China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to choose T-shirt patterns (these three patterns are enough)

How to choose T-shirt patterns (these three patterns are enough)

If you want to be a fashionable T-shirt fan, LOGO T-shirts can help you support your appearance. Letters, cartoon patterns or meaningful prints Make your T-shirt look cool! STYLE O…

If you want to be a fashionable T-shirt fan,

LOGO T-shirts can help you support your appearance.

Letters, cartoon patterns or meaningful prints

Make your T-shirt look cool!


{Letter printing T-shirt}

Letter printing is just a general term, subdivided into slogans T-shirts, brand logo T-shirts, co-branded items, etc. No matter what it is, just keep the “retro feel” in mind this season and you’ll be right.

The washed and faded fabric effect and the distinctive white slogan create a dynamic sense of quality and turn you into a fashionista instantly.

About 480 yuan Battenwear jeans about 1680 yuan AG silk scarf about 468 yuan Manipuri hat about 1050 yuan CA4LA bag
TOFF&LOADSTONE sunglasses, about 1,860 yuan, Moscot earrings, about 486 yuan, bracelets, about 1,770 yuan, all GAS

In addition to blue and white, forest-style retro green and white are also good options. Rattan bags and sandals enhance the natural style.

T-shirt about 82 yuan Bershka cardigan about 1440 yuan sloane jeans about 3000 yuan RE/DONE bag about 1170 yuan MUUN sandals about 720 yuan Traditional weatherwear ear Priced at Anemone for about 96 yuan

Different from the refreshing colors, the distressed T-shirt shows a soft and fragrant femininity. The letters must be in a larger gray scale so that they are not obtrusive.

About 720 yuan MUSE deDeuxième Classe trousers about 1500 yuan AG bag about 1680 yuan Samantha Thavasa shoes
About 1320 yuan TSURU by MARIKO OIKAWA sunglasses about 2820 yuan EYEVAN7285 earrings about 420 yuan, bracelet about 584 yuan
All from Abiste

For mature women, brand logo T-shirts are more suitable for creating a holiday look. Seemingly casually paired with a pearl or leather strap watch, your fashion skills will be immediately obvious.

About 180 yuan Levi’s ® denim jacket about 1560 yuan REDCARD skirt about 498 yuan MilaOwen hat about 228 yuan New era bag
About 7,500 yuan. J&M Davidson canvas shoes, about 348 yuan. Converse necklace, about 1,209 yuan. Abiste watch, about 640 yuan.
Daniel Wellington bracelet, about 1,110 yuan GAS BIJOUX

The jointly designed T-shirt has a more personalized attitude due to the addition of specially invited designers. Therefore, you might as well boldly match the T-shirt with a very feminine skirt and high heels to echo the publicity of the T-shirt.

About 408 yuan FRAY I.D skirt about 2880 yuan Madison Blue high heels about 1980 yuan Double standard
clothing Earrings are about 912 yuan, GAS BIJOUX watch is about 1080 yuan, Daniel Wellington bracelet is about 571 yuan Abiste


{Retro pattern T-shirt}

The rich and nostalgic vintage style has made a perfect comeback in recent seasons, and retro prints with street style help you regain the memories of the 1980’s.

Asian girls with relatively introverted personalities want to control the street style, so it is important to choose a black background color that can suppress the position. Pair with jeans and a woven bag for a modern and stylish look.

T-shirts are about 480 yuan. Double standard clothing. Jeans are about 1,368 yuan. SERGE de bleu bags are about 4,080 yuan. LUDLOW shoes are about 1,740 yuan. Ancient Greek Sandals

The punk style T-shirt is eye-catching enough in itself, but it can be a little more relaxed when it comes to makeup, hair and accessories. The casual-style dumpling head brings a sense of lightness to the look.

Glasses are about 2100 yuan, Oliver peoples, bracelets are about 1110 yuan, GAS BIJOUX

Girls can also look at punk style T-shirts. Check out Liu Wen’s private server. A printed T goes well with a feminine fuchsia skirt or basic jeans. The accessories are unified in black to highlight the overall look and feel casual and comfortable.

If you lower the base color of the T-shirt, it is best to lighten the bottom accordingly. Linen wide-leg pants can not only add aura to the T-shirt, but also make the look more transparent.

T-shirt is about 240 yuan SHIPS trousersSTUNNINGLURE bag is about 2460 yuan, VASIC canvas shoes are about 348 yuan, Converse sunglasses are about 3300 yuan, EYEVAN7285 earrings are about 390 yuan, CYCRO


{ Cartoon pattern T T-shirt}

As a cartoon girl fan or a die-hard game fan, a graphic T-shirt is as attractive as a “team uniform”. Brands with a keen sense of smell naturally act immediately. CHOCOOLATE, which has always been loved by fans for its cute design style, has teamed up with “Sailor Moon”, which has a lot of girls’ hearts, to bring a joint project to hit the hearts of girls.

The UNIQLO UT series, which uses T-shirts as a carrier to closely connect popular culture and artistic creativity around the world, covers everything from Mickey Mouse to One Piece, Then to “World of Warcraft 03”, “Hearthstone 03” and so on.

Cartoon pattern T-shirts continue to set off a popular craze. For young and mature women, choosing white, black, and gray background colors can avoid being too t-shirt.

Childish yet imaginative and lively.

Brightly colored items go well with cartoon T-shirts. The tailored style enhances the femininity of the T-shirt, making it eye-catching and sweet at the same time.

About 234 yuan SENSE OF PLACE cardigan about 180 yuan UNIQLO skirt about 474 yuan Ungria bag about 1320 yuan TOFF
& LOADSTONE shoes, about 2100 yuan, PIPPICHIC sunglasses, about 1800 yuan, MOSCOT tortoise shell bracelet, about 498 yuan, bracelet
Approximately 1,026 yuan, both GAS BIJOUX

If you want to add a casual feel to the casual style, cool leather shorts and retro-style patterned shirts are both plus points.

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