China Fabric Factory Fabric News What kind of fabric is flannel (58 common home fabrics)

What kind of fabric is flannel (58 common home fabrics)

Fabric sofas are a favorite among young people nowadays. A variety of different fabric patterns give fabric sofas various styles such as pastoral, simple, and modern. However, if y…

Fabric sofas are a favorite among young people nowadays. A variety of different fabric patterns give fabric sofas various styles such as pastoral, simple, and modern. However, if you like fabric sofas, do you know that fabric sofas made of different fabrics not only have different prices, but also have a great impact on maintenance and cleaning issues in daily use. This is also the reason why some fabric sofas are more durable than real leather ones, while some fabric sofas have to be eliminated in less than five years. Below are the characteristics of 58 common fabrics, let’s learn about them together.


1. Hemp: It is a kind of plant fiber, known as a cool and noble fiber. It has good hygroscopicity, releases moisture quickly, is not prone to static electricity, has large heat conduction, and is fast. It dissipates heat, is cool to wear, does not stick to the body after sweating, is more resistant to washing, and has good heat resistance.

2. Mulberry silk: natural animal protein fiber, smooth, soft, shiny, warm in winter and cool in summer, has a unique “silky sound” phenomenon when rubbed, and has good extensibility , good heat resistance, not resistant to salt water corrosion, and should not be treated with chlorine bleach or detergent.

3. Viscose: It is processed from wood, cotton linters, reeds and other natural cellulose-containing materials. It is also often called artificial cotton. It has the basic properties of natural fibers and good dyeing properties. , good fastness, soft fabric, heavy specific gravity, good drape, good hygroscopicity, cool to wear, and not prone to static electricity, fluffing and pilling.

4. Acetate fiber: It is chemically processed from natural materials containing cellulose. It has a silk style, is light and comfortable to wear, has good elasticity and elastic recovery properties, and is not suitable for washing. Poor fastness.

5. Polyester: It is a polyester fiber with excellent elasticity and recovery. The fabric is crisp, wrinkle-free, good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, durable and has excellent Excellent light resistance, but prone to static electricity and poor dust absorption and hygroscopicity.

6. Nylon: It is polyamide fiber, also known as nylon. It has better dyeability than synthetic fibers. It is light to wear, has good waterproof and windproof properties, high wear resistance, strength and elasticity. all good.

7. Polypropylene: Appearance is like woolen silk or cotton, has waxy feel and luster, elasticity and recovery properties, generally not easy to wrinkle, small specific gravity, light weight, good clothing comfort, can transfer sweat faster to the skin It maintains comfort, has good strength and wear resistance, is durable, and is not resistant to high temperatures.

8. Spandex: It has excellent elasticity, also known as spandex, also known as Lycra. It has good elasticity, smooth feel, low hygroscopicity, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, and heat resistance. Poor sex.

9. Vinylon: The fabric looks and feels like cotton, has poor elasticity, good hygroscopicity and low specific gravity and thermal conductivity. It is light and warm to wear, has good strength and wear resistance, is strong and durable, and has excellent chemical resistance. Quality, sunlight and other properties.

10. Pure linen fine spinning: It has a fine, thin, crisp and smooth style, and has good breathability and comfort.

11. Grass cloth: It is a traditional Chinese textile. The fabric is white in color and soft in luster. It has the characteristics of clearing sweat away from the body and being crisp and cool when worn.

12. Interlaced linen fabric: fine texture, strong and durable, clean surface, softer to the touch than pure linen fabric, and comfortable to wear.

13. Palis: It is wool mixed with polyester. It has a smooth surface, light texture, smooth feel, crisp and wrinkle-free, easy to wash and dry, and has good wearing performance.

14. Gabardine: Also known as gabardine, it feels smooth and waxy but solid, the texture is tight and elastic, and the surface of the cloth is smooth, smooth, and the color is soft and natural.

15. What’s the smell? Due to the different processing methods of mixed clothing materials, it can be divided into woolen noodles, Yuan noodles, blended fabrics, and wool. Yuanze is naturally soft, with a soft bottom. The lines are vaguely visible, the hand feels neither stiff nor rough, waxy but not rotten, has body and bones, the smooth surface has no hair, the lines are clear, smooth and smooth without aurora, and the hand feels smooth and crisp. What kind of blend is it? It’s stiff and wrinkle-resistant, easy to wash and iron, and has good shape retention.

16. Thin tweed: light texture, smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear, crisp, good at absorbing moisture, and good at breathability.

17. Light wool fabric: It has the characteristics of light weight, loose structure, light weight, soft touch, elasticity, good breathability, and comfortable to wear.

18. Melton: A kind of woolen fabric with full hand feel, fine and smooth surface, firm body, elasticity, wear resistance and not easy to pilling, soft and beautiful color.

19. Plush: also known as sea tiger velvet, the velvet is smooth and upright, the hair is dense and firm, has good warmth retention, the suede surface is bright and soft, feels plump and thick, warm and lightweight, and has good durability sex.

20. Plain cloth: simple in organization, tight in structure, strong and firm, with smooth surface and lack of elasticity.

21. Muslin: The fabric is stronger than silk, has a smooth and clean surface, is as thin as silk, soft and comfortable.

22. Poplin: The texture is fine and light, the cloth surface is soft, smooth and crisp, the surface texture is clear and the particles are full, the luster is smooth, and it has a good texture.

23. Barbaise: The texture is very light and thin, it feels very comfortable when worn on the body, has good hygroscopicity and breathability, and has a unique style of thin, thin and refreshing.

24. Khaki: The fabric has a tight texture, is thick, strong, has good wear resistance, is crisp, and has a clear texture., smooth and waxy, with silky luster, good drape, firm and refreshing.

55. Polyester-cotton blend: It can make up for the shortcomings of polyester in terms of low hygroscopicity, breathability and comfort. It has a smooth appearance, thick feel, elasticity, solid durability and good shape retention.

56. Polyester and silk blended fabric: It has the softness of wool and the smoothness of silk. It has a soft and bright luster, is crisp, does not need ironing, and is strong and durable. It is elastic and has less shrinkage than pure silk.

57. Polyester-viscose gabardine: characterized by crispness, no ironing, hairy feel and elasticity.

58. Polyester: crisp, small deformation of ready-made garments, easy to wash and quick-drying, no ironing, shape retention, and shrinkage.

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