China Fabric Factory Fabric News It is not recommended to wear a T-shirt alone in summer (these three ways to wear it are really fashionable and get rid of the monotony)

It is not recommended to wear a T-shirt alone in summer (these three ways to wear it are really fashionable and get rid of the monotony)

The continued hot weather has made T-shirts appear on the streets. As the most photographed item in summer, T-shirts are versatile and durable, making them the first choice for man…

The continued hot weather has made T-shirts appear on the streets.

As the most photographed item in summer, T-shirts are versatile and durable, making them the first choice for many lazy people. , it’s hard not to love the convenience of pairing it with pants or a skirt and being able to go out quickly.

But if you want to wear a T-shirt with an avant-garde and fashionable feel, it cannot be achieved by wearing it alone. In this case, We need to use our overlay method to increase the fashionable layering of the look.

It is not recommended to wear a “T-shirt” alone in summer. These three ways of wearing are truly fashionable and get rid of the monotony. feel!

Wearing method 1: T-shirt + sun protection clothing

In the hot summer, in addition to paying attention to fashionable and cool matching, beauty-loving girls also pay attention to sun protection.

Unlike chemical sunscreen, the effect of physical sunscreen is more prominent, so a variety of fashionable and lightweight sunscreen clothing have become popular. Up, theclose-fitting design combined with light and breathable fabric is very suitable as a layering base layer. When combined with a loose and comfortable T-shirt, the contrast of the inner diameter and outer width is more conducive to highlighting our original figure. of slenderness.

The layering achieved by superimposition can also break the monotony of wearing T-shirts

, allowing a simple T-shirt to exude an avant-garde and fashionable atmosphere.

Look: Neutral T-shirt + white sun protection clothing + shorts

When using a combination of sun protection clothing and T-shirts, if you want to make the overall look more layered, you can use color to shape it.

Fresh and bright white sun protection clothing, paired with a neutral T-shirt designed in light green, make the overall color atmosphere look more The vitality and coolness of summer, and the boyfriend-style shorts design chosen for the lower body can just echo the neutral version of the top, easily creating a handsome boyfriend-style look.

Look: blue T-shirt + sun protection clothing of the same color + shorts

For girls who don’t want to bother, when choosing sun protection clothing, you can follow the matching principle of the same color system. Choose the color of sun protection that has the most T-shirts. Clothes, reduce the time of tangled choices.

Fresh and comfortable blue T-shirt, paired with sun protection clothing of the same color, with a tight and loose version contrast, can look natural It creates the effect of wearing a paper figure, and the slightly patterned treatment on the sun protection clothing effectively makes up for the lack of fashion sense of the T-shirt.

Wearing method 2: T-shirt + vest

Since we mentioned stacking and matching, how can we not miss out on our classic stacked single-product vests? Compared with the superimposed combination of sun protection clothing, the superimposed processing of vests is more conducive to improving the fashion quality of the outfit. Whether it is sweet and retro or handsome, it can be created through this superimposed combination.

For girls who want to take the sweet route of reducing their age, the combination of pure white T-shirt and knitted vest is definitely not to be missed. It is retro. The college knitted design combined with the fresh and bright white treatment just shows the purity and sweetness that a girl should have.

Look: T-shirt + knitted vest + short skirt

When creating an age-reducing and sweet clothing combination, and if you want the retro feel of the overall look to be more obvious, you can choose this minimalist black and white combination.

Clean and simple casual white T-shirt is paired with a knitted vest designed with black and white stripes. The classic retro stripe elements make the overall match more advanced. The fashionable texture and the overlaying of solid colors and patterns make the overall look more layered. Paired with a high-waisted short skirt that highlights the beautiful legs, the overall look is more girlish and energetic, retro yet elegant.

Look: three-quarter sleeve T-shirt + work vest + overalls

needleAlthough the design of woven vests is classic, with the rise of neutral style, work vests are also very popular. For girls who want to go a personal route, the cool and chic look brought by a T-shirt layered with a work vest cannot be missed.

The energetic orange three-quarter short-sleeves are paired with a navy blue work vest, a deep and bright color combination, adding It adds a fashionable impact to the overall look, and the overlay and matching of neutral styles can easily create a girl’s unique sweet and cool charm.

Wearing method 3: T-shirt + dress

In addition to being able to layer tops, the combination of T-shirts and dresses is also very good. It can inject a more age-reducing vitality into the skirt. It can also effectively cover our imperfect shoulders, necks and arm curves, and improve the wearing rate of suspender skirts. The T-shirt designs are also very different depending on the skirt design style.

For example, a dress design with a vibrant and youthful atmosphere is very suitable for matching with those printed T-shirts that also reduce age, and for comparison The elegant and sweet skirt design is suitable for matching with a solid color tight T-shirt.

Look: T-shirt + irregular dress

When using a combination of T-shirts and dresses, we can decide the order of the layers according to the pattern design of the skirt. If the skirt we are wearing is relatively slim, we can wear the T-shirt outside and use the loose design of the T-shirt to add a certain casual charm to the overall look, neutralize the sweet atmosphere brought by the skirt, and make the look look More unique personality.

No matter what item you are wearing, if you feel that the style is too monotonous, you can consider overlaying. By increasing the layering of clothing, our style will get a good fashion change. .

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