China Fabric Factory Fabric News There is a popular way of wearing this spring (called sweatshirt + cycling pants to cover the flesh, fashionable and make you look taller)

There is a popular way of wearing this spring (called sweatshirt + cycling pants to cover the flesh, fashionable and make you look taller)

Every time a new fashion item appears, people are not very receptive to this new thing, and it takes a certain amount of time to absorb and digest it. . When wide-leg pants first a…

Every time a new fashion item appears, people are not very receptive to this new thing, and it takes a certain amount of time to absorb and digest it. . When wide-leg pants first appeared, they were not accepted by everyone, but as more and more people wore them, they were really accepted by everyone.

This situation also appears on our cycling pants. As pants with a very personalized design, they are five The specially designed trousers length makes it difficult for many people to accept them, but only after putting them on do they realize how good they are.

This spring, there is a popular way of wearing, called “sweatshirt + cycling pants”, which covers the flesh, is fashionable and shows off high!

What are cycling pants?

Since the rise of the mix-and-match style, there is no fixed limit to the style of clothing and its applicable places. In this case, cycling pants, originally used for sports, have broken into daily wear with their personalized designs.

Compared with other pants designs, the reason why cycling pants have not been accepted by the public is mainly because they are five-point No matter how you look at the length of the pants and the tight-fitting design, it seems that they are only suitable for women with good figures. But in fact, if you want to change this feeling, sometimes you only need a loose sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt + cycling pants matching demonstration

The reason why cycling pants are not popular is mainly because they are more demanding on the lower body lines and can easily expose the flaws of our hips, hips and thighs. To solve this problem, sometimes a loose sweatshirt can do the trick.

With the length design of the sweatshirt and the loose fit, it can easily cover the hip area and the top of the thigh. The thick parts, combined with the lines that are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, can make our exposed leg lines look slimmer, which is conducive to creating a slimmer and taller dressing effect, and can also be used by small girls. Wearing it gives a good sense of heightening.

Look1: Retro sweatshirt + raw edge cycling pants

Reuse casual age-reducing sweatshirts with fashionable suits to give you a more youthful and energetic feel. Our cycling pants can also be designed with a sense of design.

Compared with the style of sports-specific cycling pants, this kind of denim cycling pants with raw edge design is designed , wear it to create a more fashionable and personalized fashion atmosphere.

Using the retro design of the stand-up collar zipper, we can make our original casual and loose sweatshirt look more fashionable and designed The atmosphere, paired with the same detailed raw edge cycling pants, can basically eliminate the problem of shirt clashing.

Look2: Suit + cycling pants

If you want to look beautiful in your cycling pants, you can’t go wrong with a loose long-shirt design. Compared with the age-reducing effect of matching a sweatshirt, a more aura-like suit jacket can make our pairing with cycling pants look more fashionable.

They are also designed as loose tops.The suit jacket has classic shoulder pads and a more drapey feel. The fabric design not only creates a more aura-like right-angled shoulder effect, but also improves the overall shape design’s ability to cover body imperfections. The extended shoulder curve contrast through the shoulder pad design can make the lines of our lower body look slimmer.

Look3: Blazer + tube top + cycling pants

A pattern that is wide at the top and tight at the bottom can create a good flesh-covering and slimming effect, but if you want the overall matching to be more slimming Protruding to create a slimmer body curve, the matching concept of tight inside and wide outside also needs to be used.

By wearing a close-fitting tube top design and tight-fitting cycling pants, we can naturally show our original body curves , in this way, when paired with an oversize suit jacket, we can make the slimming effect of our overall outfit more obvious through the comparison of the tight inside and wide outside.

Look4: suit + shirt + cycling pants

Except In addition to creating a slimmer dressing effect by using a pattern that is tight inside and wide outside, we can also make our lower body curves look slimmer by wearing them with the bottom garment disappearing.

When using the disappearing method of wearing the bottoms, the pattern design of our inner wear must match the pattern design of the jacket , only when the length matches the looseness can the design of our cycling pants be effectively covered. By exposing only the edges of the pants, our legs will look slimmer in contrast to the looseness of the top.

For girls with imperfect figures, if you want to wear cycling pants with a fashionable aesthetic, the length and looseness of the top design must be in place. In this way, we can make use of the tightness and length contrast between the styles to give our overall curve a gradually tightening effect, which is more conducive to the slimming of our lower body lines. For those girls with relatively perfect figures, there are not so many restrictions when wearing cycling pants.

If you want to better show off your slender body curves, you can use a combination of short tops and long bottoms, and use a short top design with an angry effect to better highlight the perfect curves of your lower body. , through the outline of the hips and thighs of the cycling pants, a more natural S-shaped curve is created, which not only shows off the perfect figure, but also makes the overall match look more energetic and reduces age.

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