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New technology for printing and plate making

New technology for printing and plate making In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, modern control technology with electronic computers as the main bod…

New technology for printing and plate making

In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, modern control technology with electronic computers as the main body is gradually being applied to various fields of the fabric printing and dyeing industry. The application of computer-aided design (CAD) in the field of pre-printing planning includes pattern design, color separation tracing, jet screen making system, modern screen engraving combined with laser finishing technology, etc., thus enabling printing and plate making technology to be implemented in a relatively short period of time. It has been greatly improved and popularized.
11 Computer Color Separation and Drawing System
Since the 1950s, my country has begun to adopt the screen printing method, and the plate making method mainly adopts the finishing method. In the late 1980s, with the emergence of printing CAD, color separation tracing and black-and-white film production were completely replaced by printing CAD and laser imagesetters. The quality of tracing and color separation film achieved a qualitative leap, with fineness and accuracy. , uniformity are not comparable to those in the past, and the drawing speed has also been greatly improved.
21 Jet screen making system
Wax spray and inkjet screen making systems are currently internationally advanced new technologies for screen making. It is a new technology derived from the combination of laser screen making and inkjet printing. It was launched at the ITMA exhibition in Milan, Italy in 1995 and became one of the key technologies in the printing industry that year.
The characteristic of jet screen making is that after the original printing is color separated by computer, it does not need to be sent through the imagesetter. Instead, the color separation information is directly transmitted to the glue-coated web through more than a hundred nozzles, forming a Corresponding wax or ink patterns, the difference is that the former is sprayed with black wax liquid, and the latter is black ink, thus simplifying the process to a certain extent, saving raw materials, reducing working time, and more importantly, improving It improves the splicing accuracy and registration accuracy, which is helpful to improve the printing quality.
31 Jiewan plate making system
The Jiewan screen making machine was developed by Stork Company in the 1990s and is a film-less screen making system. Since high-purity gases such as helium, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide are used as media and devices for exhausting burned gas and cooling air are required to make the mesh, the operation and maintenance requirements are high, and the investment and production costs are also high. Therefore, the sales volume around the world is also high. not much. Its working principle is film-free screen making based on computer color separation. The finished screen is scanned, the design is input into the computer, and image processing is performed. The processed image is input into the laser finishing machine, and is processed by a laser with a power of 600 to 800W. Finally, the glue layer on the rotary screen is melted to obtain the rotary screen pattern.
41 Direct electroforming pattern mesh after laser engraving
In this mesh making method, after the pattern is color separated by the computer, the laser finishing is controlled by switching information, and is directly transmitted to the nickel mesh electroforming core sleeve to make The pattern is formed into a positive pattern, and then the nickel mesh is electroformed. Before engraving, apply perfect soluble and sexy finishing glue on the surface of the mold core sleeve, and then apply special protective black glue on the outside. After engraving, you only carve to protect the vinyl, and at the same time, you finish exposing the vinyl. Protective vinyl can be dissolved in water, while sensitive vinyl can only be dissolved by a special developer. After the pattern on the mold core sleeve comes out, the nickel mesh is electroformed.
The characteristic of this method is that in addition to not using black and white films, the nickel mesh is also included. Different network cables can be hung according to the different patterns on the nickel mesh. If there is no pattern, there will be no mesh, so The fineness is high, especially the halftones are very well done, and the screen intensity is relatively high.
51 Touch Finishing Plate Making
In the mid-1990s, Stork Company launched a Touch Finishing Finishing Machine that uses UV finishing. Its working principle is based on the shape of the pattern, it emits excitement in the parts without the pattern, so that the glue is completely cured in the places where the glue is not required, and then rinses away the uncured parts with water, leaving the areas that need to be printed. pattern. In fact, the engraving plate making is the opposite of the engraving plate making.


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