China Fabric Factory Fabric News Try to avoid these 5 minefields when wearing sweatshirts this fall (it makes you look fat and cheap)

Try to avoid these 5 minefields when wearing sweatshirts this fall (it makes you look fat and cheap)

Sweatshirt is a limited-edition item for autumn. It is casual and loose, and is the favorite of many young girls. However, good-looking sweatshirts also require some selection and …

Sweatshirt is a limited-edition item for autumn. It is casual and loose, and is the favorite of many young girls.

However, good-looking sweatshirts also require some selection and matching skills so that they can fit our body. shape defects, while allowing us to find items that suit us.

Because sweatshirts are loose, they are not a particularly versatile item, especially for those fat girls. , loose means looking fat. Wearing sweatshirts this fall, try to avoid these 5 “minefields” to make you look fat, fat and cheap!

[1] Five common sweatshirt minefields

Minefield ① Round shoulder design, good for body shape Very high

Many people don’t look good in sweatshirts, but it’s not about the style. But on the neckline and shoulders.

The neckline of a round-neck sweatshirt is not decorated, so it will naturally highlight the lines of your shoulders and neck. In addition, the shoulders are not straight shoulders, but raglan, so your shoulders will appear stronger because of this rounded arc.

>>More suitable for fat girls Right shoulder sweatshirt

We can see from these two sets of comparison pictures that Thin girls wear raglan sweatshirts, which are loose and shapeless.

On the other side, the sweatshirt looks larger in frame and wider in shape. Because it is on the shoulder, it is easy to wear. The shoulders will have a right-angle shoulder effect, so they will look slimmer visually.

Minefield② Cocoon-shaped sweatshirts make you look fatter, oversized styles make you look slimmer

Cocoon-shaped sweatshirt is a very popular single-wear sweatshirt now. It is a particularly wide sweatshirt. Its hem is like a cocoon, wide in the middle, and the hem faces inward. If it is closed, this kind of sweatshirt will look wide and difficult to hold up, and it will also make your belly look bigger.

>>oversized style, slimmer appearance

For the style of sweatshirt, try to choose this oversized style, that is The line of the hem is a straight line and the style is loose. The effect of this kind of wearing is relatively refreshing, and the line on the belly is relatively straight, which can well collect the waist and hips and make it look slimmer.

Minefield ③ The round neckline makes you look fatter, while the V-neck or hooded style looks slimmer

Round-neck sweatshirts actually have very high requirements on body shape, especially for girls with short necks , his round collar with a bit of a high collar not only puts pressure on the neck, but also makes the upper body look too simple.

>>Hooded style, V-neck style, modified neck line, looks more casual

For girls with rounder shoulders, wearing a sweatshirt is not suitable for unmodified styles, as it will make them appear bulky and round. And this V-neck or hooded style can not only highlight the long neckIt has the advantages of covering the shoulders and is more casual when worn.

Minefield ④ Simple style will show off the style

I don’t know why, but minimalist style has become quite popular in recent years. However, the minimalist style is more suitable for shirts or T-shirts, which are thin and loose items.

For autumn and winter items such as sweatshirts, because the shape itself is relatively wide and the style is simple, it will It gives people a sense of monotony in a large area of ​​monochrome, which makes it look more earthy.

>>Print contrasting color Style, more playful

In fact, most of the sweatshirts are worn by young people, so the choice of styles should not be too rigid. Wearing some youthful and energetic printed sweatshirts or contrasting color sweatshirts will also make our mental outlook more youthful and energetic.

Minefield ⑤ Even small people can choose the extra long style

Although the sweatshirt is loose, it still makes her taller when wearing it. Especially for those little girls who are 1.5 years old, wearing this traditional loose sweatshirt makes her look more… If you can’t hold it up, don’t talk about the casual and loose feeling.

>>Short sweatshirt Look taller

For girls who are not tall and a little chubby and want to look good in sweaters, it is better to try this ultra-short style. The length is usually at the navel, so it won’t fit around the body because it’s loose. Instead, it looks playful and cute because it’s shorter. When paired with pants or a miniskirt, it will look very tall.

[2] Basic matching methods of sweatshirts

Sweatshirt + skirt/shorts

The sweatshirt itself is relatively loose, so the combination of elasticity and tightness should be used as much as possible. host. For example, she can wear it with shorts or a short skirt to reveal her slender legs, which is the effect of wearing clothes that are tight at the top and wide at the bottom.

Sweatshirt + jeans

Sweatshirts are a very casual item, so while maintaining style first, try to match them with equally casual items, such as jeans, white pants, etc., so that the overall look will be strong.

Sweatshirt alone/leggings

The loose sweatshirt is also suitable for wearing alone. Just wear it as a sweatshirt skirt, so that you can wear it with a playful feeling, or wear it with leggings, so you won’t worry about being exposed.

Sweatshirt is an indispensable item in autumn and winter, but it is easy to wear and difficult to choose. Only by knowing its minefields can we choose the style that suits us!

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