China Fabric Factory Fabric News What kind of pants goes with a polo shirt (grasp 3 key points to instantly transform your upper body into a British gentleman)

What kind of pants goes with a polo shirt (grasp 3 key points to instantly transform your upper body into a British gentleman)

Did you guys buy a gift for your dad on Father’s Day yesterday? When I first learned about Father’s Day, I gave my dad a Polo shirt, but I didn’t see him wearing …

Did you guys buy a gift for your dad on Father’s Day yesterday? When I first learned about Father’s Day, I gave my dad a Polo shirt, but I didn’t see him wearing it for many years.

Some time ago, I saw a promotional poster for a certain brand. It was also a Polo shirt. However, for such a young and energetic brand, I don’t know why it looked like a middle-aged person.

In fact, I have seen many young boys wearing Polo shirts over the years, but it is not like this at all. Many people can wear Polo shirts well into their 40s and 50s, mostly because of poor style selection.

In fact, the earliest Polo shirts were popular among British gentlemen. They had tall and straight figures, and the Polo shirts they wore were also cut to fit three-dimensionally. At first glance, they looked like they had money man. So, today I want to tell men how to choose a [youthful and gentlemanly] Polo shirt.

How to choose a Polo shirt

If you want to wear a Polo shirt with a stylish look, you need to take care of three very critical points: the collar, cuffs and hem.


You must have seen men wearing Polo shirts with their necklines turned up, and you must have seen Polo shirts with curled and deformed collars that lay softly around their necks. It looks sloppy and casual.

In the picture at the beginning of the article, Lei Jiayin’s head-to-shoulder ratio is actually very unsuitable for wearing a Polo shirt.

If you want to look capable and energetic, you should be thinner, and the width of your head must be kept at one-third of the shoulder width. Only with this head-to-shoulder ratio can a man look strong. , not stubby, not stocky.

Another problem is that the shoulders are narrow or the shoulder line has dropped. If the head circumference and shoulder width are around the standard line, but the curvature of the shoulders is not good-looking, such as what we girls often call slip shoulders, then wearing such a style with fine tailoring and high requirements on the body shape will not gain much benefit. .

The next issue is the face shape. Many boys want to wear straight-line clothing in order to neutralize the curves of their appearance, just like The outline of the facial bones is not obvious, there are too many soft tissues, and the face is not strong enough. Then we can unbutton a button of the Polo shirt to form a straight V shape at the neckline, which can also save the face that is too fleshy. .

There are two main reasons for the appearance of a big head and narrow shoulders. One is that the bones are relatively narrow or the shoulders are slippery, and the other is that boys are too tall. Skinny and thin.

When choosing a Polo shirt at this time, you can consider a style with shoulder pads or slight wrinkles on the shoulders, which can stretch the shoulder width laterally.

The opposite of a big head and narrow shoulders is a small head and wide shoulders.

In fact, it is easier to solve this problem, that is, try not to choose styles with too many redundant cuts on the shoulders. There are no shoulder pads, so that it will not cause a sense of visual bloat.

Cuffs and hems

Many men look older when they wear Polo shirts, mostly because they don’t fit properly. Polo shirts look like they are worn by middle-aged men who are slightly overweight, so you need to pay special attention to the position of the cuffs and hem.

The position of the cuffs should not be too loose or too low. If the upper arm has muscles, it is most perfect to let the end of the cuffs stay in the middle of the biceps, so that you look energetic and strong.

As for the hem style, we should pay attention to two key points: length and waist design. If you have abdominal muscles, it is best. If not, you must have no fat.

In case you don’t have time to practice, or you can’t practice at all to get rid of the fat on your waist, I’ll teach you a way to choose a color-blocking style, especially a style with dark splicing on both sides, which can visually shrink your waist. width.

The hem of the Polo shirt should not be too long, otherwise it will not cover the buttocks. The most suitable position is about 10cm below the waist.

If you want to show off your waist, you can tuck the hem into your pants, but the prerequisite is that the fat on your waist is not obvious.

Several slimming colors of Polo shirts

I don’t need to tell you why dark colors make you slim, light colors make you fat, cool colors make you slim, and warm colors make you fat. .

Both men and women are the same. Thinner people look more energetic, especially men. It seems to be a law to gain weight in middle age, so as soon as you gain weight…��, when others look at you, they will think that you are older.

Today, we will select several slimming Polo shirt colors for you:

  • Stone color

It is more advanced than beige, more textured than white, and has a cooler tone. To be more precise, it is a color with a bit of gray in the white. A man can be controlled even if he is a bit darker.

  • Navy blue

Navy blue has been popular since the last century Popular, it is a common color for business men’s clothing, and it is also the most versatile and gentlemanly color, making it look more masculine.

You can also try gray-blue, which belongs to the same color system, to look more youthful and refreshing.

  • Khaki

A must-have color for British gentlemen , it looks elegant and cultivated, can be worn with almost any skin color, is low-key and has a sense of luxury, and the upper body has a sense of familiarity as a rich man who comes out to experience life.

About the pattern and fabric

Some details of good-quality polo shirts and shirts will be similar, such as the shoulder line. There are inserts to deepen the outline, and there are also hot stamping to fix the folds at the neckline. In the tailoring, more attention will be paid to the crispness of the shoulder line and neckline.

If you want to wear a thinner and softer fabric Polo shirt in summer, please remember to try to choose a style with pure fabric or some texture. Although simple, items with low-key texture can best reflect a man’s taste.

You can also try this kind of knitted fabric Polo shirt, which is unique and very bourgeois.

How to match Polo shirts

Wearing Polo shirts in summer is either a business person with status or a young person pursuing a sense of fashion. People, whether the former or the latter, have certain pursuits for upper body effects. Here, we pay attention to several points.

  • Neck details

Polo shirts with color blocking or hemming at the neckline can make you stand out from ordinary business Keep distance between people, this small detail can make you look more energetic.

Remember that Polo shirts do not need to be worn underneath, so there is no need to layer anything underneath.

  • Pattern details

Don’t choose those with dense LOGOs Style, this will ruin your carefully selected noble items and turn your temperament into a pseudo-upper-class person on the street who is casual and does not understand fashion. You can choose a pattern that has some texture but can blend well with the overall tone of the Polo shirt, such as a knitted style with fine lines.

  • Paired with trousers

Ordinarily, Polo shirts The temperament is more suitable for pairing with slightly formal yet casual trousers, such as khaki pants.

The length of the trousers should be nine-tenths, neat and not draggy at all.

If you want a youthful look, choose solid-color jeans, preferably not too light, so that even a young boy will look classy.

People who have certain requirements for themselves must want to improve both their figure and clothing, and no one piece of clothing can solve all your problems. Body shape is a problem, so maintaining a good figure is also the basis for being able to control fashionable items.

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