China Fabric Factory Fabric News Bailu’s temperament is really good (wearing a T-shirt with a vest looks fashionable casually)

Bailu’s temperament is really good (wearing a T-shirt with a vest looks fashionable casually)

“How can I wear a stunning look when I have several white T-shirts?” This question has troubled many sisters. In this content, we will learn from Bai Lu. , see how she …

“How can I wear a stunning look when I have several white T-shirts?” This question has troubled many sisters. In this content, we will learn from Bai Lu. , see how she makes a plain white T-shirt look stunning.

Compared with other actresses, although Bai Lu’s clothing is not the best, it is not bad either. She can always make some ordinary-looking items look different.

Take her white T-shirt look as an example. It is hard to imagine that a simple white T-shirt can be worn She is dressed so beautifully and high-end. I have to say, Bai Lu has such a good temperament. Wearing a T-shirt with a vest looks fashionable casually, and the floral pants are very eye-catching!

White Deer Shape Analysis

Compared with wearing a white T-shirt alone, Bailu’s “white T-shirt layered with a knitted vest” style of wearing is much more Western. It not only completely breaks our perception of white T-shirts as “monotonous, tacky, and unoriginal” “The stereotype also helps to enhance the sense of hierarchy of the entire outfit.

In addition, the wide-leg pants Bai Lu wears on her lower body are also different. In short, her white T-shirt look is perfect everywhere They are all places worth learning from.

1: Choose a loose white T-shirt

Everyone should be familiar with the wearing method of “layering a white T-shirt with a knitted vest”, because some people wore it like this three or four years ago. As for why everyone can’t wear White Deer with such stunning effect, I think the problem may lie in the white T-shirt style.

When white T-shirts are used as inner wear and layered with other items, we usually choose slim-fitting white T-shirts in order to avoid white T-shirts. Creates a bulky look with outerwear. There is nothing wrong with this, but knitted vests are an exception.

Knitted vest is made of elastic, soft and skin-friendly knitted fabric. When worn as an outer layer, it will stick closely to the inner layer. In this case, if the inner layer is also close to the body, then the layering effect cannot be achieved. Therefore, we must choose a loose white T-shirt to wear it with the casual and comfortable feeling of Bailu.

2: Choose printed knitted vest

Printed Knitted vests and white T-shirts are items that can complement each other. The white T-shirt makes the printed knitted vest not look fancy, and the printed knitted vest makes the white T-shirt not look monotonous. Stacking the two together can not only play a good neutralizing role, but also reflect the dressing principle of “simple inside and complex outside”.

In addition, the styles of printed knitted vests are also quite rich. If you feel clueless when choosing, you might as well try this printed one on Bai Lu Choose a knitted vest with a cat pattern, showing a playful and lively atmosphere, full of youthful flavor.

3: Wide-leg pants with logo printed all over

White The logo-printed wide-leg pants on Lu are also a highlight. The large area of ​​​​logo not only gives the wide-leg pants a “big-brand” look, but also enhances the eye-catching effect of the entire outfit. Wearing such wide-leg pants makes you look great. On the street, even if you are not a celebrity, you can still become the focus of the crowd and demonstrate effortless fashion sense.

Are Bailu’s clothes good? Seeing this, everyone must have an idea. If you feel that Bailu’s “white T-shirt + knitted vest + wide-leg pants” look appeals to your aesthetic, then you might as well continue to learn about Bailu’s private clothing, which is guaranteed to give you more knowledge about dressing.

Continue to learn about Bai Lu’s private clothing styles

  • Black Jacket + jeans

If they hadn’t seen Bai Lu’s appearance, I’m afraid many people would I can’t believe that a black jacket paired with jeans can also show off a good figure. As for how Bailu did it, the answer is simple. She used the “up short and down” method”Long” dressing technique, make the hem of the black jacket shorter and the waistband of the jeans higher.

However, the premise is, You must have a good figure to show off. If your waist is not thin enough and your legs are not long enough, no matter how short a black jacket or high jeans are, it will be useless.

  • Black and white plaid shirt

Due to black and white It is the main color of fashion, so the black and white plaid shirt has become a classic item, and its greatest charm is that it will never go out of style. In addition, the black plaid shirt is much easier to match than we think, even with Pairing it with an ordinary black sweater and blue jeans doesn’t look tacky.

In addition, a black plaid shirt doesn’t have much influence on the age of the wearer. Restrictions, young girls of the same age as Bailu can wear it, and older women who are more than ten years older than Bailu can also wear it.

  • Baseball Clothing jacket

The baseball jacket has a youthful and energetic atmosphere. Natural age-reducing effect, but it’s too bad. After all, there are too many people wearing baseball uniforms and jackets now.

Then , is there any way to make baseball uniforms not look bad on the street? The answer is yes. We can learn from Bailu and match it with a knitted hat. With the gentle femininity of the knitted hat, we can wear the baseball uniforms in a different way. Feel. However, this way of wearing is only suitable for spring.

I will introduce Bailu’s private clothing here. I hope that through the above content, everyone can learn some dressing skills, even if they learn one or two Dressing skills can also improve your own clothing.

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