China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to wear a suit well (don’t choose blindly, start by understanding it)

How to wear a suit well (don’t choose blindly, start by understanding it)

A suit is a very classic item and a must-have in a handsome man’s wardrobe. It needs to be used to create an elegant, formal and gentlemanly style. We all know that whenever …

A suit is a very classic item and a must-have in a handsome man’s wardrobe. It needs to be used to create an elegant, formal and gentlemanly style.

We all know that whenever we wear a suit, it is to attend some formal occasions or professional needs. However, many partners who wear suits often do not show the characteristics of the style and give people the impression that they are wearing a suit. Wearing a suit is just to identify your occupation.

Since you want to wear a suit, you should show the charm of the suit shape. After all, the formal and elegant characteristics of the suit are different from other suits. Quality is incomparable, and truly dressing your suit well will show off your taste.

For business-style partners, your dress image is the best business card, and your external temperament is also a language, and all of this will be handed over to this suit.

In fact, every man has a moment to wear a suit, whether it is his own wedding or attending some banquets. You can wear this suit on your body. The suit is a mature and iconic item for men.

Although the style of a suit is simple, the quality of the suit can be distinguished at a glance, so the shape of the suit also needs to be carefully taken care of.

Whenever the style of a suit is mentioned, some friends feel that their figure has no advantage and they can just pick whatever they want. Or choosing expensive ones can make the style appear tasteful. This is all a manifestation of blind choice. In fact, every partner should not give up his own style because of his body shortcomings. Instead, he should show his greatest charm.

Customized suits can meet the needs of different people. Whether you are 150cm or 198cm tall, 50kg or 100kg in weight, a suit can make your look exquisite and perfect, and make you regain your sense of style. confidence.

1. Characteristics of suit styles

The styles of suits seem to be similar, with some minor changes. It will have a great impact on the style. After all, changes in this style will also affect the style. The changes in the collar, placket and pockets are the most intuitive.

1. Collar type

The collar types of suits can be divided into three types: ① Flat-buttoned Collar; ② Peel collar; ③ Green fruit collar.

  • Notched lapel collar: This is the most common type of collar for suits, usually single-breasted. The collar has top and bottom pieces. The splicing forms an included angle, and the size of the included angle is also different in different styles. Suits with this collar can be used from formal to casual styles, and the style is relatively low-key and versatile.
  • Pearl collar: The characteristics of the peaked lapel collar are more refined. The collar angle of the lower garment is pointed upward. It can be used in double-breasted or single-breasted styles, as well as many dress styles. It uses a split collar, so this collar style is very suitable for formal occasions.
  • Green fruit collar: Green fruit collar is generally used in dress styles. The shape of the collar is similar to that of green fruit, and the style looks very noble. This suit is a good choice for weddings or banquets.

2. Pockets

The pockets on both sides of a suit are generally lip pockets, flap pockets and patch pockets. Lip bags or styles with bag flaps generally look more formal, while styles with patch pockets are more casual and are very suitable for everyday casual business styles.

3. Placket and buttons

The main changes in placket are single-breasted and double-breasted.

  • Single-breasted: The style of single-breasted is simpler and easier to wear. There are usually one to three buttons in single-breasted. One-button style, while three-button style will look conservative and traditional. It is recommended to choose one-button or two-button style.
  • Double-breasted: The style with double-breasted buttons and peaked lapels will appear more formal and rigorous. Generally, four or six buttons are used to create a formal style.

4. Suit style

In fact, the styles of suits in each period and region will have certain differences. The styles of loose straight legs, structural shoulder pads and slim waist are very classic styles and can meet the needs of different groups of people.

  • Loose straight: Although this straight style does not have the effect of slimming the waist, it is very suitable for partners who are strong or have a thick waist. , so this suit is more popular among obese people in the United States. It was a very popular style as early as the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Shoulder pad structure: This structured suit is mainly on the shoulders.The sense of style allows you to wear an elegant and decent look.

    Loafers can actually create a formal style, because the shallow design can easily give people a sense of casualness , but you can wear them in general business occasions, and the style of loafers is more changeable, but when paired with loafers, the pants should be mainly nine-point pants. If it is in the cold autumn and winter, you need to match a pair Thick socks.

    There are not many boots that can be matched with suits. Chelsea boots are highly recommended. They bring a sense of fashion to the look. It will also look very formal.

    Mix and match with sports shoes to create a trendy style, making the suit look casual and fashionable. You can try it at the beginning Choose some lightweight or smaller sneakers to make the look easier to pull off.

    • Socks matching

    When choosing a pair of nine-point trousers, you can also make different changes in the matching of socks. Although any color can be matched, the style of the style must be overall.

    Black socks are the easiest option. The color of the socks can also match the color of the pants or shoes, so that the look will look complete. Most invisible boat socks are paired with loafers, which is the most common style in summer.

    Brightly colored socks have a lot of personality. At this time, you must control the overall effect. Some styles with rainbow stripes, polka dots and jacquard patterns can also add highlights to the look. For formal wear in the political and business circles Floral socks can also be seen in the look.

    • Bag selection

    If you are a company’s sales or financial elite, you can’t just carry a nylon backpack and walk around the world. You can prepare a leather briefcase for yourself according to the needs of the occasion, which can make your look more stylish. Being calm and professional can better reflect the charm of your personal image.

    • Tie and pocket square

    Ties and pocket squares can be the icing on the cake. You don’t have to have silk ties, but you must choose them according to your style to avoid too many colors on your body. Pocket squares can be worn with ties or shirts. The colors echo.

    4. Changes in inner wear

    Changes in inner wear change the style of the look and the matching The styles of shirts and vests are classic and formal, making them a must-have for business style. It doesn’t mean that a suit can only be matched with these two items. It can be chosen according to different occasions and seasons.

    It is very comfortable to wear a white T-shirt in spring and summer, and the style is more casual. Add a pair of Sports white shoes have a relaxed and casual look, suitable for business casual style.

    Pairing it with a turtleneck sweater is a good choice in autumn and winter. The style is warm and elegant. It can also be used with sweaters and suit collars. It forms a good sense of layering. A double-breasted woolen suit will keep better warmth. Paired with a pair of leather boots, the look will look very masculine.

    When the temperature is low, you can directly add a jacket to the suit to keep warm. Choose a woolen coat for a more gentlemanly look. , at this time, even if it is paired with a down jacket, it will not be inconsistent, so the style of wearing a suit is versatile enough.

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