China Fabric Factory Fabric News This is the correct way to open a summer T-shirt (it looks taller and slimmer, and looks beautiful when worn)

This is the correct way to open a summer T-shirt (it looks taller and slimmer, and looks beautiful when worn)

Warming weather will not only make us feel happier, but our clothes will also become lighter and lighter. As clothing gradually becomes cooler, people’s demand for slimming h…

Warming weather will not only make us feel happier, but our clothes will also become lighter and lighter. As clothing gradually becomes cooler, people’s demand for slimming has increased significantly. Although round and full curves are also very popular nowadays, the slim and tall “paper figure” figure is more popular among beauty-loving girls.

It is not difficult to create a “paper man” effect. Sometimes a simple T-shirt and trousers The combination is complete. This is the correct way to open a summer “T-shirt”. It will make you look taller and slimmer, and it will look beautiful when worn!

T-shirt material selection

If you want to use the simplest combination of T-shirt + trousers to look like a paper man, a loose design is definitely indispensable. In addition to having loose requirements for clothing, the choice of fabric is also very important. Although pure cotton T-shirts have a good wearing experience, in terms of slimming and coolness, modal and other designs with obvious cool and drapey feel are the best. Better results.

For trousers, the floor-length design combined with the high-waist design can indeed effectively extend the curve of our lower body. But for small sisters, excessively long leg designs can sometimes become a burden on the look. If you don’t want to have this sense of burden, the fabric of the trousers should also be made of drapey material, so that the trouser legs can be made more comfortable. The design looks straighter and the height effect is more obvious.

Navel-baring short T-shirt

If you want to create a “paper figure” effect, you must know how to use loose designs to create a lazy and hazy feeling. While blurring our body curves through the pattern, we must use the drape of clothes to enhance the slimming effect of the overall figure. .

For petite girls, if you want to achieve a satisfactory heightening effect, the combination of navel-baring short T-shirts and trousers is absolutely the best option. ,Through the short design of the T-shirt, you can confidently show off your small waist. In contrast to the loose hem, the upper body looks slimmer, and the matching high-waisted trousers expose the skin at the waist. With the help of it, the legs will look slimmer and longer, creating a satisfying slimming effect.

Look: White midriff-baring short T + high-waisted tie-dyed wide-leg pants

Although the loose combination is full of laziness, for pear-shaped figures with advantages in the upper body, they want to make the shape more interesting and get a good youthful hot girl atmosphere, tight-fitting The combination of short T+design trousers is not bad.

Using the tight-fitting and skin-exposed design of the T-shirt, the girl’s slender figure and playful sense of youth can be well presented. The design of trousers that cover the flesh and make the body look slimmer, with the tie-dye technology, presents a more fashionable sense. The vertical lines are blended to make the trousers more prominent.

Oversize T-shirt matching

Navel exposed Although the design can well reflect the energetic atmosphere of summer girls, with so many delicious foods now, many girls have developed small bellies. For the sake of beauty and perfection, navel-baring designs are definitely not an option.

If we want to cover imperfections and create a slimmer look, the oversized loose design seems to be good, and can easily cover our upper body and buttocks. The crotch area has imperfect lines, but if you want to combine it with trousers, you must strictly implement the matching skills of wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The design width of the trouser legs must be well controlled, and it cannot be looser and more flamboyant than the design of a T-shirt. .

Look: Cartoon T-shirt + chiffon floor-length pants

For small girls, height restrictions require them to pay special attention to the shape of their waistline when wearing loose items. For a long T-shirt + trousers combination like this, when there is no skin-revealing design, the shaping of the high waistline must be indispensable, so the tuck-in corner method comes in handy.

Whether it is fully or half-tucked, as long as the high-waist design of the pants can be exposed, it can create a good heightening effect. For girls who take the lazy route, the half-tucked style will make the look look more refined.

Look: Yellow printed T-shirt + ripped high-waisted wide-leg pants

If you don’t care about the height gain If you only care about the personality of the outfit, then you can use the most direct way of wearing it outside, completely showing the neutrality and laziness of the T-shirt, and using fashion elements such as color matching to enhance the fashionable atmosphere of the overall match.

The mango yellow design used in the T-shirt can not only make our skin look fairer, but also perfectly present To bring out the vitality and playfulness of a girl, pair it with ripped trousers with an unruly design. The hole processing and eye-catching color matching are enough to make the look look fashionable and extraordinary.

Look: Beige T-shirt + printed trousers

Compared with the design of solid-color T-shirts, the styles with letter prints can better present the trend of summer. When wearing this kind of lettered T-shirt, in order to make the look more unique, the design of the trousers can also consider the printed style.

Compared to the exaggerated large print design, this kind of small print pattern with an age-reducing and fresh charm is easier to control. , the combination of one simple and one complex is more attractive.

Don’t always think that the combination of T-shirts and trousers is ordinary. As long as the pattern, fabric and color combination are good, the most basic combination can also present an extraordinary fashionable atmosphere. In terms of body modification, , and performed well.

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