China Fabric Factory Fabric News Angelababy looks more youthful after being single (black T-shirt and suspenders look like an 18-year-old girl)

Angelababy looks more youthful after being single (black T-shirt and suspenders look like an 18-year-old girl)

No woman doesn’t like to “pretend to be young”, but not everyone can successfully pretend to be young: Some people pretend to be young There is no difference betw…

No woman doesn’t like to “pretend to be young”, but not everyone can successfully pretend to be young: Some people pretend to be young There is no difference between pretending to be young and not pretending to be young; some people try too hard to pretend to be young, giving people the feeling of “forcibly pretending to be young” or “deliberately pretending to be young”; and some people don’t know how to pretend to be young at all.

Angelababy is the most coquettish person I have ever seen, just like her black T-shirt T-shirt paired with suspenders has made her look like an 18-year-old girl. It has to be said that Angelababy Yang Ying is becoming more and more capable of “acting young” after she is single.

Sisters who have dressing needs for age reduction, you may wish to have an in-depth analysis of Angelababy’s style, which will definitely teach you Many age reduction techniques.

Angelababy style analysis

1: Black T-shirt, covering the flesh and looking thin

When we talk about age, we often associate age with body shape. Subconsciously, I feel that the better the figure, the younger I am. Therefore, trying to make yourself slimmer is a very good age reduction technique. This is why Angelababy Yang Ying wears a black T-shirt.

The slimming effect of a black T-shirt is visible to the naked eye, which is ten times slimmer than She still looks thin despite weighing 5 pounds, just like Angelababy Yang Ying wearing a black T-shirt, she is as thin as a stick.

The charm of a black T-shirt is not only slimming, but also has timeless charm , even if you wear it for another thirty or fifty years, it will not look tacky.

And a stylish item like a black T-shirt canbe worn without having to worry about matching it. Come in trendy style. Therefore, sisters who do not need to wear slimming clothes can also choose a black T-shirt.

What’s more worth mentioning is that with white T-shirts, yellow T-shirts, gray T-shirts, and blue T-shirts Compared with T-shirts of various colors, black T-shirts are always No. 1 in eye-catching. Any outfit created with a black T-shirt will be the center of attention wherever you go.

2: White overalls, eye-catching

Overalls, known as the “age-reducing artifact”, visually have a significant and natural age-reducing effect. As for how many years younger it can make people, it depends on As for the color of the overalls, the overalls worn by Angelababy Yang Ying are white.

White color focuses on simplicity, so the age-reducing effect of white overalls is generally not particularly significant. The reason why Angelababy Yang Ying can wear white overalls like an 18-year-old girl is mainly due to her ability to match them.

Then the question arises. Since the effect of white age-reducing pants is average, why doesn’t Angelababy Yang Ying choose other color suspenders? pants.

There are two reasons: First, because the white color has high saturation and brightness, which has great visual impact. It can leave a deep impression on people; secondly, because there are very few people wearing white overalls, it is easier to look stunning than blue overalls or black overalls.

If you only wear overalls to look younger, then blue overalls are the best choice.

3: Baseball cap, full of energy

The reason why Angelababy Yang Ying looks so youthful is largely due to her baseball cap. The baseball cap is a vibrant accessory. Adding a baseball cap to your outfit can make you look five years younger. Therefore, if you want to look younger, just look for a baseball cap.

We will introduce Angelababy Yang Ying’s black T-shirt and overalls style here. If you like Angelababy Yang Ying’s clothes, you might as well Let’s take a look at Angelababy Yang Ying’s other age-reducing looks, which are guaranteed to make you look younger.�.

Angelababy Yang Ying’s other age-reducing looks

  • Denim jacket

    The denim jacket with its own youthful vitality is also suitable for creating an age-reducing look. It’s just that denim jackets have been popular for too long, giving people a more or less street-like feel.

    So, when wearing a denim jacket, you should not just think about reducing your age, but also consider your sense of fashion. As for how to balance the age-reducing effect and fashion sense of a denim jacket, we can learn from Angelababy Yang Ying. Wearing two pieces of clothing inside a denim jacket not only adds a sense of fashion, but also has a sense of hierarchy.

    • Pink sweatshirt

    The sweet and cute pink sweatshirt breaks our “casual” impression of sweatshirts. It is hard to imagine that sweatshirts can also be used to create an age-reducing look. However, everyone needs to pay attention to the fact that only pink sweatshirts can look younger. Black sweatshirts, blue sweatshirts, and white sweatshirts will not work, because the age-reducing effect of pink sweatshirts comes from the pink color.

    In addition, everyone needs to pay attention to the fact that the style of pink sweatshirts is still focused on comfort. Therefore, we cannot be too demanding about the age-reducing effect of pink sweatshirts. high.

    • Pink houndstooth suit

    How effective is the pink houndstooth suit in reducing age? We can tell by looking at Angelababy Yang Ying’s look. I have to say that the pink houndstooth suit is really age-reducing. Angelababy Yang Ying, wearing the pink houndstooth suit, looks like a little girl, not like a mother at all. people. In addition, the pink houndstooth suit’s youthful effect is very natural, without the feeling of deliberately looking young at all.

    I will introduce you to Angelababy Yang Ying’s cute outfits here. What do you think of the above looks? I am completely impressed by Angelababy Yang Ying’s matching skills. Most of us choose items that have an age-reducing effect to look young, but Angelababy Yang Ying uses dressing skills to give individual items an age-reducing effect. This is The most worthy place for us to learn.

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