China Fabric Factory Fabric News How do women choose customized t-shirts (this way they are more comfortable to wear and better matched)

How do women choose customized t-shirts (this way they are more comfortable to wear and better matched)

I have always believed that T-shirts are as important in the fashion industry as the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. ——Giorgio Armani In my eyes, T-shirts are divided…

I have always believed that T-shirts are as important in the fashion industry as the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.

——Giorgio Armani

In my eyes, T-shirts are divided into two categories: white T-shirts and other T-shirts.

The reason why white T-shirts can support half of the T-shirts. Because it is not only a T-shirt, but also a fashionable item that can be used all year round.

Wear it alone in summer, under a cardigan jacket in spring and autumn, and layer a sweater in winter with only the Top edge or bottom edge, casual and stylish.

For white T-shirts, simplicity is more important than anything else.

Only the simplicity of having nothing is the purest youthful heart. This is exactly what Bai T language. There is a kind of beauty called facing the sky with bare face, which is the most rare. The beauty of facing the sky with bare face is only related to youth and youth.

So, when choosing a white T-shirt, give up those complicated designs and patterns and choose plain colors White T.




1. Material

Although many fabrics are now used in T-shirts, the expensive ones include silk and linen, and the cheap ones include various blends and man-made fibers, the properties of T-shirts are still the best match with cotton. Therefore, the best white T fabric is still just pure cotton.

High-quality white T-shirts are mostly made of long-staple cotton. Long-staple cotton is also called sea-island cotton. “Long-staple” refers to the fiber length. Long-staple cotton is considered long-staple cotton if the fiber length is more than 33mm. And when we usually say “pure cotton”, it refers to fine-staple cotton, with fiber length ranging from 25mm to 31mm.

There are two types of long-staple cotton commonly used on T-shirts: Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton.

Egyptian cotton has a very nice drape, so it can be hung on a hanger without ironing It won’t wrinkle after being hung for one night, and it’s strong, durable and tough. It’s not as easy to deform as ordinary cotton fabrics.

The texture of Pima cotton is closer to that of Egyptian cotton. The one produced in Peru is of the highest quality and is better than that of the United States. , and many products produced in the United States are better than those produced in Asia. Therefore, for the same count of yarn, Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton can spin more fibers than ordinary cotton, and the resulting yarn has higher strength, better resilience, and more wear resistance.

2. Version

Never wear a tight T-shirt. Even if it is a slim fit, it should be hung slightly loosely on the body for better results.

When wearing a white T-shirt, be sure to wear it to create an inadvertent sense of relaxation. It’s the kind of unintentional fashion created by deliberate nonchalance, the aesthetic most admired by the British.

3. Collar type

The neckline of the round neck should not be too high, but it is best not to be too low. If it is too low, too much skin will be exposed, so it is not suitable for occasions such as the workplace. .

White T-shirts with V-necks should choose deep V styles, as the clavicle area will Show beauty. If you want to wear a V-neck T-shirt with a fashionable feel, choose thin and soft materials – the thinner, the better, and it must have an old design and be full of vintage flavor.

4. Matching

It has become increasingly popular in recent years to wear T-shirts with more formal outerwear – cashmere cardigans, baseball jackets, or large suits… those who don’t know how to wear them like this Man, I’m sorry to say that you are behind the times~~

Besides white T-shirts, there are other T-shirts.

There are too many kinds of other T-shirts, but this is the basic one suitable for the workplace. Two categories:

1. Solid color T-shirt

There is no pattern on it, and the color is gray first, followed by black. In short, black, white, and gray are must-haves, and other colors are optional.

If it is a base, gray is the best choice. The gray T-shirt has a just-right casual feel that neither black nor white can show; when used as a base, it also has a just-right sense of elegance. The best thing about gray is that it just feels right.

If you want to wear matching outfits, a white T-shirt is the best choice. In a complete set of colors, showing a little white is the easiest way to break the boring and boring combination. No matter how old-fashioned the dress is, with the blessing of white, there will be a change in style.

2. English T-shirt

If you really want to wear a graphic T-shirt, choose an English T-shirt.

English T-shirts not only look good when worn alone, but the most important function is that they can be added when matching The key point is that the part containing English will enhance the overall feeling and add a touch of fashion.

Finally, if you want to match a T-shirt with a fashionable feel, you need some skills, that is, how to wear it. Except for V-neck T-shirts made of lightweight materials, English T-shirts and gray T-shirts must be rolled up when worn alone. Rolling up the cuffs will make the clothing look thicker, making the top of the arms appear slender. When choosing a T-shirt, be sure to check whether it has room to roll up the cuffs.

I have always felt that those who can look good in T-shirts and jeans are the real fashionable people.

Simple, a white T-shirt, a pair of denim blue jeans, and a good figure , the aura should be sufficient, and then, a simple fashionable tone can be achieved.

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