China Fabric Factory Fabric News What is the difference between 40-count cotton and 60-count cotton (here are three tips)

What is the difference between 40-count cotton and 60-count cotton (here are three tips)

Life should not be compromised. Within the scope of ability, we should pursue a quality life. A quality life is often reflected in some details, such as bedding. Bedding is not jus…

Life should not be compromised. Within the scope of ability, we should pursue a quality life. A quality life is often reflected in some details, such as bedding. Bedding is not just a matter of buying a few pieces of cloth. We pay attention to texture and comfort. Today I will tell you how to choose quality bedding and enjoy a quality life.

Comfortable bedding depends on three key elements: natural raw materials, high count and density, and outstanding design.

1. Bedding fabric material

Bedding fabrics on the market now generally include cotton. There are three types of fabrics: cotton, silk, and linen. Pure cotton fabrics are softer, more comfortable, and less likely to generate static electricity. It is best to use natural cotton products with better hygroscopicity for bedding, so cotton bedding is the most popular choice.

Cotton bedding mainly depends on the quality of the cotton. Cotton is divided into many grades according to its origin and variety, such as There are long-staple cotton, premium extra-long-staple cotton (Pima cotton), fine-staple cotton, etc. The best among them is Egyptian long-staple cotton, which has long and fine nap, good air permeability and gloss. If you want to pursue high quality For bedding, choose Egyptian long-staple cotton.

Silk bedding is very cool to the touch and very breathable, especially suitable for summer use, but this material It is more expensive and troublesome to clean. Using this kind of silk bedding is a high-end experience.

Flax is the most natural plant fiber. It is dry, moisture-absorbent and breathable. When made into bedding, it has a natural breathing feeling. , and has good wear resistance and is suitable for all seasons. However, I personally feel that the texture of linen is not as comfortable as cotton, so I still don’t recommend it.

2. High-count and high-density bedding

Take pure cotton bedding as an example. Cotton generally has 21-count, 32-count, 40-count, 50-count, and 60-count cotton. The higher the count, the denser, softer, and solid the cotton. 60-count and 300-count bedding is considered high-count and high-density, which is more suitable for sleeping. Domestic five-star hotel bedding products generally have 60-80 count and 300-400 count.

You can feel the visual thickness comparison between 16-count denim fabric and 60-count denim fabric.

3. Outstanding design of bedding

Good bedding, regardless of whether the color is good-looking or not , “Workmanship” is the first requirement for bedding, and exquisiteness, smoothness, and no needle holes are also one of the guarantees of quality. When choosing bedding, you should also pay attention to the integrity and consistency of the pattern. If there are seams, you should pay attention to whether the small patterns on the left and right sides are symmetrical, whether the front and lining patterns are in reverse order, and whether there are stripes and plaids, the strips and grids should be aligned.

As for the style, it depends on the overall color matching of your bedroom. In autumn and winter, the temperature drops and the weather changes. When it is cold, the color of bedding should tend to be warm, and thicker fabrics should be chosen in terms of texture. Quilts in spring and summer should be light and thin, and the colors should be mainly light colors, so that when it gradually gets hotter, you can It brings a fresh and cool feeling to people, and the mood is less impetuous.

4. What should I pay attention to when buying bedding?

1. Look at the certificate/product parameters

There are specifications and cannot be packaged with rhetoric, and you can quickly understand the true appearance of the bedding; it is clear in the product quality law that the goods sold must have products Certificate, if the product you buy does not have a certificate label, you should pay attention. At the same time, the product certificate must contain basic information such as factory name, factory address, phone number, implementation standard number, model, grade, etc.

2. Look at the material composition description

There will be a durability mark on each bedding. A gender label, that is, an ingredient trademark, is clearly required in product standards. The ingredient trademark indicates the product model, fabric or filler material, and maintenance instructions. If there is no such logo, then do not buy this product.

3. A moderate number of branches is the best

Generally, 60 branches are enough for home use. This depends on personal choice. Generally, the higher the number of branches, the higher the price. The more expensive.

5. Recommended bedding brands

There are many brands of bedding, different There are also differences in brand prices. You can choose according to your own budget. It is recommended to choose a trustworthy brand.

Domestic brands: Luolai Home Textiles, Fuanna, Mercury, Brutalism, etc.

Foreign brands: Muji, Frette, Pratesi, Sferra, Yves Delorme, Sheridan, etc.

In general, the bed Quality is also very important for sleep. You cannot make do with life. Give yourself or your family the best enjoyment within your capabilities. I hope that after reading this article, you will know how to choose good bedding.

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