China Fabric Factory Fabric News What are the characteristics of team clothing (group clothing should be selected according to its purpose)

What are the characteristics of team clothing (group clothing should be selected according to its purpose)

Team clothing customization, group clothing should be selected according to the purpose. Enterprise development requires excellent talents to continue to thrive. The scarcity of ex…

Team clothing customization, group clothing should be selected according to the purpose. Enterprise development requires excellent talents to continue to thrive. The scarcity of excellent talents has become a problem that many companies need to face. As the saying goes unity is strength. Therefore, it also highlights the current state of enterprises being hungry for talents. Good benefits, excellent group culture and team spirit have become the necessary market competitiveness for many to attract new talents and retain outstanding employees.

So the team must have its own core values ​​and attractions, so that employees can integrate into the group and feel the warmth of the team. Therefore, corporate groups are now actively engaging in team-building activities to enrich employees’ spare time life, and this has led to an upsurge in team clothing customization.

Team clothing customization style selection:

The most important thing for a team is unity, because often Some problems within the company are poor teamwork efficiency and difficulty in cross-department communication and cooperation. Therefore, when building a team culture, companies not only focus on the fun of activities, but also focus on cultivating employees’ team awareness and communication among members of different departments.

So now we need to have uniformity in clothing in order to strengthen the collective atmosphere of a team and strengthen the team awareness of employees. From the external clothing to the spiritual unity, the unified consciousness of group culture and spirit was finally achieved.

So what is the best style to choose for team clothing customization? The one that can achieve the best effect must be the customized T-shirt that has been very popular among large, medium and small companies in recent years. shirts. The role of corporate T-shirts also plays an indelible and important function in building team spirit.

From the perspective of cost performance and practicality, casual team clothing is definitely the best choice for corporate T-shirts.

Team clothing customization style: T-shirt

T-shirt customization has become a mainstream of T-shirt customization, whether in It can be used in any team activities and is extremely cost-effective! It is also suitable for a long season, with short-sleeved T-shirts in summer and long-sleeved T-shirts in winter.

At the same time, short-sleeved T-shirts also come in the style of POLO shirts and sports quick-drying shirts. POLO shirts can be suitable for team wear that requires more business or formal occasions. The sports quick-drying clothing can be suitable for team clothing for companies to hold outdoor activities such as marathons or mountain climbing.

T-shirts are definitely the most convenient clothing for group activities in summer. They are comfortable and breathable, and can be worn easily by people of any body type. In autumn and winter, long-sleeved T-shirts can be customized for some indoor corporate events. Of course, if you need to save money, you can also customize short-sleeved T-shirts. It is also very convenient to wear an autumn coat or shirt under the T-shirt. Many companies still customize short-sleeved T-shirts as team clothing in autumn and winter, and this kind of From the current fashion point of view, the way of wearing it is freestyle. In fact, many fashion people wear T-shirts in this way in autumn and winter.

Customized style of team clothing: sweatshirt

Sweatshirt team clothing

In fact, except for some industries that have etiquette requirements for team clothing, most team clothing should be based on comfort as the first factor. That’s why in recent years, T-shirts and sweatshirts have become the preferred choice of more companies, and they are likely to catch up with suits and team apparel.

Sweatshirts are also a popular item for team clothing customization. Compared with restrictive suits, they are more flexible and free, and more warm. At the same time, the price of customization is also cheaper, and employees can wear it at home and work.

And sweatshirts have more room for customization than suits. The pattern style can have many changes. Different pattern styles can have different styles of team clothing, which can be more flexible. The pattern highlights the role of team clothing and the spiritual culture of the company.

Purpose of team clothing customization:

Internal team building activities of the company:

The main function and attribute of team clothing is to serve the company’s internal cultural construction and team building activities. It is the best uniform clothing in some corporate commendation meetings, anniversary activities or team travel.

Gifts for online event fans:

Team clothing can actually not only contribute to the cultural construction within the company, It can also be used as a prize for active online fans, and at the same time spread the corporate culture more effectively. Many companies customize commemorative shirts with meaningful patterns as small gifts for fans and users during anniversaries or festivals, because clothing is a warm gift and is also a must-have in everyone’s daily life. It is not expensive but very meaningful and practical, and can also enhance user stickiness. Just like Apple launches some very meaningful Apple T-shirts every year to give away or sell to Apple fans, this has also become a major feature of Apple and a unique way of communicating with fans.

But it is worth noting that since it isTo give a commemorative shirt to fans, the pattern design of the clothing must be meaningful and not have a strong marketing nature. It is best to combine the corporate brand or product with the creativity of the pattern, and at the same time try to make the design more fashionable and beautiful. Some. Secondly, the T-shirts must be of a certain quality, and the fabric and quality must be controlled, so that they are sincere and will not be thrown away like cheap advertising shirts.

Offline promotion activities:

Customized team clothing can enhance the promotion effect of offline activities and make people stay A deeper impression. At the same time, it can demonstrate a good corporate image to consumers, fans and even the media, which helps to strengthen consumers’ recognition of users and encourage consumers to choose to purchase products. Team clothing for offline events should pay attention to the choice of colors and the design of graphic slogans, which should be able to attract consumers or reflect the theme of the event or the company’s featured products.

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