China Fabric Factory Fabric News What kind of pants goes with advertising shirts (Let’s take a look at the versatile combination of denim shorts)

What kind of pants goes with advertising shirts (Let’s take a look at the versatile combination of denim shorts)

The most favorite shorts item for girls in summer is jeans. Denim shorts are worn by many girls every year, which proves their fashionability and classicness. Denim shorts are worn…

The most favorite shorts item for girls in summer is jeans. Denim shorts are worn by many girls every year, which proves their fashionability and classicness. Denim shorts are worn every year. Short jeans are very long-legged, simple and fashionable.

Jeans, known as “Jeans” in English, were first recorded in 1567. In the early days, they were the name for the pants worn by merchant sailors from the Italian port city of Nayaxiang, starting in the 1860s. The famous name “Jeans” was officially adopted by Levi’s company
When talking about jeans, people will naturally think of the gold rush in the American West that began in 1849. At that time, workers wore canvas overalls produced in Genoa, Italy. This kind of clothing looked like a tough, rugged and spirited miner’s overalls. Gradually it was widely accepted and popular in the western United States and became the new clothing of the public. It was especially loved by the herding youth in the western United States. Later, it received a new name – jeans (jeans). Jeans have evolved into many different styles of clothing, such as denim shorts, overalls, denim skirts, etc. Denim shorts are loved by many girls for their summer coolness and fashion sense.

In addition to being inseparable from air conditioning, soda and watermelon, summer is also inseparable from a pair of refreshing, versatile and practical denim shorts. Let’s take a look at the types and matching guide of denim shorts~

1. Types of denim shorts

1. High-waisted denim shorts

T-shirt and denim shorts The most basic and fastest way to wear it when going out really doesn’t require much thinking, and you can never go wrong with it no matter how you wear it. For petite girls, wearing high-waisted jeans can raise the waistline and visually lengthen the figure.

If you want to be more casual, you can choose a pair of canvas shoes. If you want to be more sophisticated, you can wear a pair of Martin shoes. The collision of different shoes may have unexpected effects.

It is particularly popular nowadays to pair suit tops with denim shorts. Mix and match elegance and casualness to create a different feel. Try to choose tight-fitting butt-lifting shorts. , not only the curves are formed, but the whole person also looks tall and straight. Frayed shorts usually reveal a fashionable atmosphere, and adding a brown belt accessory will immediately make it eye-catching.

2. Five-point denim shorts

Wearing denim shorts will make you look very fashionable. Pair them with a pair of thin With high heels, you can be sophisticated and casual at the same time. You can choose to add some ripped elements to your shorts to make the overall look richer. In addition, the upper body exposes a large area of ​​skin to appear slimmer, revealing a little bit of sexiness.

Girls whose thighs are not thin enough don’t have to worry, straight-leg shorts can perfectly cover imperfect leg shapes. Pair it with a sling to expose the shoulders and neck, and then step on a pair of backless high heels to make you appear slimmer and taller, making it easy to dress up in summer. In addition to blue denim, gray denim jeans are also a versatile item that can be worn casually with a T-shirt and simple accessories.

3. White denim shorts

White denim shorts are extremely refreshing. Girls use them to match T-shirts. If If you are afraid that white is too monotonous, then choose something with some printing. If you want to have a slim waist, then choose an eye-catching combination of short T-shirts and denim shorts to show off your figure in summer.

Cool girls will naturally not miss the combination of ripped denim shorts + racer vest, and then embellished with some metal jewelry. It is very European and American, and has a strong momentum.

4. Denim shorts with suspenders

Strap jeans, you can wear a suspender inside the upper body, looming and revealing when walking A sexy and stylish flavor. Wear a pair of high-heeled sandals to give you a “long-leg effect” visual effect, and pair it with a fisherman hat to bring youthful vitality to your face. Bib shorts with some pockets exposed are also very street style. If you want to stand out even more, pair it with a sleeveless vest.

2. Pair with denim shorts

1. Pair with a minimalist pure white T-shirt

Use white Pairing a T-shirt with denim shorts is the simplest way to look younger. The minimalist style pure white T-shirt is very suitable for girls in their youth. It is simple and casual but can present a very fashionable effect.

This pure white T-shirt has no unnecessary patterns and is classic in style. Just the personalized denim shorts on the lower body give the overall effect a very fashionable feel. Denim shorts are a more versatile fashion item. The shorter design at the bottom adds to the sexy atmosphere of the clothing, and the style of these shorts is retro, making it The old style is individual and fashionable. Pairing a white T-shirt with short jeans can highlight the lines of women’s legs and create a stylish look.��Little sexy.

2. Pair with a graphic T-shirt

This black and white printed T-shirt is paired with raw-edged shorts. Such jeans have a certain The neutral colors interpret a simpler style. And this outfit also tends to be neutral, so add a pair of sneakers to make the overall look more harmonious.

Many girls don’t like clothes that are too simple. They always feel that such clothes are too monotonous and do not look very fashionable. At this time we can choose to add some personalized patterns to the clothing.

Although this T-shirt is also very simple, it has some white letters embroidered on the front, adding some elements. And these denim shorts are also very distinctive, and the overall combination has a strong sense of style.

3. Match with colored T-shirts

Some people may think that pure white T-shirts are too monotonous, so you might as well try colorful solid-color T-shirts. This kind of T-shirt looks youthful and lively when worn, giving people a very fresh feeling.

Whether you use an orange T-shirt to match short shorts, or use other bright-colored T-shirts to match it, it gives people a very Bright feeling. This bright color can catch other people’s eyes very well and attract their attention.

4. Pair with a black graphic T-shirt

We can also use a black T-shirt with denim shorts. Black will make people look more attractive. It has a sense of mystery and is more handsome. Paired with a pair of black Martin boots, the overall look is really cool and high-end.

To match the black T-shirt with short shorts, we also chose darker denim shorts. The darker color can echo the black better, making the overall look more harmonious.

5. Shirt with denim shorts

Wearing this outfit will bring you a strong retro style. Maybe many fairies prefer a slightly retro style, so we can use more retro shirts to match denim shorts. Whether it is polka dot elements, printed elements, or plaid elements, they can well reflect the retro style. Paired with a pair of canvas shoes, the overall look will be more energetic.

Everyone has denim shorts, but not everyone can wear them fashionably. You can choose an outfit that suits your style based on the above combinations. Become a fashionista as soon as possible~

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