China Fabric Factory Fabric News Zigzag printing MY—type zigzag gin

Zigzag printing MY—type zigzag gin

Zigzag printing MY—type zigzag gin (1) The structure and working principle of the MY-96 sawtooth gin The structure diagram of the MY-96 sawtooth gin is shown in Figure 8-14, and th…

Zigzag printing MY—type zigzag gin

(1) The structure and working principle of the MY-96 sawtooth gin
The structure diagram of the MY-96 sawtooth gin is shown in Figure 8-14, and the working principle is as follows:

The cotton enters the workshop through the conveying system, and then passes through the separate , clean, store, distribute cotton and send it to the cotton storage box of the gin. The variable frequency speed drive drives the cotton feeding roller through the cycloidal pinwheel reducer to feed the cotton. According to the working pressure and density feedback current, frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted to automatically control the amount of cotton feeding. The sub-cotton is first cleaned by the cleaning rake roller, and is thrown in a loose state on the U-shaped rake roller. It is blocked by the steel wire row. After being evenly pulled by the U-shaped thorn bars, after removing impurities and stiffness, it is evenly brushed on the cotton dripping board by the cotton brushing roller. Before feeding into the gin, when the cotton passes through spikes and U-shaped licker-in rollers, the discharged effective single particles of cotton are recovered by the U-shaped thorn bar recovery roller, and are fed to the cotton dripping plate by the cotton brushing roller. The remaining impurities, infertile children, dead pigtails and dust will be discharged from the machine through the impurity discharge auger.
The cotton fed into the front box of the gin is sent to the gin saw blade through the licker-in roller. The teeth of the saw blade pull the cotton into the working box through the barrier ribs. At this time, the running speed of the cotton in the working box is equal to the linear speed of the saw blade. When passing through the rib working point, the saw blade will pull away the fiber embedded in the saw teeth, and the rest will continue to run with the cotton roll. At this time, the sub-cotton stays in the working box for about 1 minute. Due to the repeated pulling effect of the saw blade, the pulled sub-cotton continues to enter the working box. A gap formed by the speed difference is generated at this position and is rolled clean. The cotton seeds are continuously squeezed out of the working box from here, and discharged along the middle of the embossing rib and the barrier rib.
The fiber pulled by the saw teeth is brushed into the lint passage through the back box with a brush that is several times higher than the linear speed of the saw blade, and is sent to the lint cleaning machine. After cleaning, it is sent to the lint collection cage for packaging.
The MY-96 gin has made major improvements to the chest plate and the holding plate of the gin, and a row tube is installed in the working box.
The row tube is located at an appropriate position in the working box, so that the wool clumps in the cotton roll area under working conditions become loose, and the wool smoothly breaks away from the restraints of the cotton roll and falls down quickly; at the same time, the row tube removes the wool clumps A considerable part of the cotton wool is rolled into the tube and discharged by the auger, which increases the amount of cotton wool and greatly reduces the number of cotton wool. In addition, the row tube drives the cotton roll to rotate, which greatly reduces the stoppage of the cotton roll. The rotation phenomenon greatly improves the rolling range of the cotton gin.
(2) The main technical characteristics of the MY-96 sawtooth gin
The main technical characteristics of the MY-96 sawtooth gin are shown in Table 8-5.

(3) Electrical control system of MY-96 sawtooth gin
(1) In order to adapt to the large-scale development of the cotton finishing industry, many equipment currently adopt the advanced OPEN PLC programmable control system, which edits the startup, output, alarm, manual and other parts of the circuit into corresponding The program replaces the original button console with a touch screen, truly realizing human-machine dialogue, implementing automatic startup, automatic shutdown, fault alarm, and mutual interlocking, effectively protecting the motor, achieving convenient operation, and intuitive monitoring.
(2) The control of the flower feeding motor adopts a high-reliability frequency converter for intelligent control, which can achieve various protections for the ginning process.
(3) An electric push rod is used to open and close the working box of the gin machine, making the operation more convenient and the execution structure simpler and more reliable. The electric push rod is equipped with an overload protection device, which can protect the machine parts at any time during use. or other devices.
(4) For safety and ease of use, the entire ginning workshop is centrally controlled by the main console. The main console is equipped with buttons, switches, indicator lights and ammeters with various functions.


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