China Fabric Factory Fabric News Jiang Shuying wears the essence of a white T-shirt (matched with 3,000 yuan striped pants, retro and high-end)

Jiang Shuying wears the essence of a white T-shirt (matched with 3,000 yuan striped pants, retro and high-end)

The progress of society has also promoted the development of the fashion circle, so clothing styles have become more and more dazzling, and various fashionable styles are constantl…

The progress of society has also promoted the development of the fashion circle, so clothing styles have become more and more dazzling, and various fashionable styles are constantly changing. Appear around us.

In today’s fashion circle, many mature women often equate “fashion” with big brands and think that ordinary It is difficult to wear high-end clothes and cannot show the charm that a woman should have.

Actually, the effect we want often has nothing to do with the clothing brand. The main thing is whether the person who wears the clothes will A woman who knows how to dress up and wear well can still look high-end in ordinary clothes.

Take the very popular white T-shirt as an example. It is a very ordinary piece of clothing for ordinary people, but in Women who know how to dress can easily wear it with a refreshing and high-end effect. In this look, Jiang Shuying wears the essence of a “white T-shirt”. The lower body is paired with a pair of coffee-colored striped straight pants costing 3,000 yuan. The retro flavor exudes a refreshing, clean and high-end feel, and is paired with a playful newsboy hat. It also has a bit of boyish fashion.

Jiang Shuying’s look is worth it no matter the color, the style of clothing or the dressing rules used Let’s make a reference. Next, I will take you to analyze Jiang Shuying’s matching ideas, how to match a very ordinary white T-shirt with a high-end look. I believe that according to this matching idea, everyone can also wear the same effect.

Simplicity, grandeur and cleanliness are the key

If you want to create a high-end look, simplicity, grandeur and clean effects are very important. These keywords test not only the color matching, but also the style and material of the clothing. Therefore, even if the clothing style we choose is very ordinary, as long as we make good use of the color matching and clothing pattern, we can still create a very high-end look.

For example, the look created by Jiang Shuying. Although T-shirts and striped pants are very ordinary clothing, through color matching The shape of the pants also makes the outfit look very high-end, and also shows the advantage of the figure.

Advantages of clothing color matching

In fact, “color matching” is a very critical step in dressing. It not only shows the dressing style, but also often affects our body shape. If we can correctly use the color matching of clothing, we can greatly improve it. Significantly improve our material advantages. Jiang Shuying’s style takes advantage of this. The “light at the top and dark at the bottom” color scheme optimizes the body proportions to a great extent, and combined with the high waistline dressing idea, it can easily create the effect of lengthening the legs.

Not only that, the pants also use popular striped elements, which to some extent change our visual effect , can make your legs slimmer and longer, and at the same time add a bit of retro charm to the look, making it look even more foreign.

The importance of matching accessories

Although shoes, bags and hats account for a small proportion of the outfit, incorrect matching will also affect the overall effect, which in turn will enhance the fashion sense of the outfit and even make it look unique.

The bags, shoes and hats worn by Jiang Shuying are worth learning from. The shoulder bag and white shoes are fashionable and versatile. It shows a youthful atmosphere, and the shoulder bag can also add lines to the shape, which makes your figure appear slim. The combination of the newsboy cap injects a bit of boyish charm into the look, adding a bit of boyish handsomeness and freedom, which also makes the outfit more interesting.

The essence of Jiang Shuying’s high-end style style

As a public figure, Jiang Shuying’s outfits can be said to be very tasteful, especially her fashionable and high-end dressing ideas, which are of great help to our outfits. Here are the Let’s take a look at the essence of her outfit!

1. Solid color matching

Solid color matching is the most effective way to present a sense of high-end. And it is very convenient and simple to match. As long as you choose the right clothes that suit your skin tone, it is easy to create a high-end style. However, you also need to pay attention to the pattern design when choosing clothes. After all, solid color clothes look a bit monotonous. There is a lack of three-dimensionality, so we need to use our body advantages to improve our beauty and make ourselves more feminine.

Of course, Solid color clothing also has different dressing ideas. This suit style is a good example. Although the beauty of the body curve is not shown, the use of the style and color of the clothing also makes people look very high-end. And , the color contrast created by the white T-shirt and suit makes the look not monotonous at all, but also very layered.

2. Fabric selection

In addition to color matching and version, clothing fabrics The choice of clothing also accounts for a large proportion in the outfit, and the texture of the fabric is also related to the style of the clothing. For example, clothing made of tulle fabrics creates a sweet, gentle and elegant effect, which shows the elegance of women. .

But for women who like a sense of luxury, cotton clothing is more obvious, both in terms of drape and clothing. The version of cotton clothing looks more excellent. Or it is also good to choose silk fabric clothing. The luster of the material can highlight the high-end style and can also bring a gorgeous effect. Even a silk skirt with printed patterns like this can look very high-end and grand.

Conclusion:Okay, let’s share about Jiang Shuying’s “high-end” outfits At this point, after reading these looks, are you also fascinated by her dressing ideas? Friends who like it may wish to imitate it and make yourself more attractive!

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