China Fabric Factory Fabric News How T-shirts can make you unexpectedly beautiful (these matching ideas are indispensable)

How T-shirts can make you unexpectedly beautiful (these matching ideas are indispensable)

Simple, elegant and elegant clothing is the tireless pursuit of women, especially in the hot weather. The cool, comfortable and skin-friendly T-shirt is not only loved and respecte…

Simple, elegant and elegant clothing is the tireless pursuit of women, especially in the hot weather. The cool, comfortable and skin-friendly T-shirt is not only loved and respected by everyone, but also can be combined with your own body characteristics and style to choose different bottoms. It has both practicality and versatility. Without it, it seems to be missing. Beauty.

Today I mainly introduce to you the youthful and age-reducing atmosphere of T-shirts, so that you can look beautiful when going out or commuting. It comes as no surprise.

1. Style selection

Slim fit or loose

Simple T-shirts are also available Different styles, if you have a slimmer figure, the slim style can reflect the exquisiteness and curvy figure; if you like a casual and energetic style or have a not very good figure, you can choose a looser style to better modify the body lines, see It looks more energetic.

In summer, I personally recommend a looser fit, which can reduce the feeling of stuffiness and make you look more free and easy. free. However, it is recommended that sisters choose the oversized version carefully. Being too loose will make your clothes look draggy and visually lower your temperament.

Sleeveless or short-sleeved

The most cool and comfortable thing in this season is the sleeveless T-shirt. Because there are no sleeves, sleeveless clothes can free your arms to the maximum extent, are refreshing and neat, and can perfectly show your arm lines, full of fashionable and sophisticated charm.

If you have short arms, etc., do not choose sleeveless, as it will highlight the shortcomings. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a sleeve length between three-quarter and five-quarter sleeves, which is the best length to cover up thick arms and has a more obvious visual slimming effect. It is also a sleeve length suitable for most sisters.

2. Matching skills

We know that many sisters with good temperament usually use simple colors to express the charm of simple and chic outfits. It is recommended that there be no more than three colors for the whole body, so that the overall matching will not be too eye-catching. Look It looks very comfortable and durable.

The three matching techniques recommended below also use basic and simple colors and matching techniques to highlight elegant and elegant clothing. For small people, it can also visually make them slimmer and taller, achieving the effect of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

Deep at the top and light at the bottom

This season, it is perfect to use light-colored bottoms to create a clear, cool, casual yet elegant style. It is easy to make people’s eyes shine.

A mustard green T-shirt with a bit of gray tone and a clean and sweet white pleated skirt, with colored top and bottom The color scheme of dark at the top and light at the bottom is used, which is simple and harmonious, whitening and reducing age, and easily getting rid of the passerby look. The pleated skirt incorporates regular retro polka dot elements, which is full of elegance and agility, and is more visually refreshing. The color echo between the high-waist design and the shoes and skirt gave her the impression that her legs were all below the waistline.

Tighten up and loosen down

This blogger chose a slim-fit black T-shirt for her top. The close-fitting fabric and sleeveless design can show off her slender arms and charming style; she tucked the hem of the top into The pants not only show off the small waist, but also reshape the body proportions.

For the lower body, I chose a pair of white high-waisted wide-leg pants, which hides the flesh and makes the body look taller and slimmer. It is a petite girl. Wearing this way shows off the aura of a woman. Moreover, the overall color scheme is classic and timeless black and white, which is probably also the charm of matching basic colors.

Simplified and Traditional Chinese

When we choose a T-shirt in a basic color and basic style, we can do more work on the bottoms to create a matching effect of simple upper and lower layers, which can also highlight theThe visual focus makes simple outfits look grand and tasteful.

In the hot summer, we can choose to add colorful printing elements or retro and elegant plaid to our bottoms Elements can make the overall look more charming and charming, releasing the romantic atmosphere of summer. Moreover, this kind of outfit combination is also more layered. Whether it is a young sister or a middle-aged woman, it is not easy to make mistakes in daily life, and you can learn from it.

There is no natural beauty, but we have the ability to change our destiny. Every beautiful and outstanding woman can be found through hard work Wear something that suits you and create your own charm.

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