China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to wear a T-shirt that looks good and is practical (first solve 5 difficulties in dressing in a fashionable and versatile way)

How to wear a T-shirt that looks good and is practical (first solve 5 difficulties in dressing in a fashionable and versatile way)

The king of summer items has to be the T-shirt. No matter the style iteration, I will only take one scoop of the weak water. But having said that, many people will encounter a simp…

The king of summer items has to be the T-shirt.

No matter the style iteration, I will only take one scoop of the weak water.

But having said that, many people will encounter a simple and boring T-shirt. There are many difficulties in getting dressed.

How to wear it to look like a passerby? It can’t be worn with a sense of fashion, it’s just ordinary. Wearing a T-shirt is basically a fashion insulator, etc. It has nothing to do with fashion at all, let alone the beauty of get’s dressing routine!

This pair is obsessed with beauty Girls in this state, of course, it is a sad blow. So is there any solution that can make ordinary T-shirts look good?

Today’s outfit content, Xiao Chen will summarize it first before officially “long speech”, everyone 5 outfit details that are easy to miss (interested Jimei fans must read below).

1: Resist permeable fabrics

The material of the T-shirt directly determines the texture of your clothes. Good texture determines the high-end and cheap feeling of your clothes, so you want to own it. To wear a T-shirt beautifully, you must first resist cheap-looking fabrics.

The characteristics of cheap-looking T-shirt fabrics include: easy to see through, easy to wrinkle, not absorb sweat, easy to fade Huang;

T-shirts in these fabrics , it doesn’t look grand enough. Although T-shirts made of permeable materials in summer may be more refreshing and cool, they are really unfriendly to wear. The wrinkles become more obvious after sitting or leaning for a long time, and they look like pajamas when worn, which makes people unable to complain.

Even though it was a white T-shirt, it started to look worse and worse after being washed. The more yellow.

In this way, only by choosing suitable fabrics can we improve our own dressing aesthetic!

Recommended fabric selection: pure cotton, bamboo charcoal cotton, satin cotton, silk, etc.

Normally, these fabrics have good sweat absorption properties and are not easy to see through. They appear in any place and cannot guarantee that you will It makes a blockbuster appearance with its outfit, but it can guarantee your basic decency and elegance in dressing.

And materials like silk and satin The T-shirt also has its own high-end attributes, which shows the texture of the outfit, giving people a low-key, luxurious and connotative outfit texture.

This can probably be explained, Why do many rich wives in urban dramas even choose pajamas made of high-quality, silky satin?

Two: Resist complex fashion elements

After the large-area solid color basic T-shirts, there are also T-shirts with many fashionable elements. With the development of network technology, the earth has begun to become a “global village”. There are more and more fashionable T-shirts available on the Internet.

However, T-shirts must show the aesthetics of the outfit, or they must not step on the wrong side. We still have to avoid T-shirts with too complicated fashion elements.

The reason may not be true once it is popular It is suitable for you, considering skin color and style; Reason 2: Too complicated fashion elements sometimes become a constraint of matching, restricting your free change of matching style. Reason three: It is inevitable to choose low-quality T-shirts.

For example, some T-shirts that cost only a few yuan, I think the prints are cute and cute when I first put them on. You are all satisfied. But after wearing it a few times, it cracked and came off again, so I’m asking you if it’s embarrassing~

Suggested fashion elements for choosing T-shirts

Then, we can focus on the texture when choosing T-shirts. If in our…230208/1-23020QHQ9224.jpg” class=”syl-page-img” style=”height: auto;”/>

Compared with this, I still prefer the so-called “underwear outside” T-shirt wearing method, which is simple but not too exaggerated. .

Finally, this kind of alternative way of wearing T-shirts is actually more suitable. When taking a personalized route and taking photos, if you care about practicality, be cautious.

5: Resistance Flashy color matching

There is another possibility why T-shirts cannot be worn with a sense of fashion. You have stepped on the trap of dressing. For example, the color matching of T-shirts is the most common but always ignored by us.

The color combination of T-shirts and various items also pays attention to its rationality and balance. If one of the elements is out of balance, it will become a minefield of outfits. Therefore, the primary color matching factor is that we still have to resist bells and whistles. Color matching.

So how do we go Looking for the right T-shirt color inspiration? Xiao Chen recommends several methods that are basically error-free.

①: Find classic colors from daily miscellaneous items

Many are loved by the public Daily magazine, there are many styling analysis and color matching in its internal magazine which are really worth learning from.

has a soft color difference with low saturation, To the contrasting colors of dark and light. Each color scheme is well balanced and versatile for everyday use, making it a good source of inspiration.

White + blue, just like the hot summer A touch of coolness, refreshing and simple fresh color matching. Who would not praise the gentleness and tranquility of such color matching in Rizali.

②: Find matching inspiration from fashion bloggers

I have lost count of the number of fashion bloggers who regard fashion and beauty as their lifelong career. Every outfit they can put together has basically been carefully considered and thought about many times, and the balanced color matching is definitely not bad.

For example, there are many domestic and foreign There are so many fashion bloggers on INS. Various T-shirt colors and styles are available.

③: Find color inspiration in movies, TV dramas and life

Movies and TV series are definitely a great way to get inspiration for dressing and color matching. Especially the theme of outfits focusing on the workplace and life of urban beauties. Such as the commuting workplace style “My First Half of Life” and “Everything Is Fine”, as well as the slightly mature and sweet style “The Next Stop Is Happiness”, etc. The outfits in these film and television dramas were all popular on the Internet. Build a template.

Taking Yao Chen’s outfit pictures For example, we can combine it into burgundy + white, burgundy + black color combinations.

According to the color improvement principle, perform color difference Paired with it, it creates a touch of red enthusiasm in summer, but it’s never boring.

“The next stop is happiness” He Fanxing, played by Song Qian in this movie, is really a textbook for walking in style. White T-shirt + light-colored denim skirt, the color scheme is clear and soft, fashionable and ageless.

If you want to improve your own dressing aesthetic, there are actually many clues in daily life. Look, as long as we think a little more, we can get these matching aesthetics.

Okay, that’s it for this issue. If you still have any questions about your outfit, Leave a message below and we will continue chatting in the next issue

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