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Advantages and disadvantages of flocking fabrics

What kind of fabric is flocking? Flocked fabricThe production process mainly goes through two steps. The front side of the cloth is planted with nylon or viscose fluff, and then un…

What kind of fabric is flocking?

Flocked fabricThe production process mainly goes through two steps. The front side of the cloth is planted with nylon or viscose fluff, and then undergoes a series of processing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flocking Fabrics

Advantages of flocked fabrics:

1. Wool may shed more easily, while flocking generally does not shed. This can also be used to test flocking. The standard of authenticity of velvet fabrics.

2. The flocking fabric has good breathability and firmness. It is used for the production of seat cushions and sofas.

3. It also has anti-fouling function, because nylon is one of the raw materials of flocking fabrics, and nylon itself has a certain degree of anti-fouling Function, dust and other stains are not easily adsorbed on the surface. Even if they are stained with a slight shake, the stains can fall off. If special treatment is performed during the processing, its anti-fouling function will be more powerful.

4. Flocking fabrics are favored by many consumers for their rich suede and color. Its fluff can be processed during processing Carry out color processing to achieve the color effect desired by the customer.

5. The flocked fabric is non-toxic and odorless, does not shed velvet and is often used in the production of shirts and pajamas.

Disadvantages of flocked fabrics:

The wrinkle resistance of flocked fabrics is very average. Wrinkles are easy to appear after washing and drying. At the same time, flocked fabrics are easy to fade. It is best to wash them with other products. Separate clothes. Also, in winter, this type of fabric may be prone to static electricity.

Frequently asked questions about flocking fabrics : How to wash flocked clothes?

1. It is recommended to wash it separately from other clothes when washing, because if the soaking time is too long, the clothes will easily fade.

2. Because most flocked clothing has a single collar, washing it with force will cause damage to the clothing. After washing, it can be dried directly. Also avoid high temperature exposure.

3. It is best to use a special detergent for flocking cloth, otherwise it will react with the clothing fibers and deteriorate.

Price of flocking fabric:

The price of flocking is the topic that everyone is most concerned about. The price of flocking of average quality will be around 40-50 yuan per kilogram. Of course, there are many fabrics to choose from in this price range. Friends who want to buy fabrics can go to the mall to check the prices of various fabrics.

Flocking fabric use


There are more than 80 types of flocking fabrics, with 150cm width being the most common. Flocking fabrics are often used to produce suits, skirts, pajamas and Children’s clothing, etc. In the home field, flocked fabrics are also used to make sofa seat cushions, etc. Knitted flocking can keep out the cold and keep warm, and can also be used to make scarves.

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