China Fabric Factory Fabric News What kind of fabric is acetate fabric (cool and comfortable fabric suitable for summer)

What kind of fabric is acetate fabric (cool and comfortable fabric suitable for summer)

In the hot summer, the temperature keeps rising. In addition to sun protection, everyone is worried about how to cool down. Every inch of fabric that is close to the skin is a woma…

In the hot summer, the temperature keeps rising. In addition to sun protection, everyone is worried about how to cool down. Every inch of fabric that is close to the skin is a woman’s requirement for sophistication. The clothes worn on the body must be delicate and light, but also cool and comfortable.


Perhaps everyone thinks that wearing white or light-colored clothes will keep you cool in summer, but in fact, white or too light colors will reflect ultraviolet rays and easily damage the skin; while black is The color that absorbs heat the fastest, but also dissipates heat the fastest.

According to research, clothes represented by red can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, so they not only keep you cool but also provide sun protection when you are exposed to the sun for a long time.

The moisture absorption and breathability of clothes of different fabrics are different. Clothes made of some fabrics can cool the human body when worn, and even have their own “air conditioning” effect. Therefore, whether it is cool to wear clothes in summer is not only related to the color of the clothes, but also has a lot to do with the fabric.

Noble Silk

When it comes to luxury, silk is indispensable. It has a soft texture and bright colors. Anyone who sees it will fall in love with it. There is nothing better than silk. It can also allow women to reflect their noble and elegant temperament.

Silk has the best skin-friendliness, is the lightest and can dissipate heat quickly. It is a summer clothing material suitable for everyone. Not only that, silk can absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun and protect human skin from ultraviolet damage.

Silk products need to pay attention to these parameters:

1. Momi number

The momi number in silk (1 momi=4.3056 Gram/square meter) refers to the gram weight of the fabric. The millimeter number is not necessarily directly proportional to the quality of silk. Generally speaking, the greater the gram weight, the more silk raw materials used and the higher the cost. Common ones are 12 Mummy, 16 Mummy, 19 Mummy, 22 Mummy, 30 Mummy, etc. But we cannot simply say that the heavier the fabric, the better the fabric. This is related to the type of fabric and the style of clothing.

2. Silk content

SILK is silk, silk. The percentage behind indicates the silk content. For example, SILK100% is a full silk product.

Exquisite triacetate

Everyone has heard of acetate fabric, which is a kind of chemical fiber fabric, mainly made of acetate fiber. Triacetate fabric is a semi-synthetic fiber made from natural wood pulp. It is a new fabric that combines nature and high technology.

The main features are as follows:

It has good thermoplasticity and can maintain the design style.
It has bright colors and is not easy to fade. Its coloring performance is better than other cellulose fibers and it can form a natural luster.
It feels soft, smooth and elastic, and is comfortable against the skin.
Easy to wash and dry, with efficient hygroscopicity and fast drying.

Refreshing cotton and linen

Cotton and linen are derived from natural fabrics. When worn on the body, it is like clothes that can breathe. They are light, breathable and comfortable to wear. They block the heat and transmit coolness. Come down.

It has natural breathability, hygroscopicity, heat dissipation and moisture removal. It can reduce the indoor temperature of the human body by 4-6℃, so it is called a “natural air conditioner”. At the same time, the fabric has its own It has a natural sense of leisure and can also visually reduce the feeling of heat.

Daily wearing suggestions:

Choose cotton and linen blends. Generally, the content of cotton should be higher than the content of linen, so that the pleats of the clothes will not look so obvious. It won’t look too sloppy. After washing, just dry it and straighten it, and any natural wrinkles will not affect the wearing effect.

Comfortable pure cotton

Pure cotton should be the most common and commonly worn fabric for everyone. Whether it is a T-shirt or a shirt, it is comfortable, breathable and soft. Many people’s first choice for casual summer wear. Our common cotton products are made of short-staple cotton and are relatively cheap.

Cotton is also divided into different grades. For example, some luxury cotton fabrics include long-staple cotton such as Sea Island cotton, Egyptian cotton, and Pima cotton. They can weave very thin high-count fabrics with high gloss. The breathability and comfort are not inferior to silk, but the price is not cheap either.

Common pure cotton has the characteristics of moisture absorption, good moisturizing, washability, wear resistance, and high temperature resistance. It can be dyed and processed in various ways, so the choice of cotton items is very large. It’s just that it has good moisturizing properties. Once it gets wet with sweat, it will stick to the body, making it less comfortable.

Fine imitation wool

I believe many people will have this question. Will worsted wool sweaters be too hot to wear in summer? Because after all, the knitted series gives the impression that it looks very hot, but it is not!

Its wool fiber is extremely soft and has extraordinary suppleness and softness. It bends the moment it touches the skin, so it will not feel prickly when worn on the upper body and is suitable for most skin types.

Scientific research has found that the protein scales on the surface of wool are more than twice as hygroscopic as cotton and more than 30 times as hygroscopic as polyester! Therefore, wool can keep the skin surface dry when sweating, prevent the body from being constantly warm, and appropriately adjust the body’s comfortable temperature.

There seems to be a thin layer of air between the wool and the skin. When the temperature is high, the skin will not sweat as quickly as wearing a cotton T-shirt.��on the skin. It repels heat, so you won’t feel hot when wearing it in summer.

For white-collar workers who stay in the office for a long time, the air conditioner in the office is often too cold, causing them to catch colds. At this time, the layer of air between the wool and the skin can form a thermal insulation layer when the temperature is low, which is more convenient. Good for maintaining body temperature.

In fact, many good-looking clothes in summer are made of chemical fiber fabrics. Their styles are changeable and colorful, and they are very popular among young people. However, the water absorption and breathability of chemical fiber fabrics are not very good. It is difficult for human sweat to evaporate and dissipate heat through clothing when worn in summer, so it will be very stuffy when worn. Therefore, from the perspective of clothing materials, natural fibers such as silk, triacetate, cotton, linen, and wool are the best choices for summer clothing!

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