China Fabric Factory Fabric News Is Roman cotton fabric good? (What kind of skirt should you wear based on your height)

Is Roman cotton fabric good? (What kind of skirt should you wear based on your height)

A good figure has always been what every girl is pursuing. A good figure is beautiful, but everyone has flaws to one degree or another. The most annoying thing is height and weight…

A good figure has always been what every girl is pursuing. A good figure is beautiful, but everyone has flaws to one degree or another. The most annoying thing is height and weight. The weight can be changed, but the height really cannot be changed anymore. What length of skirt is suitable for your height? Let’s take a look at how to measure it.

Part1: Small girls

The short pleated skirt is the first choice for small girls, because pleated skirts It is a very gentle style, especially the white short pleated skirt, which can reduce your age to the extreme. It’s also easy to wear. Pair it with a white solid-color T-shirt, which is much cuter, or pair it with a pretty bottoming shirt with a cartoon avatar, which adds youthful vitality and publicity.

▲Mesh stitching pleated skirt

This pleated skirt is playful and age-reducing, with a girlish liveliness , it is easy to wear with sweaters in early spring, and it is easy to wear with shirts and T-shirts when the temperature is high; the natural waistline design, the waist position, deliberately leaves folds, like lace, and the lace design, it looks beautiful even if the clothes are tucked inside. , the density of the folds is consistent.

▲High-waisted pleated A-line skirt

Wide-leg design, versatile and easy to wear, easy to cope with various Occasion: Easily slim down your legs in a versatile look, and casually match the upper body with thin knitted fabrics or other items, making it comfortable and beautiful to wear! Natural and versatile slim fit, simple three-dimensional tailoring design, smooth lines and beautiful color, the upper body is grand, elegant and playful, yet elegant.

▲Korean style high-waisted tutu skirt

A-shaped pleated design with small metal ring embellishments, comfortable and good-looking to wear , so that you can be beautiful all the time! The high-waisted design hides fat and makes you look slimmer in a fashionable way; it visually lengthens the proportions of your leg lines and has an obvious heightening effect, making your legs longer in seconds. Made of high-quality breathable fabric, the texture is soft and comfortable, crisp, stylish and smooth.

▲High-waisted slimming Korean style skirt with wide swing

360-degree oversized skirt, pleated naturally and evenly, and most importantly, seamless Butt jointing, stitch by stitch, attention to details, to create high quality; large skirts are fashionable and age-reducing, and will make the legs look longer and thin; high-quality Roman cotton fabric, high density, good elasticity, fashionable and versatile colors and styles, not easy to pill and deform , simple but not simple, individuality is not ostentatious.

▲Pleated high-waisted A-line skirt

The A-line design of this half-length pleated skirt is easy to handle. Versatile for various occasions, it is slimming and fashionable for reducing age; it can not only cover the fat on the buttocks and waist, but also modify the hip curve, creating an open visual extension, perfectly lengthening the proportions of the lower body, and emphasizing the waist. Effect, sweet and lovely temperament.

Part2: Tall MM

Tall MM looks very handsome wearing a solid color loose sweater skirt, the color is OK Choose black color, classic domineering feeling, capable and handsome. The back can also be designed with a unique style. The exaggerated pattern design has a playful feel and would be better paired with bright-colored accessories. It also goes well with canvas shoes.

▲Loose ripped pink sweatshirt skirt

A sweatshirt with a very personal college style, classic sweater style, casual and comfortable upper body It also reduces age, with a classic round neck design; it modifies the neck curve, and the silhouette of the upper body is very versatile, not picky at all, but adds a touch of charm; the warm pink design is full of three-dimensionality, versatile style, and the upper body The effect is good.

▲Loose hooded sweatshirt dress

Loose hooded sweatshirt dress design, hooded style is fashionable and versatile, unique personality; tolerant The unique version design allows all girls and women to easily control various occasions; whether it is worn inside or outside, it is an excellent choice. The letter print pattern on the chest is youthful and age-reducing, fashionable but not ostentatious, and full of three-dimensional sense. !

▲Colorful printed cute dress

Selected fabrics are used to prevent static electricity. The fabrics are uniquely processed to make them soft and comfortable, adaptable to many uses. Seasonal price-performance ratio is high; combined with exquisite weaving technology, fine workmanship, attention to detail and quality, and special hemming of clothesThe colorful design makes the whole body slim and slim; the unique cartoon print design makes it personalized and fashionable.

▲Fashionable casual sweatshirt long skirt suit

It has both age-reducing college style and casual street style, three-dimensional fashion Full of style! The loose fit design can easily cope with various occasions; it is perfectly integrated with the classic color system of black and white, youthful, fashionable and slim; it is made of high-quality fabrics, with soft and comfortable texture, excellent texture, smooth and friendly touch, Crisp and stylish.

▲Loose pullover hooded sweatshirt skirt

This sweatshirt skirt adopts a versatile H-shaped design that is not flattering on body shapes. It perfectly covers body defects and modifies the body shape. It is suitable for all body types. MM can easily control it; through exquisite three-dimensional independent tailoring, the upper body is straight and stylish, the visual heightening and elongation effect is obvious, the fashionable heightening and slimming, and a graceful figure instantly.

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