China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to match a gray top with a woman’s lower body (I’ll match it for you, just follow it)

How to match a gray top with a woman’s lower body (I’ll match it for you, just follow it)

Hi, I am the manager of Xiaozhuang, whose clothes are suitable but not expensive. I must make you more beautiful to be worthy of your admiration for me! ▼ In the eyes of many peopl…

Hi, I am the manager of Xiaozhuang, whose clothes are suitable but not expensive. I must make you more beautiful to be worthy of your admiration for me! ▼

In the eyes of many people, when it comes to the colors of clothes suitable for women in the workplace, the first thing that comes to mind is black, white and gray. These colors look relatively low-key and are often found in workplace suits. In particular, various gray clothes have a formal feel without looking particularly dull, so they have been recognized by many people. Today let’s talk about how to match gray clothes?

1. Gray turtleneck sweater with trousers

Speaking of Knitted sweaters themselves feel relatively mild. The high-neck design has relatively high requirements for the neck curve, and it is more suitable for girls with really good figures. This kind of clothes has a sense of luxury and can easily bring out people’s cool temperament.

High-waisted trousers can better improve the body proportions and make the whole person look slimmer. Paired with pointed shoes, it can better extend the length of the legs. Because the color of this outfit should not be too complicated, so everyone should try to choose black when matching trousers, and the color will look more harmonious.

Some people are curious, if the whole outfit is in this dark color, will it feel like there is no highlight in the whole person. In fact, gray is a relatively white color, which makes people’s skin color look better. Moreover, the combination of black and gray has a unified feeling without making people look too monotonous, so this type of outfit is also very popular in the workplace.

If you really feel that the color is too single, you can choose some accessories to enhance the overall highlights. For example, choose gold earrings, etc., and of course remember not to be too obtrusive. Or you can change your hair color and use it to modify your skin tone. Some people also like to use silk scarves to match, but silk scarves are brighter in color, so sometimes they feel like they are taking over the spotlight.

2. Gray high-waisted pants with a shirt

Gray trousers are also very popular in the workplace, because black suit trousers give Everyone feels that it is a bit too stereotyped, so everyone now has a stronger recognition of gray pants. Pairing gray trousers with a white shirt gives a full sense of professionalism, and gray trousers are also very flattering, which many people also recognize.

Coupled with the high-waist design, for working women, it can not only cover the flesh but also improve the body proportions. If we wear it this way, it will not place too high demands on our body shape. It can be worn by medium-sized people, and it can also improve the 55-point proportion.

3. The gray suit jacket has a more high-end feel

Gray jackets are also loved by many people in the workplace. Many people Women who have just entered the workplace will choose a suit jacket paired with an inner layer and shorts to look refreshing and high-end in autumn without looking too unstable. Although a gray suit is calm, it does not have a particularly strong sense of professionalism compared to a black suit.

In recent years, everyone doesn’t like to wear all kinds of black suits. They think it is a bit too professional. They usually go out to eat. It feels weird. Wearing this kind of professional suit after get off work is indeed inconvenient for shopping and the like, but the gray jacket is different. It looks more down-to-earth while being professional, and it is also more convenient to match with inner wear.

4. Gray inner sling

This kind of sling is usually made of materials such as chiffon and looks very frivolous. It is particularly suitable as the inner layer of a suit, because this color is not very out of the ordinary, and compared to white, it is more atmospheric, so it has been recognized by many people.

In everyone’s eyes, it may be more appropriate to wear a light-colored suit with a suspender belt of this color. Of course, many people will also wear it directly with a shirt or the like. Compared with a suit jacket, it may be more casual, especially suitable for autumn.

5. Gray trench coat

In autumn, the appearance rate of windbreaker jackets is obviously much higher, but when choosing a windbreaker , there are also many aspects to consider. For some strong women in the workplace, the color of the trench coatIt has also become the first thing everyone considers. Although the khaki windbreaker is more versatile, we can also see that the possibility of matching it on the street is very high.

Considering this, many working women have given up on khaki. The black trench coat is slimmer, but it may feel a little dull when worn, and it may not be easy to match it with shoes or bags. In comparison, gray windbreakers are more popular. This color is not easy to clash with others, but also has a full sense of high-end. Usually when people go out to talk about work or something, they just wear a shirt underneath, so this color is very suitable for working women.

Summary: Many people are also considering how to choose shoes if they wear a gray suit. In fact, gray clothes are already quite dark, so it is definitely inappropriate to wear them with light-colored shoes, so generally speaking, black pointed-toe high-heeled shoes are everyone’s first choice.

It can not only make our proportions look better, but also highlight the professional characteristics. Including when choosing a bag, try to choose black or silver colors. The overall look is more comfortable and the colors are more coordinated.

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