China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to look good in polo shirts (choose the right styles and colors to make your beauty the center of attention)

How to look good in polo shirts (choose the right styles and colors to make your beauty the center of attention)

I believe that many people have the impression that POLO shirts are old-fashioned and tacky. They feel that they are exclusive clothes for dads. Most people cannot wear them in a g…

I believe that many people have the impression that POLO shirts are old-fashioned and tacky. They feel that they are exclusive clothes for dads. Most people cannot wear them in a good-looking and fashionable style. Then you have underestimated the charm of POLO shirts. As long as you choose the right style and color, and pay attention to some small details of the outfit, a POLO shirt that is both casual and formal can also create a good look and easily make you the center of attention.

The T-shirt style POLO shirt is the most classic and basic design. The style is simple, elegant and textured. Choosing black and white is less likely to make mistakes, and the shape It’s also relatively fresh and clean. The white POLO shirt worn by Liu Shishi paired with a printed skirt is very fresh and sweet, and the simple POLO shirt gives off an intellectual and beautiful temperament.

In addition to T-shirts, POLO style sweatshirts are very sporty and show the youthful and energetic side of girls, with a sense of youth Full. Zhang Xueying walked to the airport wearing a gradient blue POLO sweatshirt and casual white pants, showing a fresh and beautiful girlish style.

POLO shirts of different lengths have different effects. The short design of POLO shirts is slightly sexy, breaking the conventional POLO shirts. It is easy to feel a sense of restraint. In Zhong Chuxi’s look, the gray POLO shirt looks high-end and textured, and the short design makes the small waist looming, which is really charming.

For fat celebrities, a slim-fitting POLO shirt will make the figure more voluptuous, and a loose-fitting style shirt will be more suitable. Not only does it have a good effect on covering up flesh, but it can also play a certain role in slimming down visually. Supermodel Liu Wen wears an oversize POLO shirt and black pants, looking like a handsome lady.

Although solid-color POLO shirts are simple and not easy to make mistakes, they are inevitably a bit monotonous. The design of POLO shirts that incorporate stripes, polka dots and other elements is more Strong, not only the color is rich, but also the saturation of the shape is improved. The striped POLO shirt looks retro and fashionable, and a pair of jeans on the lower body can create a good look.

If you want to use your POLO shirt to become the focus of the crowd, you might as well boldly use contrasting design elements, which can bring a strong visual impact and make the overall shape more attractive. It is plump and eye-catching, highly recognizable in the crowd, and gets rid of the sense of instant recognition by passers-by. The POLO shirt worn by the model on the way uses contrasting color design to enhance the brightness of the look, and is refreshing and clean when paired with denim shorts.

If you want to wear a POLO shirt with a high-end feel, you must pay attention to the quality of the fabric. POLO shirts made of inferior fabrics look cheap and vulgar. There is a sense of fashion, and only good fabrics can create a high-end and textured look. Among them, the fabric with pleated design can reduce the sense of age brought by the POLO shirt, and it does not look old-fashioned at all when paired with a denim skirt.

POLO skirts are slightly sweeter and more flattering than POLO shirts. The one-piece tailoring saves a lot of matching worries and is liked by many lazy people. style. The straight style POLO skirt is more tolerant to the body shape and visually makes you look thinner and taller. The A-line style POLO skirt is suitable for girls with wide hips and thick legs.

With the development of the times, the way to wear POLO shirts is no longer limited to one, and the styles displayed by different ways of wearing them also have their own characteristics. Among them, the layering method of dressing has always been popular in the fashion circle. The effect of layering different styles of clothes together will be even more surprising. Zhang Zifeng added a white T-shirt under the orange POLO shirt. The bright color combination shows the appearance of a energetic girl.

It is also a layering, but the order of the inside and outside is different, and the effect is completely different. Yang Zi, who started out as a child star, has grown into a beautiful woman and has a strong sense of fashion in dressing. In this look, Yang Zi wears a black printed T-shirt with a POLO shirt. The mix and match style is individual and fashionable, and the style is rich in layers and highlights.

POLO dresses are relatively rare among POLO clothing. Although the wide plate shape brings a certain degree of wearing comfort, it will inevitably look bloated and difficult for ordinary people to control. Song Qian’s expressiveness in fashion has always been well-known, and she can easily control a POLO dress. The off-the-shoulder way of wearing it is more sexy and feminine, which makes her turn heads.

The low-key yet fashionable POLO shirt is casual and comfortable when paired with jeans. It is cool and sexy when paired with shorts or skirts. It is elegant and elegant when paired with long skirts. Attractive, each set is classic and beautiful. If you are a working woman, you can choose a mid-length skirt to match a POLO shirt, which is conservative yet elegant and avoids the constraint of professional formal wear.

How to wear a POLO shirt that looks good and fashionable? Choose the right styles and colors to make your beauty the center of attention. When petite girls wear POLO shirts, they should remember to tuck the hem into the waistband of their trousers to raise the waistline and make it neat and tidy at the same time. Which style of POLO shirt do you think looks better?

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