China Fabric Factory Fabric News Do T-shirts look good when tucked into pants? (T-shirts are still the mainstream this summer)

Do T-shirts look good when tucked into pants? (T-shirts are still the mainstream this summer)

Speaking of T-shirts, almost every girl has one in her wardrobe. Such a versatile, fashionable and unobtrusive item is popular all year round. Although, with the arrival of 2020, m…

Speaking of T-shirts, almost every girl has one in her wardrobe. Such a versatile, fashionable and unobtrusive item is popular all year round. Although, with the arrival of 2020, many good-looking tops have become popular in the fashion circle, this will not affect the status of T-shirts. Because in this summer, T-shirts are still the mainstream. Generally, when wearing T-shirts, most people will choose to match them with denim shorts. In fact, compared with denim shorts, the following “bottoms” are also very good-looking and trendy. !

In the entertainment industry, many celebrities choose T-shirts for their summer outfits, and there are many ways to wear T-shirts this summer. Next, let’s follow in the footsteps and see how these celebrities dress. Follow them to match these types of “bottoms” to look fashionable and good-looking! ▼

Outfit LOOK1: T-shirt + dad pants

Demonstration star: Zhang Xueying

A single that is so versatile and not picky as t Xu It looks good no matter how you match it. Of course, if you want to be more outstanding, then matching bottoms is very important. Generally in the summer, the most common thing seen on the street is the combination with denim shorts. This kind of foundation is a bit “bad street” way to wear it. If you see it too much, you will inevitably suffer from visual fatigue, right?

Furthermore, for girls with thick thighs, it is not appropriate to match them with shorts. Rather than matching them blindly with shorts, this summer, you should try pairing them with dad pants. The so-called dad pants simply refer to mid-length pants. These pants have a loose fit and are above the knee, so even petite girls can hold them! Zhang Xueying also chose a T-shirt and dad pants for her private outfit, which looks very simple and casual.

Demonstration star: Shen Mengchen

The biggest advantage of dad pants is that they are comfortable to wear and look slimming. They are especially suitable for girls with thick thighs. They can hide the fat on the thighs very well. . In terms of matching, simply pair it with a T-shirt. Take a look at Shen Mengchen’s recent personal clothes, white T + blue dad pants, simple and fresh, it is really comfortable and comfortable to wear in summer. Tuck a T-shirt into your pants to help raise your waistline and elongate your legs. Then wear a fisherman hat. You don’t have to worry about getting tanned when you go shopping. It’s fashionable and trendy!

Outfit LOOK2: T-shirt + cycling pants

Demonstration star: Zhao Liying

T-shirts are still the mainstream this summer, and all the little fairies are wearing t-shirts When wearing T-shirts, don’t always choose to match them with denim shorts. You’ll get tired of them! If you want to wear a T-shirt more outstandingly and trendily, I suggest you learn how to wear it like Zhao Liying. Ying Bao, whom we haven’t seen for a long time, showed up wearing a T-shirt, cycling pants, and a pair of white Martin boots. The whole look was complete. Cool and handsome, with a little more comfort in leisure.

Demonstration star: Ouyang Nana

Ouyang Nana is also very fond of wearing T-shirts and cycling pants. She wears black T-shirts and black cycling pants. The combination looks very cool, is there anything wrong? The shape of the T-shirt is loose and the length is just above the hips, which can just cover up the shortcomings of the figure. With the black modification, the figure looks slimmer. The top and bottom are tight. This way of wearing is suitable for fat girls. Extremely friendly.

Outfit LOOK3: T-shirt + trousers

Demonstration star: Tang Yan

There are many ways to wear T-shirts this year. If you still I plan to wear denim shorts to match it, but that’s really a bit out. This summer, many stars in the entertainment industry wear T-shirts in various styles, like Tang Yan, who combines neutral style with British style. Really outstanding and trendy. Wear a black T-shirt with an avatar pattern and match it with high-waisted suit trousers. The body proportions are suddenly elongated, neat and straightforward. You can choose the matching shoes according to your own needs. Paired with white shoes, it will be more casual, and with short boots It looks cool!

Outfit LOOK4: T-shirt + slit skirt

Demonstration star: Yang Ying

In this summer, T-shirts are still the mainstream in the fashion circle , among the many colors of T-shirts, clean white T-shirts have the highest utilization rate. Firstly, this color is versatile, and secondly, it is very refreshing to wear, especially suitable for sultry summers. However, some girls think that white T-shirts look fat and are not stain-resistant, but as long as you choose the right style, look at Yang Ying’s outfit. She appeared at the airport, wearing a white T-shirt and a pink slit skirt. The pink color makes her look girly, and her big wavy hair is spread over her shoulders, showing her gentleness!

Demonstration star: He Sui

He Sui appeared at the Beijing Airport, wearing a mesh T-shirt and a denim spliced ​​slit skirt for the bottom, which was casual yet elegant. The slit skirt with denim and lace looks very unique. In addition, the skirt is designed with a high waist and is decorated with laces. When short people wear it, remember to tuck the T-shirt into the skirt. , it looks tall and trendy when worn like this!

Outfit LOOK5: T-shirt + sweatpants

Demonstration star: Jinsha

Long time no see Jinsha, because “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” once again Appearing in front of everyone, she recently appeared at the airport, wearing a black T-shirt and sweatpants. The whole outfit looks so casual and comfortable, full of sports style ~ black portrait pattern printed T+ purple sweatpants, high ponytail, youthful and Western style. The ankle-tied sweatpants are also very friendly to little girls. The hem of the T-shirt is all tucked into the pants, visually giving a sense of height.

Outfit LOOK6: T-shirt + floor-length pants

Demonstration star: Zhang Huiwen

This year, a combination of short top and long bottom is very popular. I wonder if you guys Did the little fairies get it? This way of wearing is achieved by using “short top + floor-length pants”, but some girls have thick waists and small belly, which are generally difficult to control like short T-shirts. If you also want to wear this effect, you can actually wear it. It’s not that there is no way. Just wear it like Zhang Huiwen. Tuck the T-shirt into high-waisted floor-length pants, which also raises the waistline. Wearing it like this will make your legs appear taller!

Outfit LOOK7: T-shirt + high-waisted wide-leg pants

Demonstration star: Song Qian

As we all know, Song Qian’s clothes have always been very good. Online, there are several remarkable outfits in “Produce Camp 2020”. This combination of T-shirt and high-waisted wide-leg pants is really the first choice for girls with short legs! Red suspenders, high-waisted wide-leg pants, paired with a white T-shirt. The clean white T-shirt just weakens the hot feeling brought by the red pants. Paired with a pair of canvas shoes, it looks very simple, but in fact it is full of style.

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