China Fabric Factory Fabric News Follow Wang Ziwen’s example and wear a black T-shirt with a gauze printed skirt (the all-black look is not boring at all)

Follow Wang Ziwen’s example and wear a black T-shirt with a gauze printed skirt (the all-black look is not boring at all)

Don’t think that the “all black” look can only create a dull feeling. In fact, as long as the matching is correct enough, other colors of clothing can also be dis…

Don’t think that the “all black” look can only create a dull feeling. In fact, as long as the matching is correct enough, other colors of clothing can also be displayed. Charm.

For example, to create a vibrant image, or a mature, stable, high-end and sexy look, black clothing can also satisfy our needs Fashion needs. Moreover, it does not feel boring because of the all-black look, but it will look slim and trendy.

In this aspect, Wang Ziwen’s “pure black” outfit is quite good, and it can be said that the demonstration is very correct. The “black” way of dressing. A look like this T-shirt paired with a tulle printed skirt does not feel dull at all, but is instead very energetic and youthful. Especially the tulle printed pleated skirt matched with the lower body can also add a bit of youthful girlishness to the look. The pattern design also adds a sense of layering, making the look more three-dimensional.

Learning to wear black like Wang Ziwen completely solves the problems we were worried about before. On the contrary, we can use black clothes to look slimmer The characteristics enhance the overall body shape advantage of the person.

I believe that many girls will feel excited after seeing this all-black look that is very tolerant. Let’s go together next Understand the essence of Wang Ziwen’s dressing, so that we can find some ideas for our dressing, and let’s be beautiful together!

Appreciation of Wang Ziwen’s “all black” look

1. T-shirt adds a sense of leisure

Black T-shirt can be said It sets the tone of the entire look. The slightly loose version is not only conducive to showing the advantages of the figure, but also gives us more room for choice in matching, allowing us to freely unleash our creative space.

Most importantly, black T-shirts are very tolerant. There is no need to consider practical issues such as body shape and age, and they will not be affected by it. And it is very easy to control it by excluding anyone.

The exquisite and short style of the black T-shirt is also very helpful in highlighting the body’s advantages, especially in highlighting the body proportions. On the other hand, short T-shirts are more conducive to modifying the figure and can make the legs look longer without tucking them into the waistband. If it’s a normal black T-shirt like Wang Ziwen’s, you can use her tuck-in style to create a body proportion that’s a little more asymmetrical.

2. Tulle pleated skirt adds a sense of coolness

The biggest concern when wearing clothes in hot weather is the stuffiness, so choosing a long skirt made of tulle material is undoubtedly the right thing to do. It can not only reduce the stuffiness of the black shape, but also It can highlight the gentleness, sweetness and feminine temperament of women. Especially when combined with the popular pleats and printed elements in the upper circle, the depressing feeling of black clothing will disappear, and instead it will add a bit of youthful vitality, making it very energetic. In addition, the pleated skirt incorporates an A-line design, which can also have the effect of making your waist smaller and your legs longer, fully demonstrating your figure advantages.

3. High-top cloth shoes and backpacks add charm

In fact, whether it is a black T-shirt or a pleated skirt, they are relatively versatile items. Therefore, you can choose freely when matching shoes. However, in order to increase the comfort of the outfit, Wang Ziwen’s high-top canvas shoes are still very good and make the outfit more casual. Moreover, the contrasting color design makes the style more personalized and fashionable, and makes it more youthful and energetic.

The black shoulder bag is integrated into the overall match, which also makes the outfit have an age-reducing effect and makes the whole person look more attractive. It looks more refined and full of urban fashion. Coupled with Wang Ziwen’s exquisite short hair style, he looks very energetic and energetic.

The essence of black styling

Whether it is in daily life or when attending grand events, wearing pure black is a very common style, which is simple, elegant and high-end. As long as we can catch itThe essence of wearing black clothes can easily show your personal charm. Let’s learn what you should pay attention to together!

First: Exposed shoulders can make the outfit more charming

When participating in grand events, most women will choose elegant and elegant solid-color dresses and incorporate simple tailoring into the clothing to look high-end at the same time. It can also enhance your aura. The black dress is undoubtedly the preferred style, which not only highlights the slender figure, but also adds a sense of mystery to a woman.

However, in order to make people look less dull and depressing, it is best not to design the dress too conservatively. , adding a skin-revealing effect will make you look more charming.

For example, this kind of dress with a tube top design is very good, it can fully show the sexy charm of a woman, and it will not Produces a vulgar feeling. And the way the high waistline is handled, even if the skirt touches the top of the feet, there will be no problem of pressing it, but it will look very grand. But when wearing a tube top skirt, you must pay attention to the matching of neck necklaces. Accessories can make up for the abruptness of the swan neck, and can also highlight the gorgeousness of the look, making it more fashionable.

Second: Gauze fabric makes the temperament sweeter

In addition to the cutting design, the choice of black clothing fabrics is also very critical, determining the effect of the entire look. It is recommended to choose a dress made of tulle material. It can not only add feminine charm through the vague translucent effect, but also help to highlight the gentle temperament of a woman. And whether you are attending an event on an important occasion or as an everyday outfit, tulle skirts are a good choice.

If you are participating in a formal event, the tulle skirt combined with the skin-revealing design of the dress skirt can also make women more charming. Take it to the extreme. For example, the collared tulle dress worn by Wang Ziwen will make people find her more charming and very feminine. In particular, the vague semi-perspective effect on the neck combined with the tube top design not only highlights the sexiness of women, but is also beautiful without being vulgar, and also looks very layered.

Third: Pair it with high heels for a more elegant look

For girls, high heels are an indispensable item when dressing. They can easily solve the height problem and make people more elegant. Just like the Spanish design master Manolo Blahnik said: Put on high heels and you change! A woman’s temperament and aura will be completely different from before, and she will appear more confident and feminine.

Of course, if you wear it on weekdays, you can also choose to pair it with high-heeled boots, which can also enhance your temperament and make you look taller, and can It’s also nice to add a bit of coolness to the look.

Conclusion: I will share here about Wang Ziwen’s all-black outfit. After watching her ’s pure black look, do you also like this way of dressing? If you like it, you might as well learn it and become more beautiful together!

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