China Fabric Factory Fabric News What does ready-to-wear look like (don’t be fooled by the name. Only by choosing the right one can you wear it with a high-end feel)

What does ready-to-wear look like (don’t be fooled by the name. Only by choosing the right one can you wear it with a high-end feel)

Little fairies who pay attention to fashion or celebrities in their daily life have more or less heard the word called haute couture. Especially at the end of the year, celebrities…

Little fairies who pay attention to fashion or celebrities in their daily life have more or less heard the word called haute couture. Especially at the end of the year, celebrities are constantly attending in order to sprint towards their end-of-year KPIs. There are more and more events and award ceremonies, and many celebrities are wearing high-end custom-made dresses. Fans often fight over the atmosphere between celebrities and who is the first to wear a certain brand of haute couture gown

Onlookers are confused, advanced customization What exactly is it? We can often see some beautiful clothes in major fashion weeks. Many people say that this is advanced customization, and the clothes worn by many celebrities are also called advanced customization. Nowadays, personalized customization is very popular. Some tailor shops have also launched the sign of haute couture. Going to a tailor shop to make a piece of clothing can be called haute couture. Then the old masters in Paris high-end fashion houses can be laid off

Today we won’t talk about how to dress, but we still want to talk about some concepts about fashion, especially haute couture and ready-to-wear. Many little fairies can’t tell the difference. Too many little fairies said that they feel bored every time they read the dressing guide. Tell them some relevant fashion knowledge to open their eyes to the world

I have also covered this for you before Some fashion knowledge, but today we will tell you in detail what advanced customization is. There are also some common concepts in fashion. This way you will have a clearer understanding of the relevant concepts next time you read some fashion magazines or fashion week reports

Advanced customization

Advanced customization first appeared in fashion boundary. In fact, to be precise, it is clothing customization. It has a very large scope, including advanced customization. It has higher standards, more stringent craftsmanship and more sophisticated production than ordinary customization. It is also labor-consuming and time-consuming. There was a news not long ago. Everyone was impressed that a brand famous for its haute couture couldn’t stand its boss’ pursuit of art at too high a cost and eventually led to its bankruptcy

To be precise, this is haute couture, advanced customization in the field of clothing. It represents a pursuit of beauty and also represents fine design, excellent workmanship, and exquisite craftsmanship. Finally, it also means a high price. A piece of high-end clothing can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions. Tens of thousands of dollars is the starting price. It will definitely be despised in the advanced customization world. Usually, the price of a mid-range car The price is what normal haute couture should be

Advanced customization first originated from France. The French word haute couture means top tailor. There is a very famous and authoritative organization in France called the French Chamber of Haute Couture. Only after approval can it be called haute couture. Not all clothes made by tailors can be called haute couture. The application for haute couture is very complicated. The three traditional European haute couture masters are all old fashion houses and have many skilled craftsmen

Once you get the qualification for haute couture, there is one more important thing If you want to hold a fashion show, there are very strict restrictions on the location and number of people, and there are also strict restrictions on some fabrics. Of course, being able to obtain advanced customization is in itself a recognition of the strength of the designer and team

Being able to obtain the advanced customization qualification recognized by the French Fashion Federation will lead you to the top position in the industry. The reason why we see that most luxury brands have advanced customization is that they all have their own handicraft workshops. And has very strong financial resources. After all, doing advanced customization is definitely a money-burning activity

Clothing customization

Clothing customization is our most common concept. Compared with advanced customization, clothing customization is like After stepping down from the altar, clothing customization is probably equivalent to going to a tailor shop to make clothes when we were children. Each person tailors and makes a piece of clothing according to his or her own situation. It’s not that the more expensive it is, the better it can reflect advanced customization. In China, some ancient brands are now revitalized. They all have some handcrafted craftsmen. It often costs tens of thousands of dollars to make clothes there. Even so, it cannot be called advanced customization, it can only be called expensive clothing.System

Advanced customization is high and has a certain threshold. Targeted at an extremely niche group of people. Even many celebrities, including many celebrities, are not the customers targeted by advanced customization. The real customers targeted by advanced customization are those giants hidden behind the glitz. They often have billions of assets or are top figures in a certain industry. . However, in comparison, clothing customization is obviously much more down-to-earth. At present, most customization is clothing customization. Even some of the clothes worn by celebrities are considered expensive clothing customization

Many People think that something like a wedding dress is called haute couture. A dress for celebrities is very expensive. Some wedding dresses cost hundreds of thousands, and some cost millions. It is also not called advanced customization, it can only be called manual customization. Just like the endorsements of celebrities, they are very particular, such as spokespersons, partners, brand ambassadors, etc., each word represents a different meaning

Advanced ready-to-wear

If haute couture is compared to the eldest son, then haute couture is the second son. This is not because of low status, but because haute couture is separated from haute couture. Most celebrities also wear haute couture, which retains some of the techniques of haute couture to a certain extent. Generally speaking, A low-profile version of advanced customization, this name first appeared after World War II. After all, there are too few people who can afford high-end prices, but these handicraft workshops have to survive, so high-end fashion houses have thought of a way to launch high-end ready-to-wear clothing

Similarly We also accept door-to-door customization from customers, but there will be some discounts on the dosage or some craftsmanship. Overall, the cost has been reduced a lot. Some celebrities are happy to accept this method, which shows that they are different and it is not easy to match clothes. It also shows that With your own identity, you don’t need to spend too much money. Customizing a high-end dress can make several high-end ready-made garments, so it is popular

To put it simply, now we are watching on the stage Most of the clothes released by all the brands here are high-end ready-to-wear, as long as they are not in the prescribed handmade workshop series. Another sign is that the clothes you can buy now in specialty stores are also considered high-end ready-to-wear. We found that there is no threshold for advanced customization, and it is much stricter than we thought

High-end ready-to-wear shows the designer’s unique style. Friends who are familiar with fashion or designers who have special preferences , you will find that her style is always consistent, and although there will be different elements, there will be obvious recognition. However, advanced customization is likely to blur this recognition

Ready-made clothes

To put it bluntly, ready-made clothes are clothes. To put it simply, people also have concepts. Clothes produced in batches according to certain specifications and models. To be precise, most of our clothes are called ready-to-wear, but of course this is just a nice way of saying it. If you walk into any store or online, the clothes that cost a few yuan in the mail can also be called ready-made clothes

Ready-made clothing usually does not have a unique style. 99% of the brands in shopping malls on the Internet can only It’s considered ready-to-wear. Nowadays, many independent designers have also added some fashion elements. The clothes they designed are not expensive, look very fashionable, and are of good quality. In fact, these cannot be called high-end ready-to-wear. They are not even customized, they are ready-to-wear. . But we cannot deny that although the high premium may cost tens of thousands of ordinary clothes

Most people still choose ready-to-wear, who cares what advanced customization and other concepts you have . The reason why I share this with little fairies today and let you show off your knowledge is to tell you that fashion is not just about dressing, it is not just about which celebrities wear what looks good, and it is not just about which hot styles are popular this year

The history of fashion development has evolved over more than 150 years, and countless single products have been born, many designers have different categories. Entering the world of fashion requires not only learning how to dress and match, but also having a rich knowledge base. In fact, it does not teach you how to spend money or show off, but teaches you how to have a superb aesthetic. After reading this, I believe you will understand clearly what is haute couture, what is haute couture and some other related concepts. Congratulations on starting to really try to understand fashion

Being able to show off teaches you how to have superb aesthetics. After reading this, I believe you will understand clearly what is haute couture, what is haute couture and some other related concepts. Congratulations on starting to really try to understand fashion

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