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Simple but not simple outfit (that’s really classy)

I have always believed that “what you wear is what you wear.” Although our clothes cannot speak, it can still reflect your attitude towards life and aesthetic taste. It…

I have always believed that “what you wear is what you wear.” Although our clothes cannot speak, it can still reflect your attitude towards life and aesthetic taste. It is also the most direct confession of our hearts, helping you to reveal your inner characteristics. Therefore, many people can judge and analyze a person by his clothing most of the time.

After we older women meet more people, they will prefer those that are soft, clear, and indifferent. The wave-free appearance can give people a sense of visual comfort and ease. Therefore, when it comes to dressing up, we can change our attitude from aloofness to something more simple and elegant, making it more attractive.

Don’t underestimate simple, comfortable and basic “minimalist style” outfits, which can best help you set off your personality Your own good temperament will also make people feel happy, just in time to streamline your wardrobe.

First point: simplicity in color

We saw a The first thing a woman notices when it comes to her clothes is the combination of colors. Many of us may choose fancy outfits to make ourselves look more youthful and fresh. However, this look is not attractive. Today we recommend a basic color combination.

And in the long run, although bright colors are bright and dazzling enough to catch the attention of others at first sight, But it is also the most prone to errors or obsolescence. Our colors can be as elegant and clean as possible. For example, the same-color combination of white in the picture above can easily become eternal.

Second point: Simple layout

We want To dress in the ideal state, you also need to consider the style of clothing. It should not be too loose or too tight. Instead, you should choose according to your actual body condition, so that you can wear the most comfortable and comfortable style. This is also considered a simple style. The appearance is the same.

Of course, it would be better if you could combine color + pattern, especially suitable for those who are slightly fat. Women, like the calm color coat + black sweater in the picture above, combined with the high waist design, it looks particularly slim and individual, and enhances your intellectual beauty.

The third point: simple material

For us personally In other words, when we choose clothing, we also need to consider the material of the clothing, so that we will feel more comfortable when wearing it and look more textured.

Especially, we women who are afraid of the cold in winter also need good quality fabrics to get more The warmth can also reveal a noble side, which is very classy.

The fourth point: simplicity in matching

Of course, we In terms of matching, you should also try to be as simple as possible. You just have to pay attention to details to dress well. For example, in the picture above, a basic off-white coat + black inner wear. The color matching is very proportional. It can be embellished with bags and jewelry to make you more stylish. High-end and refined.

Moreover, we can also use layering to make our look more detailed, even if it looks A simple dress can also give you a “high-end feel” from head to toe, which can help you attract attention and add a sense of freshness.

There is no natural beauty, but we have the ability to change our destiny. Every beautiful and outstanding woman can find the right outfit and create her own through hard work. charm.

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