corners of the T-shirt just cover the shorts. This can create the illusion of “the lower body is missing” and focus the attention. Focusing on the lower body will highlight the advantages of the legs.

Look3: With skirt

In addition to shorts, skirts are also very refreshing and casual summer items. Skirts are also very suitable for women, so you can also choose T-shirt + When choosing a skirt, you can choose according to the characteristics of your body. If you are a girl with thick legs, you can choose an A-line skirt or an umbrella skirt. If you are a girl with thin legs, you can choose a pleated skirt. Choose a style according to your body shape. Only in this way can we maximize our strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Okay, here are my tips on how to wear T-shirts. If you think T-shirts are the best, I’ll share them here.If you can’t always look fashionable in what you wear, you might as well start with bottoms and color matching, which can quickly help you create a fashionable look.

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