China Fabric Factory Fabric News What color T-shirt to wear with gray pants (wear a white T-shirt with gray pants for a party with friends)

What color T-shirt to wear with gray pants (wear a white T-shirt with gray pants for a party with friends)

The recent news of Big S and Wang Xiaofei’s divorce has attracted frequent attention, but before everyone could get over the divorce, she had a flash marriage with Gu Junye, …

The recent news of Big S and Wang Xiaofei’s divorce has attracted frequent attention, but before everyone could get over the divorce, she had a flash marriage with Gu Junye, whom she had been in love with for many years. . After getting married, Big S rarely appeared in the public eye, and claimed to “retire from the world.” However, in the recent pictures of dinner with her sister and friends, it can be seen that Big S not only did not feel sad about the breakup of her previous marriage, but instead Immerse yourself in the sweet state of newlyweds.

The 45-year-old Big S has ushered in her second spring. She looks much younger. In her first appearance after remarriage, She is dressed in a low-key manner. She smiles like a crescent moon in the party photos, giving her the air of returning to her teenage years. But after all, she is at that age. No matter how good her facial condition is, her figure cannot avoid getting fatter and out of shape. She wears a white T-shirt and gray sweatpants. Belly fat and arm fat are too eye-catching.

Big S party style analysis↓

Keywords for dressing: minimalism, refreshing and comfortable

Big S has always liked comfortable dressing styles, especially in daily life. The minimalist style makes people look very comfortable, without any airs of a female star. I smiled so sweetly when I was hugged by my friends. Even though it was a party, I didn’t like to dress up to attract attention. The pure cotton white T-shirt was loose, breathable and very casual. When paired with gray trousers, it gave me a homely atmosphere. This kind of smile emanating from the bottom of my heart was rarely seen before.

Basic style is not cumbersome, creating a casual everyday state

Wearing in daily life Of course, the matching should not be too restrictive. When choosing items, pay special attention to loose styles. Basic styles are the most recommended items, but even loose basic styles cannot cover the fat belly of big S. , the whole person looks a lot fatter, this kind of daily casual state, but seems quite down-to-earth. There is no excessive styling design and extremely simplified processing, making the style clearer and clearer. The simplicity and atmosphere are easy to control, and there is no difficulty in matching it in daily life. As long as you grasp the comfort of the fabric, you don’t have to worry about the style overturning.

Bright-colored printed patterns add interest to the look

Learn to find a touch of sophistication in simplicity To achieve a sense of style, it is necessary to incorporate vitality and age-reducing elements into basic items. Printed patterns in bright colors can increase the eye-catching effect of the look and prevent the overall look from being too monotonous, which makes it look like there is no highlight in the outfit. Even if it is a small pattern, it can effectively create a highlight in the outfit, like this loose-fitting big S. The white T-shirt incorporates yellow personalized patterns, making the original boring look more vivid.

Ignoring the beauty of the body lines and revealing the true age

In fact, the more simple it is When it comes to clothing, you must pay more attention to the reflection of body advantages. If you ignore the beauty of body lines in order to pursue minimalism, your true age will be exposed. Especially for middle-aged women, the fat on their bodies will be clearly visible. , on the contrary, using some straight-line items can better achieve the effect of covering the flesh and making the body look slimmer, thus avoiding the shortcomings of appearing old and bloated.

More minimalist and comfortable styles from Big S

Emphasis on the silhouette lines of clothing, making it more Show body shape advantages

If you want a minimalist style item to effectively cover your body and make you look slimmer, you must not only make breakthroughs in tailoring and design, but also in clothing The fabric is also an indispensable key factor. Stiff and stylish fabrics can often better emphasize the outline. Even for a minimalist T-shirt, do not use 100% cotton fabric, but incorporate polyester. Blended materials highlight the smooth lines of clothing.

Choose light tones that are easy to control to reduce age

On the premise of pursuing an age-reducing girlish look Next, we cannot ignore the beauty of the styling. Choosing light colors that are easy to control can give a more refreshing and comfortable effect. For example, light blue, off-white milk, coffee and khaki are all color choices that can enhance the taste of the styling. Only with a clearer color combination can the silhouette of the clothing be better emphasized.

Highlight the layered beauty of the shape

When two minimalist items are layered, the layering will naturally be enhanced. However, at this time, special attention should be paid to the smoothness of the overall shape. , as well as a coordination effect, the primary and secondary relationships must also be grasped to avoid overturning the style. When matching basic items, do not use too much force. The complementary advantages between items are very important.

Not using too many elements and accessories is more advanced

Many women will pay special attention to it The importance of accessories. No matter what kind of clothing you match, you must match it with various accessories. In fact, for daily wear, as long as you pay attention to the overall comfort and coordination, the importance of accessories and elements is not that important. Intense, simplifying overly complicated elements and adding highlights brought by accessories can make the overall look more comfortable and elegant.

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