China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to wear T-shirts that look good and look slim (5 sets of slimming combinations, please wear them in summer)

How to wear T-shirts that look good and look slim (5 sets of slimming combinations, please wear them in summer)

Compared to those newbies, the most classic series can meet everyone’s daily wear requirements. Take T-shirts for example. Summer outfits are always indispensable with the blessing…

Compared to those newbies, the most classic series can meet everyone’s daily wear requirements.

Take T-shirts for example. Summer outfits are always indispensable with the blessing of various T-shirts, and most of the time, white T-shirts look the most pleasing to the eye.

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Because as long as it is there, you don’t have to worry too much about choosing accessories. When you go out in the morning, you just need to put on a pair of pants or a skirt, and you can match it with whatever you want. It won’t look awkward or out of place!

So today, the editor will specially summarize the matching methods of 5 white T-shirts. I hope to use different matching items to provide some new dressing ideas for sisters, so that your white T-shirts can be matched. T-shirt collections can also “sparkle”!

The theme of this issue: 5 types of white T-shirt outfits, see how versatile and hard-working they are to bloom a new fashion “vitality”

1. White T-shirts start on their own, and the layering combinations are even better There are layers

First of all, based on the white T-shirt itself, the editor recommends a special way of “layering”, that is, wearing a long sleeve!

The first set: white T-shirt + long sleeves

Let the sleeves on both sides fall naturally to the shoulders, or tie them into a slight knot.

In this way, the entire upper body will not look monotonous whether viewed from the front or the back. On the contrary, because of the addition of items with different color attributes, it looks unique.

→Color colors that can be matched: grass green, milk coffee, light gray

→Materials that can be stacked: sweaters, shirts, long sleeves

Color selection On the above, it is recommended that you prefer the light color series, which can be grass green and sky blue with summer vitality, or gentle and versatile milk coffee or light gray. Paired with knitted or shirt-style long-sleeved styles, a simple yet high-end look will appear immediately!

2. There are skills in combining top and bottom. These 5 outfits are fashionable and good-looking

White T-shirts are actually very common in life, because their background color is more Fresh, so even direct pure white doesn’t look monotonous. At the same time, with its blessing, the highlights of the bottoms can be highlighted even more, making people remember them at a glance.

The skirt series is the best choice for bottoms. The light and breathable skirt can constantly sway with the cool breeze. At the same time, the combination of upper and lower tones is used to create a layered and elegant look.
Second set: white T-shirt + skirt

There are many styles of skirts on the market today. The sisters all choose according to their preferences today. If you like simple and clean ones, choose solid colors, top and bottom The “double pure combination” is exquisite and high-end.

If you like to have more fashion elements, then choose a series of floral skirts with small print designs to create a fuller visual effect through the “simplified on top and complex on the bottom” approach.

→Color colors available: classic black, haze blue, hawthorn red

→Addable designs: pleated, high waist, slit

Don’t look at a small skirt, but there are actually many techniques you can use! Because it needs to serve as the “eye-catching point” of the whole, the superimposed elements can be relatively rich. For small people, it is more recommended to choose a high waist, and also match it with pleated or slit designs to raise the waistline and highlight the The proportion of the legs can achieve the effect of visual height.
The third set: white T-shirt + dress

After talking about skirts, let’s talk about the dress series. The combination of white T-shirts and dresses uses layering to a certain extent, and the overall proportion of white T-shirts will be relatively smaller at this time. It is almost “50/50” without matching skirts.

Therefore, everyone should pay special attention when choosing a dress. It should not be too fancy to avoid looking messy and untidy, or it should not be too simple to look ordinary and unfashionable.

→Coordinated colors: coffee, dark blue, dark green

→Addable designs: suspenders, waist, pleats

Want To highlight the attribute of “difference between inside and outside”, it is necessary to create a sense of contrast in tone. From this, we can choose some colors with low saturation. Among them, the coffee color with a retro nature, and the dark green and dark blue with maximum whitening power are the first series for you to choose. Use them with various suspenders, suspenders and waist designs to look particularly elegant!

Perhaps you think that skirts all look the same when worn, so you can choose some trousers with various styles as bottoms to match with a white T-shirt.

The editor here would like to specially recommend the shorts series. What can be more lazy and casual than a pair of slim and breathable shorts paired with a loose white T-shirt?
The fourth set: white T-shirt + shorts

Nowadays, many friends like the loose series of white T-shirts. Because they perfectly cover the forehead fat on the upper body, and they can be worn more freely, there is no need to worry about whether they will fall apart due to excessive movements because they are too slim.

Especially the series with a longer body, paired with a pair of slim-fitting bicycle pants, the fashion effect is simply perfect!

→Coordinated colors: black, brown, sky blue

→Addable designs: letters, prints, tassels

“Loose+ The “compact” combination method greatly meets the dressing needs of some sisters with an “inverted triangle” figure who have more fat on their upper body and slender lower body. At the same time, you can also use relatively simple text such as printing and letters.Design elements modify the trousers to make the top and bottom more textured.
The fifth set: white T-shirt + trousers

Different from shorts, trousers often have a better heightening effect when paired with a white T-shirt, especially those with high waist designs. The style uses loose trouser legs to wrap the legs, creating a “two-meter-eight” leg length effect.

But friends, you should always pay attention to the choice of trousers. Although floor-length trousers are more powerful in showing height, it is best for small people to try them carefully to avoid weighing them down further.

→Coordinated colors: denim, black, gray

→Addable designs: ripped, bootcut, straight

Trousers The choice needs to be based on your own leg shape. If your legs are relatively slender, you can choose close-fitting pencil pants to further shape your legs. If you are not confident enough about your leg shape, you can add straight or slightly flared elements to modify it. In terms of material, if you choose the classic denim series, you can match it with irregular holes and various high-waist elements, and tuck the white T-shirt into the trousers to create the “golden ratio”.

With these 5 combinations of white T-shirts, even sisters who don’t know how to wear T-shirts can still have a fashionable look! Five days a week, you can wear Fajiang white T-shirt every day, and it will not be repeated every day!

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