China Fabric Factory Fabric News What are the advantages and disadvantages of satin fabric (satin is your best choice, but don’t step on these minefields)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of satin fabric (satin is your best choice, but don’t step on these minefields)

When it comes to “satin”, everyone will definitely think of “silk”, which has a gorgeous and high-end feel. Satin is also very comfortable to wear, it has a…

When it comes to “satin”, everyone will definitely think of “silk”, which has a gorgeous and high-end feel. Satin is also very comfortable to wear, it has a bit of a pajama style feel. In summer, you have to wear slippery “satin”, which is cool and not close to the skin, but there are a few things to pay attention to.

In recent years, there has been a “pajama trend”. Let the satin material sweep over you again. If you want to wear cool clothes in summer, “satin” is your best choice, but don’t step on these traps.
Satin is also very easy to care for. Because of the special nature of the material, it is more resistant to stains and less prone to wrinkles. What we recommend in today’s issue is the matching recommendations for satin clothes.

The satin material is very thick and tough, and it looks more majestic and weighty than silk. However, while satin material has its advantages, it also has some drawbacks when it comes to matching. Before introducing the recommendations for matching satin clothes, let’s first understand some matching knowledge of satin materials.

The minefield of satin materials

  • Minefield 1. It will make you look fat because of the material.

Clothes made of satin material are a great test for your figure. Girls who are fatter will not be able to hide their flesh. Because the fabric has a very good vertical feel, there will be no wrinkles, and the surface is smooth and clean, so any small flaws in the body curve will be discovered.

So everyone should have some tips when it comes to dressing. You can use special and personalized designs to decorate parts that easily magnify your shortcomings to modify your figure. You also need to have good manners in every gesture.

If you have bad posture and sitting posture, it will also highlight the flesh of the abdomen, so when you wear it, you should pay special attention to the posture of your hands and feet.

  • Minefield 2. Because of the characteristics of the fabric, you should be careful when choosing patterns and elements.

Because the surface of satin is very smooth, the satin material also has a sense of randomness in everyone’s eyes. Be particularly careful when choosing matching patterns and colors. Because if you don’t wear it properly, it will become a disaster scene.

For example, if the blue and white striped elements are not well matched, it will become a “hospital gown.” If the style and design are not well matched, it will give people the impression of being worn as “pajamas”.

If the colors are not matched well, it will become “re-education through labor uniforms.” These are areas that everyone needs to pay special attention to. How can you maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses when matching, and avoid these minefields? Here are some outfit recommendations that can help you find inspiration for matching satin clothes.

Correct lightning protection rules for satin clothing

  • Satin Clothes Color Selection

* Same-color matching method. Among all matching clothes, this same-color matching method can be used in every outfit. This one is also The fastest and least error-prone matching rule.
*Contrasting color matching method: In addition to the same color matching method, you can also choose contrasting colors, which is also commonly referred to as the “contrast color” matching method.

It uses two very contrasting colors to combine and splice, giving a strong visual contrast. For example, black and white, red and green, and orange and blue are all commonly used in contrasting colors.
*Main color matching method: When there are too many colors on your body, you can’t figure out which color you want to match. You can use the main color matching method, choose the color with the largest area and set it as the main color, and match it with this color in the same color system, which is also a coordinated match.

  • Satin material matching rules

Satin material By remembering the following matching rules, you can maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses.
Because the satin material is very soft, it is not suitable for show-off styling. If you want to show off your fashionable looks, you can choose some harder fabrics to match, such as leather jackets and denim jackets, which are all very good matches. In this way, you can use some external items to create the style you want.
If you are a girl with a very good figure, you can choose satin slim-fitting clothes to highlight your good figure. But girls with poor figure management must avoid this. Because clothes made of satin material are very flattering.
Don’t always think that satin material is the style of pajamas. Special and personalized designs will also be very fashionable. You can choose simple styles and designs, which are very grand and gorgeous.

This materialWhen it comes to color matching, darker colors look better, such as dark blue, dark green and other calm and high-end colors, which will appear white and noble.

  • The advantages of satin clothing and the importance of matching

Satin clothes are very comfortable and have the characteristics of absorbing sweat and being breathable. Otherwise it wouldn’t be used as pajamas material. The surface of satin clothes will have a glossy feel and will sparkle under light and sunlight, making it very dreamy.

If paired with a black long skirt or a dark blue long skirt, you will have the feeling of a deep sea mermaid. If it is silver, it will also have an avant-garde sense of technology.

Because satin clothes are very thin and the material is very soft, they have a light and elegant feel. This is a unique style of satin clothes.

If the chiffon material fluttering in the wind has a fairy-like feel, then the satin material will have a gorgeous and gorgeous feeling. Full of aristocratic atmosphere.

Recommendations for wearing satin clothes

  • Pairing 1. Suspender satin dress + suit jacket

The suspender dress itself is sexy, but the satin suspender dress is sexy yet conservative. Because the satin material is very smooth and delicate.

Because of the influence of the material, even a very revealing suspender skirt will not make people feel very frivolous. When it comes to color selection, the lower the saturation, or the darker the color. The more it can present a sense of high-end.

You can choose a gray-blue satin dress, which is low-key and white. Girls with yellow skin can also choose it. If you are working in a workplace that requires your clothes not to be too revealing, you can choose a gray suit jacket to match. It’s also OK when you first enter the workplace.

  • Pairing 2. Satin skirt

Compared As for satin dresses and satin skirts, there are many types of matching, and the styles are also colorful.

In terms of choice, you can choose to match the upper and lower colors of the same color, and the color of the top echoes the color of the skirt. This way the overall feeling will be stronger. It can also be paired with a short T, which will make the style more casual.

If you want to commute to work, you can pair it with high heels and high-waisted boots, which will add a formal feel. When it comes to choosing skirts, you can also choose satin high-slit skirts, which are sexy and charming. For the upper body, everyone chooses a deep V satin shirt. This combination is simply a must-have for girls with a charming style.

  • Pairing 3. Sling satin dress

Satin The material of satin is already more high-end than skirts made of other materials, so when choosing coordination and design, everyone should follow a simple and simple design, and do not use complicated and messy designs to break the sense of high-end that comes with satin.

In terms of neckline design, you can choose a small V-neck design, which is sexy and charming. Long skirts made of satin material are also particularly suitable for exposing skin, and the waist should be designed to be slim.

Because the satin material itself is not easy to wrinkle, you can design some wrinkles yourself to make the overall skirt richer. The skirt is designed with high slits to expose more skin color, which can also neutralize the stuffy feeling brought by long skirts. Choose orange color. Just the right balance between girly and mature.

  • Pair with 4. Satin tube top skirt

Because of the satin material, it can be absolutely stunning when attending parties or formal occasions. You can choose a tube top skirt, which not only has a sense of sophistication but also has a girlish style.

In terms of color matching, you can choose green. But the depth of color will also affect the difference in style. Choose dark green, and your whole body will be full of charm, charming but not vulgar. Choose light green to look younger and more beautiful.

  • Pair with 5. Tube top and floor-length satin dress

The strapless satin floor-length skirt is very suitable for red carpets or banquets, because the floor-length skirt itself has a sense of formality and grandeur.

Because the satin long skirt itself has such a high-end feel, the satin long skirt cannot be matched with any color or complicated pattern design. Choose a solid color long skirt. In terms of style, you can choose a waist-hugging design to show the perfect waist-hip curve.

That’s it for today’s clothing recommendations made of satin material. If you are tired of wearing velvet or chiffon material, then try satin. Clothes made of surface material.

Now, if you are tired of wearing velvet or chiffon materials, then try clothes made of satin material.

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