China Fabric Factory Fabric News What kind of fabric is denim (understand the fabrics and styles of denim shirts)

What kind of fabric is denim (understand the fabrics and styles of denim shirts)

Among the many cotton shirts, denim shirts are the most fashionable and versatile. They can not only be worn alone, but also as the lining of suits and jackets, or as a T-shirt ins…

Among the many cotton shirts, denim shirts are the most fashionable and versatile. They can not only be worn alone, but also as the lining of suits and jackets, or as a T-shirt inside a coat. But in fact, many people don’t really understand denim shirts, so this time I will talk to you about the fabrics and styles of denim shirts, as well as matching techniques.

We generally refer to indigo shirts as denim shirts, but in fact they may come from different fabrics.


Types of Denim Shirt Fabrics ①

Denim, also known as tannin, is a thicker yarn-dyed warp-faced twill cotton fabric. The warp yarn is made of colored yarn, and the weft yarn is made of white yarn. Using the method of dyeing first and then weaving, the color of the cloth is the color of the warp, which is usually indigo. After rinsing, it can appear in different shades of denim blue. The fabric top and bottom are different and can only be used on one side. The texture is tight, thick, bright in color and clear in texture.

[Note: Denim also uses changing twill, plain weave or crepe weave, but it is less common]

Denim shirt fabric types ②

Chambray , its fabric structure is mainly plain weave, a cotton fabric made of interlaced single-color warp yarns and bleached weft yarns or bleached warp yarns and single-color weft yarns. Denim blue is often used in chambray and is easily confused with denim. The color of the cloth surface is not the color of dyeing and washing, but the cloth made of colored yarns with different warp and weft, such as light blue yarn in the warp direction and off-white yarn in the weft direction. The light blue cloth is woven with the same texture color on both sides. Face available. The color of the fabric is harmonious, the texture is light and thin, smooth and soft.

[Note: Chambray also uses twill weave, but it is less common]

In the past, chambray was light and thin and had better breathability. Nowadays, denim has some other Fibers have improved the wearing properties of denim, such as Tencel™ denim. The fabric is light and silky, soft and skin-friendly, has luster, drape and good breathability, making it suitable for thin summer wear.

Denim and chambray are both woven fabrics, so they have similar appearances.

However, after denim is washed or processed by hand, it can produce a certain fading effect, which creates an old look on the surface of the denim. There are unlimited possibilities for creativity, so there are many fashions. Appearance.

The chambray will not fade under regular washing. The process of chambray is to wash the fabric after it is made into a garment, mainly to complete the pre-shrinking and shaping of the size and to remove the hair balls on the surface of the fabric.

Chambray has excellent color fastness and will not fade or fade even after being washed. However, cotton chambray has a larger shrinkage rate and the fabric will shrink and become tighter. The color of the fabric will appear relatively darker.

The wash-out properties of both products help consumers understand the changes in shirts after wearing them for a long time. If you like the aging effect over time, choose denim; if you like something that lasts forever, choose chambray (of course, any fabric will fade, it’s just a matter of time). Regarding the classification of denim shirt fabrics, it doesn’t matter. But if you can understand the difference between the two, you will definitely be able to choose a denim shirt that is more ideal and satisfactory.

Types of denim shirt fabrics ③

There is also a type where the color of the warp and weft is exactly the opposite of the denim of type ①, using white warp and blue weft interwoven. Made of twill cotton. Therefore, compared with type 1 denim, you can see that the white area of ​​the fabric surface increases, and the indigo tone is fresher and brighter.

The styles of denim shirts can be roughly divided into three types:

Types of denim shirts ①

American style, Western denim shirts

The design with yokes on the shoulders and upper back and snap buttons is a Western shirt. This is based on the shirts worn by cowboys living in the American West, so it is also called the cowboy shirt. It is said that snaps are used so that they can be put on and taken off quickly in emergencies such as falling off the horse.

Types of denim shirts ②

Functional design, work denim shirts

Shirts, as the name suggests, are designed to facilitate work and focus on functionality. Sexy denim shirts, so they usually have pockets on the chest. Matched with casual style, it can highlight the rugged temperament of men.

Types of denim shirts ③

Denim shirts with a dressy feel

A denim shirt made using the pattern of a dress shirt. It can be worn alone with leggings, or as an inner layer with suits and jackets. It has a wide range of uses. It is a natural and common combination of denim shirts and suit styles.

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