China Fabric Factory Fabric News What kind of fabric is jersey made of? (Do you know all these common knitted fabrics?)

What kind of fabric is jersey made of? (Do you know all these common knitted fabrics?)

Knitted fabric is a fabric formed by using knitting needles to bend yarns into loops and intertwine them. Knitted fabrics are divided into weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fab…

Knitted fabric is a fabric formed by using knitting needles to bend yarns into loops and intertwine them. Knitted fabrics are divided into weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics.

Basic structure of weft knitted fabric

Basic structure of warp knitted fabric

First of all, weft knitted fabric is It is woven widthwise. And it is formed by one continuous yarn being tied into loops.

Weft knitted fabrics are easier to produce, but they are also more likely to unravel when cut.

Warp knitted fabric is usually lengthwise, and its structure is unfolded in a zigzag shape, so that the coils can form two or more consecutive convex strips. (wales). Compared with weft knitted fabrics, it is usually flatter and has a tighter structure, which results in less elasticity and prevents run-off.

Characteristics of knitted fabrics

(1) Stretchability. Knitted fabric is made of yarns bent into loops and strung together. The loops have a large room for expansion and contraction up and down, left and right. Therefore, they have good elasticity, fit and follow the body when worn, are comfortable and convenient, and are suitable for stretching and stretching during human movement. bending and other requirements.

(2) Softness. The raw materials used in knitted clothing fabrics are fluffy, soft yarns with small twists. There is a layer of tiny suede on the surface of the fabric. In addition, the tissue composed of coils is loose and porous, which reduces the friction between the skin and the surface of the fabric when worn. Gives people a feeling of comfort and gentleness.

(3) Hygroscopicity and breathability. Because the coils that make up the knitted fabric are intertwined with each other, countless isolated air pockets are formed inside the fabric, which has good warmth retention and breathability. In addition, both plant and animal fibers have a certain ability to absorb moisture, especially cotton fiber, which has better moisture absorption properties. Therefore, wearing cotton knitted clothing in summer feels cooler without feeling stuffy and uncomfortable.

(4) Anti-wrinkle. When the knitted fabric is subjected to external wrinkle forces, the loops can be transferred to adapt to the deformation when the force is applied; when the wrinkle force disappears, the transferred yarn can quickly recover and maintain its original state.

Common knitted fabrics

Jersey cloth

Jersey cloth is composed of continuous loops, and the front lines are clearer than the back lines. , easy to identify.

The cloth surface is smooth, the lines are clear, the texture is fine, and it feels smooth. It has good extensibility in the vertical and horizontal directions, and the transverse extensibility is greater than the longitudinal extensibility. It has good hygroscopicity and air permeability, but it has detachment and curling properties, and sometimes coil distortion occurs.


Pearl mesh

Piqué mesh fabric is made of continuous loops (Knit stitch) and tuck stitch weave, including 4-mode single bead, 6-mode bead, 8-mode bead, twill bead, sports bead, spandex bead, etc.

△4 mold beaded floor

The characteristic of △6 mold bead is that it consists of one continuous circle and two Composed of circles.


Sweatshirt fabric

Sweatshirt Cloth is a kind of knitted fabric, English is French

terry, called fleece after hair pulling. This type of knitted fabric is mostly made of displacement yarn, so it is called displacement fabric or sweatshirt fabric. In some places it is called terry cloth, and in other places it is called fish scale cloth. There are many varieties. (Fish scale cloth is named because the back of the cloth is terry, and some look like fish scales.) The weight is generally 190g/M2 -350g/M2.

Ribbed fabric

Rib knitted fabric is a knitted fabric in which a yarn forms wales of coils on the front and back sides in sequence. Rib knitted fabric has the detachability, hemming and extensibility of plain weave fabric, and also has the Larger elasticity.

1×1 rib looks similar to plain weave, but the rib has a loose structure and is more elastic, and generally does not distinguish between front and back.

And other Structural ribbing, such as 2×2, 2×1 structure, etc., is easy to distinguish from other fabrics due to the particularity of its structure.

Roman cloth

Roman cloth is a kind of knitted fabric, weft-knitted, and made on a double-sided circular knitting machine. It is also called ponte-de-roma, commonly known as chicken cloth. Roman cloth is four The fabric is not as smooth as ordinary double-sided cloth, but has slightly irregular horizontal stripes. The fabric has good elasticity both horizontally and vertically, but its horizontal stretch performance is not as good as that of double-sided cloth and its moisture absorption is strong. It is used to make underwear. , breathable, soft and comfortable to wear.

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