China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to match short-sleeved polo shirts (POLO shirts and sweatpants are very attractive if you have a fat figure)

How to match short-sleeved polo shirts (POLO shirts and sweatpants are very attractive if you have a fat figure)

Speaking of casual wear, many people must be very familiar with it. The biggest function of casual wear is to make it comfortable and simple. The design generally adopts a minimali…

Speaking of casual wear, many people must be very familiar with it. The biggest function of casual wear is to make it comfortable and simple. The design generally adopts a minimalist style, and the fabrics are mostly made of pure cotton, which has achieved the effect of making the wearer feel the most comfortable and without any sense of restraint.

But casual wear does not mean sloppy, it also has a lot of particularities in dressing. .

So what should you pay attention to when wearing casual clothes? Let’s take a look at Fu Yuanhui’s outfits.

Fu Yuanhui’s outfit It feels very casual and fits her carefree, casual and cute temperament. This outfit is also very popular among athletes.

A red POLO short-sleeved lapel shirt, paired with a pair of white sports trousers with a red stripe design , the overall shape is very unified, focusing on casual sports style.

Although Fu Yuanhui has a relatively strong figure, against the backdrop of this outfit, she does not look at all Not to mention her strength.

A must-have item for sportswear style

  • POLO shirt

For girls who like sports, POLO shirts can be said to be a very common item. It has breathable fabrics that absorb sweat. , and comfortable to wear, so it is favored by sports people.

When choosing a POLO shirt, in order to maximize the casual style, we We often choose solid color POLO shirts without adding too many elements to avoid superimposing lapel designs, which will be visually redundant and bring aesthetic fatigue to people.

Key points: If you don’t like a too monotonous solid color design, you can choose one with striped elements. POLO shirt.

The design with two black and white stripes on the shoulders immediately adds to the The short-sleeved design is neither monotonous nor too fancy, which would violate its casual and simple theme.

When many girls choose to wear POLO shirts, they will worry about the lower body. According to the principle of tight top and loose bottom, POLO shirts have a loose and casual design style.

So would it be better to choose tights for bottoms? In fact, the POLO shirt is an item with a very strong sports style and characteristics. In order to make the overall shape more harmonious and unified.

Bottoms are usually paired with the same loose sports trousers, giving people a sporty look. Youthful and energetic, more like a sunny girl.

Points: If you are too concerned about wearing Panasonic and loose outfits, it is easy to look lackluster, you can Choose sports pants with a narrow leg design, which we generally call carrot pants. It won’t look draggy and shapeless because of the wide trouser legs.

At the same time, it also has the comfort of sports pants. The most important thing is this The design of carrot pants has a very good effect on covering the flesh for girls with more thigh flesh, which can be said to be a benefit for girls with fleshy thighs.

  • POLO shirt +Sweatpants

For fashionistas, choosing casual wear is just For comfort? In fact, this is not the case. When they choose this seemingly featureless outfit, they often put great effort into the details.

Like in Fu Yuanhui’s outfit, you can see the stripes of white pants It echoes the stripes of the red POLO shirt in color and elements, so it looks like the superposition of two items.

In fact, it has unified the element design and color design, rather than what we usually Everyone wears their own clothes when they see each other, which has the effect of one plus one being greater than two. �It should not be said that Fu Yuanhui was dressed very casually, with a red top and white pants, and the charm of an athlete’s clothing was clearly visible.

Fu Yuanhui in life is real and cute, The POLO shirt is paired with sports pants, and the fat figure is very attractive. Although Fu Yuanhui is relatively strong, she does not look strong at all against the backdrop of this casual sportswear.

Pair a red lapel POLO shirt with white sports trousers, red and white are very distinctive Colors combined.

It has a very strong visual impact and is very eye-catching in the crowd. , so for girls who are more concerned about the exaggeration of red, you can choose white trousers to neutralize the dazzling feeling of the red top.

Even without makeup, you can manage it well without heavy makeup.

More casual wear matching analysis

Print T-shirt + black trousers

<p data-track "30" Combine it with athleisure.

Use the youthful vitality of sportswear to weaken the old-fashioned feeling brought by floral patterns.

The combination of round-neck T-shirt and black sports trousers is embellished with flower patterns, but the visual It doesn’t feel old-fashioned at all, but has the vitality of a young girl.

Key points: When we choose old-fashioned items that neutralize floral patterns, we can not only use style , you can also use color to set it off.

Black is a versatile color that accommodates various colors. It can neutralize well The colorful flowers have a complicated feel, and at the same time, choosing a pink round-neck T-shirt is very girly, and it will have an age-reducing effect when worn.

Black T-shirt + white shorts

Of course, some girls prefer cool styles, so the most classic cool style is Wearing black and white, Fu Yuanhui chose a black painted T-shirt with white shorts.

Although simple, it is full of cool girl personality. If you are worried that the black and white combination will not be personal, you can choose a cute or funny painted short-sleeve.

It can also be very useful to show your understanding of fashion through various unique colorful graffiti. Stylish and attractive.

Key points: When wearing black and white clothing, in addition to expressing your personality through the embellishment of patterns, socks You can also put some effort into your shoes.

Choose a pair of black and white sneakers and pair them with black stockings, and you will be instantly successful. It creates a style of a football girl, and being unruly is your style of dressing.

In addition, black stockings can also modify the shape of the legs very well, visually It has a slimming effect, wouldn’t it be beautiful?

Letter T-shirt + black sweatpants

Of course, individual style can be achieved not only with paintings, but also with unique letters and words. To express your understanding of fashion, for girls who are too lazy to dress up, you can choose an all-black outfit.

But be sure to choose a bright color on a certain accessory to brighten up the whole Style, such as a pair of red sneakers, is a very good choice.

Introducing so many styles of casual wear, I believe you already have a certain understanding of casual wear. understanding.

I wonder if you like Fu Yuanhui’s casual outfits, let everyone know in the message area.

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