China Fabric Factory Fabric News Chaonan: Gathering wisdom and strength to create a 100-billion-level textile industry and gaining momentum to achieve leapfrog development of the industry

Chaonan: Gathering wisdom and strength to create a 100-billion-level textile industry and gaining momentum to achieve leapfrog development of the industry

Textile and clothing are Chaonan’s traditional advantageous industries and important people’s livelihood industries. They play a decisive role in the industrial and economic develo…

Textile and clothing are Chaonan’s traditional advantageous industries and important people’s livelihood industries. They play a decisive role in the industrial and economic development of Chaonan District. It can be said that “a piece of clothing achieves the revitalization of a region’s industry.” The Fifth District Party Congress After proposing “systematic layout and construction of ‘2+2+4’ industrial development spatial pattern and building Chaonan textile and garment industry cluster”, it aroused strong response from cadres and masses. Everyone said that they would work together with great strength and take the initiative to Rushing on the front line, making great strides towards the goal of a 100-billion-level textile and garment industry cluster, gathering momentum and empowerment for the road of “industrial powerhouse”, and striving to achieve new leaps in the high-end industry.

Fashionable underwear, textile trend south, home furnishing world. Hundreds of billions of industries and hundreds of billions of markets perfectly outline the vibrant industrial blueprint of this blessed land in Chaonan. Chaonan’s textile and apparel industry has strong strength, many brand companies, market vitality, and strong industrial demand. Guangdong Hongxing Industrial Co., Ltd., which has been listed on the market, said that the construction of a textile and apparel industry cluster will trigger different sparks in the collision between the upstream and downstream industries and deepen the Deeply integrate online and offline, share resources in hundreds of billions of clusters, and promote deeper and more solid interconnection.

Zhong Zehua, Director of the General Manager Office of Guangdong Hongxing Industrial Co., Ltd.: First, to revitalize the high-quality resources of leading enterprises, and provide some research and development and production capabilities to some advantageous industries. , Enterprises with strong sales capabilities will receive key support to solve the problems of enterprise transformation and upgrading. The second is to give full play to the e-commerce advantages of textile and clothing. By building a cluster park that can accommodate e-commerce or Internet celebrity economy, expand the channels for e-commerce live broadcast product selection, build a commercial channel integrating e-commerce and live broadcast, and leverage the scale effect of e-commerce. Promote the construction of industrial chain.

Chendian Town, known as the “Special Underwear Town”, has now formed a large-scale industrial cluster. The town’s weaving, embroidery, lace, shoulder There are nearly a hundred supporting factories such as bra straps, and there are more than 300 stores specializing in bra accessories and bra products. There are dozens of derived freight stations. All accessories and products involved in the production of underwear and bras can be sourced nearby. Faced with new opportunities for “2+2+4” development, various underwear companies in the cluster said they would take advantage of the trend, collaborate deeply, share resources, and reverse their disadvantages, so as to once again polish the brand name of “China’s famous underwear town” and help Promote the high-quality development of Chaonan’s textile industry.

Wang Yufang, deputy general manager of Baolin Technology Co., Ltd.: The fifth party congress of the district committee proposed the construction of a textile and clothing cluster, which is very important for our company. It is very beneficial. It can increase the industrial interaction between our companies, achieve complementary advantages for the entire textile and apparel production chain, effectively bring together technology, talent and other resources, and push us forward in a better direction.

Industrial agglomeration can accelerate the path of industrial standardization, from technological innovation and talent introduction, to facility construction, freight logistics, to enterprise management, production safety, and standardization The chain promotes a solid foundation for industrial development. The District Underwear and Home Clothing Industry Association, which plays the role of “energy bar”, said that it will play a leading role in coordination and provide strong joint force to make up for the weak links in the industrial chain of the gathering area.

Lv Nanming, President of the District Underwear and Home Clothing Industry Association: I think the development of the industry still requires integrated strength and technical support. There must be a centralized The laboratory is used to guide the development of various enterprises. Now, after years of precipitation, the enterprises that can be retained have vitality. As an association, we also do our best to call on everyone to jointly study the direction of development.

All departments in Chaonan will also use actions to speak and the environment to create, continue to optimize and improve the level of government services, coordinate work to the maximum extent, and do everything possible to strive Achieving new breakthroughs in the textile and apparel industry will provide a solid and powerful support “arm” and inject a boost to promote the creation of a 100-billion-level industrial cluster.

Guo Yixiao, deputy director of the Xiashan Subdistrict Office: We must seize the important opportunity period for the accelerated development of the textile and garment industry in the future, guide the high-quality development of the industry, and promote the development of enterprises. Technological innovation, enhance brand effect, continue to consolidate and improve the industrial chain; we must vigorously develop the e-commerce industry, deepen online and offline new e-commerce models, empower industrial expansion and upgrading, and continuously enhance the market competitiveness of the industry by condensing the scale advantages of industrial groups. .

Chen Xingli, deputy mayor of Chendian Town: Chendian Town will focus on the goal of building an agglomeration area, vacate inefficient land, revitalize existing land, and optimize the spatial structure , based on land and space planning, guided by industrial development planning, with “industrial transformation” as the main direction, effectively revitalize inefficient industrial land in villages and towns, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure; implement infrastructure construction and upgrading projects in industrial cluster areas, and build Public service platform, improve supporting functions such as enterprise service center and product quality testing and inspection center, and effectively enhance public service capabilities.

Chasing the 100 billion-level dream and forging ahead on a new journey. I believe that in the next five years, Chaonan will go all out and continue to focus on cultivating leading enterprises, improving industrial supporting facilities, ensuring development factors, completing the industrial chain, and fully promoting various tasks to achieve new breakthroughs. Ensure the realization of the development goal of a 100-billion-level textile and garment industry cluster, and strive to create a modern, beautiful and wealthy new trend south.


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